Prep Baseball Report

Recruiting Roundup

Phil Kerber
Assoc. Scout/JUCO Wire Editor

Each week PBR provides a roundup of insider recruiting information and commitments throughout the PBR coverage area. With that in mind, let's take an in depth look at the Illinois prospects who have committed to colleges, with detailed scouting information
10.15.17 - Highly projectable right-handed pitcher, 6-foot-3, 180-pounds, lean athletic frame. Full windup, crossbody delivery, long levers, open toe landing, athletic finish. Arm action is loose and live, ¾ slot. Fastball played with heavy run and sink to arm side, 85-87 mph, touched 88 mph. Slider is sharp on 10/4 plane, hard action with control, 74-77 mph. Changeup sinks, deceptive arm action, 75-77 mph, lively action. High upside uncommitted 2019 right-handed arm.

6.6.17 - 6-foot-3, 190-pound, strong bodied, durable, right-handed pitcher. Works from the far first base side of the rubber, stays on-line and toe lands closed. Quick arm action from an over-the-top slot. Fastball works straight, tilt when down in zone, ranged between 80-84 mph, topped at 85. Flashed a sharp 12/6 curveball at times, thrown aggressively for strikes, 70-72 mph. Mixed in one changeup at 72 mph.

6.13.17 - 5-foot-10, 125-pound, lanky, athletic right-handed hitting outfielder. Showed off athleticism by running 7.03 laser-timed 60. At the plate, tall setup, back load, hanging leg kick. Present bat speed, uphill bat path, pull-approach, fluid rhythm, 84 mph exit velocity. In the outfield, long arm action from ¾ slot, plays thru the ball, fluid footwork, quick exchange, throws clocked at 75 mph from the outfield.

6.6.17 - 6-foot-1, 163-pound, right-handed hitting infielder. Offensively, open setup, big leg-kick timing trigger, deep load and fluid rhythm throughout. Attacks the baseball, bat stays flat through the zone at times, line-drive approach and 79 mph exit velocity from a tee. 4.78 runner, home-to-first. Defensively, athletic actions, hands play confident and soft, fluid footwork. Athletic arm action, some effort in throws, clocked at 79 mph across the diamond.
10.25.15 - Thicker build 5-foot-11, 185-pound left-handed hitting infielder and outfielder. Offensively, flashed a compact stroke at times. Balanced setup, leg-kick timing trigger, and average balance throughout. Pull approach at the plate and an uphill bat path through the zone. Registered an exit velocity of 74 mph. Defensively, worked out in the infield and outfield. Quick and clean exchange. Attacks the baseball in the outfield. Short arm action, high ¾ slot, clocked at 67 mph from the outfield and 71 mph across the infield. Also, ran an 8.00 laser-timed 60.

Lincoln Trail

8.8.17 - 6-foot-1, 165-pound, athletically built, right-handed hitting outfielder. Flashed an impressive combination of tools; ran a 6.83 laser-timed 60, was clocked at 88 mph from the outfield and registered a 90 mph exit velocity from a tee. Defensively, quick footwork, ranges well, plays through the baseball and gets rid of the ball in a hurry at times. Arm works short and quick from an over-the-top slot, accurate throws with carry. Offensively, balanced, wide setup, loads into backside and short stride. Bat stays level through the hitting zone, creates whip in his swing on occasion, line-drive approach. Follow 2018 outfielder.

8.8.17 - 5-foot-11, 155-pound, right-handed hitting outfielder. Stood out throughout the day defensively. Natural, athletic, outfield actions, fluid footwork, soft hands and plays through the baseball. Arm works short, quick and over-the-top; throws carry and topped out at 86 mph. Made a number of impressive plays during game play. Offensively, balanced setup, short stride and average balance through contact. Aggressive swing, long, uphill bat path and pull approach. 82 mph exit velocity from a tee. 7.50 runner in the 60.

6.27.17 - 5-foot-9, 150-pound, right-handed pitcher. On the mound, short arm action, high ¾ arm slot. Drop and drive delivery, smooth rhythm, works in-line, lands square, finishes upright. Fastball, slight run and sink action, 77-78 mph. Curveball, 12/6 shape, 65-66 mph. Changeup, fastball arm speed, fade action, good feel, 72-74 mph. Slider, 10/4 shape, short sweep action, has feel for, 69-71 mph.