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Q&A With UIC Commit Teague Conrad

Phil Kerber
Assoc. Scout/JUCO Wire Editor

RHP Teague Conrad (Conant) recently committed to the University of Illinois - Chicago. Conrad is currently ranked No. 21 in  PBR Illinois' Class of 2019. In October, Conrad attended his first PBR event, Class of 2019 Showcase, his scouting report from that event is below.

Scouting Report10.15.17 - Highly projectable right-handed pitcher, 6-foot-3, 180-pounds, lean athletic frame. Full windup, crossbody delivery, long levers, open toe landing, athletic finish. Arm action is loose and live, ¾ slot. Fastball played with heavy run and sink to arm side, 85-87 mph, touched 88 mph. Slider is sharp on 10/4 plane, hard action with control, 74-77 mph. Changeup sinks, deceptive arm action, 75-77 mph, lively action. High upside uncommitted 2019 right-handed arm.

PBR: What were your expectations about the recruiting process? Was it as expected? Easy/ Difficult?

Conrad: When I first realized that I could play baseball in college, I thought it would be very difficult to get a school to come see me. Fortunately, I was wrong. Don’t get me wrong, the process was very difficult and stressful, but I feel that it was all worth it and that I made the best decision for me.

PBR: What were you looking for out of a college program to continue your baseball career at?

Conrad: During my freshman year my club coach at the Illinois Indians, Mike Pugliese, told me that I could be a top Division 1 player. Being a 15 year old, I was looking for the biggest names in nation, but as I matured and really found myself, I realized that the best fit for me would be a place where I loved the coaches, would get playing time freshman year, and a place where I would fall in love with the campus. And UIC is that place.

PBR: Did location or distance from home play a factor in your decision?

Conrad: I really wanted to go somewhere warm weathered but in the end, distance from home was not a factor for me. I was okay with staying 45 minutes from home and I was okay with traveling cross-country.

PBR: When did the recruiting process really start to heat up for you? Was there a particular game or event that you feel turned the corner for you?

Conrad: I know the exact date when the process picked up, June 10, 2017. This was the first game of the summer, I pitched a great game at a CSA event in Kenosha, Wisconsin. From that date on, the process went from 0 to 100 pretty quickly.

PBR: Where did the college you chose first see you? How did your relationship develop with them?

Conrad: The first time UIC came out to see me was a game at St. Laurence High School. John Flood came out with his big radar gun and it intimidated me. I thought I pitched a below average game, but he saw potential in me to be great. From there they followed me very closely. Once I started to prove myself to them our relationship really started to develop.

PBR: What do you like most about the college you committed to and what were the key factors in making your decision?

Conrad: UIC’s campus is so appealing to me. Being in downtown Chicago has always been a blast for me and getting to be there every day for four years seems like a dream. The key factors in my commitment were that I love the coaching staff. Coach Dee and I had a great conversation on my first visit there to start off the relationship. I love the campus, the scenery is incredible, and last it is a great school, academically and athletically.

PBR: What other schools were on your short list before you made your final decision?

Conrad: Bradley, ISU, and Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

PBR: Who is the best player you have faced in your state, and why?

Conrad: I’d have to say that Riley Rundquist is the best player I’ve seen in the state. He just tears pitchers apart, I’ve never seen another hitter like him. He’s not only a great hitter, but he can play just about any position. I’ve seen him play right field, third base, first base, and pitch all in a day. He can compete at any level of baseball.

PBR: At what point in your career did you realize you were a college caliber player and became serious about taking your game to the next level?

Conrad: Once again, June 10, 2017. This is when I first touched 85 and started to talk to Division 1 colleges. I knew I could be a lot better because I hadn’t even started lifting or working out to be a better baseball player.

PBR: What advice would you give to young baseball players striving to get where you are?

Conrad: My advice for young players is to develop a solid mental game. Learning to control your emotions will set you aside from the rest. For me, you could see exactly how I felt on the mound whether that be angry or happy. Now you can’t tell if I’m throwing a no hitter or let up 10 runs. In the long run it will help you be a better ball player and a better person.

PBR: What is the most memorable moment in your baseball career to this point?

Conrad: The most memorable part of my baseball career was our first game in Georgia during the Perfect Game WWBA, I went 4 innings with a few hits and a few runs, but this game was incredibly fun and high energy. The game ended in a tie, but it showed me that I could compete against top players across the country.

PBR: Preview your high school season for us. How do you feel your team will be? What are your expectations and goals?

Conrad: After last years playoff run, Conant should have a great season. With Mason Sykes, Matt Maker, and myself I feel that we have a strong pitching staff to get us deep into the playoffs.

PBR: Where do you play in the summer? And what has been your most memorable experience with them?

Conrad: I played for the Illinois Indians. The most memorable experience has to be all of the long car rides with the team going to tournaments. Being stuck in a hot sticky van for 15 hours with 13 other guys sounds horrible, but when they’re all your brothers, it makes up for it and it’s a blast.

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