Preseason All-State: Upperclass Vizual Edge Scoreboard

Kevin Cronin
Tech Analyst, Area Scout

On Feb. 26, the PBR Illinois staff hosted the Preseason All-State: Upperclass showcase at The MAX in McCook, Ill., featuring many of the state’s top players inside both the 2024 and 2025 classes. This event helped our staff gain a clearer picture of the state’s junior class, featuring a number of the top uncommitted players inside the state’s Class of 2023. Inside today’s Quick Hits post, we’re highlighting the best of the best – the talent that exited the event as with arrows pointed way up headed into the spring.

Earlier this week we published Quick Hits highlighting the top prospects of the event by class. We also rolled out a Statistical Analysis, bringing you a quick statistical analysis of those that participated in the event. We then dove deep into the data, looking at the pitch metrics and batted ball numbers from this event inside our TrackMan Files piece. With the help of our Blast Motion sensors, we analyzed the swing metrics in our Blast Motion Board.

Today, we’ll take a look at the top Vizual Edge scores from the event.


Rank Name State School Class Pos Edge Score
1 Josh Polubinski IL Oswego East 2023 3B 96.56
2 Mike Polubinski IL Oswego East 2023 OF 91.80
3 Krew Bond IL Mendota 2023 OF 91.68
4 Zach Polubinski IL Oswego East 2023 1B 87.10
5 Luke Stulga IL St. Laurence 2023 OF 86.39
6 Ryan Nelson IL Plainfield North 2023 2B 86.35
7 Dalton Miller IL Quincy Notre Dame 2023 3B 86.22
8 Danny Rollins IL Lake Park 2023 C 86.07
9 Eli Kieser IL Normal University 2023 SS 85.03
10 Kerim Orucevic IL Maine South 2023 SS 84.89
11 Kaleb Wilkey IL Lincoln-Way West 2023 C 84.83
12 Owen Duffy IL Marist 2023 OF 83.82
13 Henry Wolfe IL New Trier 2023 C 83.07
14 Luke Wallace IL Lemont 2023 OF 82.59
15 Cristian Ruiz IL Oak Lawn 2023 SS 81.63

The Edge Score is a comprehensive score out of 100 that takes the core-six visual skills into account, providing athletes, parents, coaches and scouts with a benchmark number for assessing an athlete’s overall visual ability. In general the higher the Edge Score, the higher chance of athletic success. Think of the Edge Score as the 'Sixth Metric' in the standard Five-Tools that make up a ball player.

The average Edge Score for the 2020 MLB Draft Class was 79.3 (of hitters who completed a Vizual Edge test). MLB players we've worked with typically show stronger scores, with elite hitters scoring consistently above 87.0 on their Edge Score.

For a complete look at each of the statistics measured at this showcase, CLICK HERE.