Prep Baseball Report

Unsigned Senior Showcase: Middle Infielder Analysis

By Steve Nielsen

The Unsigned Senior Showcase saw a talented crop of infielders and we have separated the group into middle and corner infielders to give an in-depth look at the infield positions. The group is led by some highly athletic players that showed excellent foot speed and athleticism. Soft hands and a quick release were a must to crack this top 10 list of infielders.

1. Connor Kopach, Downers Grove North HS, SS/OF, Class of 2013
Kopach is an extremely athletic shortstop with above-average feet. Kopach showed foot speed, running a 6.79 60 while exhibiting excellent range at shortstop. Defensively Kopach is a high level shortstop; his actions are smooth and athletic. His arm showed good carry at 80 mph getting it out quickly with a clean exchange. Offensively Kopach proved to be just as athletic, hitting from a balanced setup and using an explosive lower half. He has the ability to spray line drives from gap to gap, showing advanced extension through the baseball.

2. Aaron Meyer, Belleville West HS, SS/RHP, Class of 2013
Meyer is an athletic left-handed hitting infielder who runs well as displayed by his 6.97 60 time. His infield actions are smooth and his hands are soft. He showed a strong arm from the left side of the infield, showing excellent carry and life at 84 mph across the diamond. Meyer’s footwork is quick, getting him into great fielding positions as well as showing above average range. At the plate Meyer swings a left handed stick with a balanced set up. He showed excellent balance throughout contact, using a smooth load and produced exit speeds of 83 mph. Meyer proved to possess legitimate shortstop attributes at the next level.

3. Stewart Nelson, Lyons Township HS, MIF, Class of 2013
Nelson has put his skills on display a lot over the last month and has consistently proven that he is a high level middle infielder. Nelson again showed easy bat control, with great hands at the plate and in the field Nelson continues to show his ability to spray line drives to the right side with ease. He hits with an inside out approach showing excellent balance in the box. Nelson also posted his best 60 time to date, running a 6.58. Defensively, Nelson continues to show soft hands in the field using his quick, fluid footwork to get into great fielding positions on balls to his left and right. Nelson continued to impress again and proves he is one of the better middle infielders in his class.

4. Alex Wittenauer, Waterloo HS, MIF, Class of 2013
Wittenauer proved to be one of the more athletic players at the event. At 5-foot-10, 170-pounds, Wittenauer showcased an athletic frame and above average range. His defensive actions were advanced, fielding the baseball well out in front of him with soft fluid hands and a quick clean exchange and release. His arm played well at 79 mph across the diamond showing the ability to deliver the baseball on target with carry, also while on the run. Defensively, Wittenauer makes every play look routine with easy effort. At the dish Wittenauer showed a solid line drive approach, using a short path to the baseball with a very minimal stride. Wittenauer was able to create good extension through the baseball showing a fluid rhythm spraying the ball to both gaps. Wittenauer also ran a 6.96 60.

5. Samuel Franco, Bartlett HS, MIF, Class of 2013
Franco is a solid infielder who showed a good arm across the infield. At 5-foot-10, 160-pounds, Franco showed good carry and accuracy on all of his throws. His athleticism showed well in the field showing soft hands and above average footwork, also displayed by his 7.03 60 time. Franco featured soft hands in the field along with a quick exchange. Offensively, Franco uses an inside out swing to spray the ball to the right side of the field. He showed good bat speed out of his balanced setup using a very minimal stride to get to the baseball with little movement. Franco proved to be one of the more advanced defensive shortstops at the event.

6. Brodie Meyer, Chicago Christian HS, MIF, Class of 2013
Meyer is a 5-foot-11, 170-pound middle infielder. Meyer showed a clean exchange in the field while playing through the ball well. He threw it 78 mph across the infield with some accuracy. Offensively, Meyer hits from a good balanced position using a short stride and a short level bat path to get to the baseball. Meyer hits with a fluid rhythm producing solid line drives. Meyer also ran a 7.00 60.

7. Reginald Rogers, Morgan Park HS, SS/3B, Class of 2013
Rogers is an athletic 6-foot-1, 175-pound infielder who showed a solid all-around game. Rogers highlighted his game showing a solid rhythmic approach at the plate. He hits out of an open stance, producing line drives consistently to his pull side. He showed a good lower half with a short stride and short bat path generating good whip through the zone. Defensively, Rogers showed athletic actions at shortstop which is a product of his fluid footwork in the field. His arm showed some carry across the diamond while coming out of a quick exchange and release. Rogers proved to be a very athletic infielder with loads of potential.

8. Jeff Lindberg, Wauconda HS, MIF, Class of 2013
Lindberg is a 5-foot-7, 145-pound middle infielder with solid actions. Lindberg exhibited a good arm showing carry across the diamond. He displayed soft hands with good mechanics securing the baseball with both hands resulting in a clean exchange getting the ball to his target with accuracy. Lindberg showed good athleticism and body control when fielding the baseball on the move. At the plate Lindberg hits with a balanced approach from both sides of the plate. He displayed the ability to make consistent contact spraying the ball to the opposite field.

9. Billy Quirke, Providence Catholic HS, MIF, Class of 2013
Quirke is a 6-foot, 165-pound middle infielder who showcased a well-rounded game. At the dish Quirke swings a left handed bat that is short to the point of attack. As a left handed hitter Quirke looked to hit the ball consistently to the left side of the infield. He hits from a tall set up, without much stride; it’s a very simple approach that is efficient and effective for him. Quirke displayed himself as a contact hitter with solid bat control. Defensively, Quirke showed an accurate arm, his release is short and loose and should play well from second base. He showed soft hands fielding from an athletic position as well as showing good body control when fielding the ball on the move. Quirke also ran a 7.01 in the 60.

10. Tommy Schaedel, Notre Dame College Prep HS, MIF, Class of 2013
Schaedel is a 5-foot-10, 150-pound rangy middle infielder. Schaedel displayed a good arm with loose actions from a high ¾ arm slot showing accuracy at 80 mph. Schaedel showed range, exhibited by his quick footwork to get to the baseball. Schaedel has athletic actions defensively and translates that to the plate as well. He hits from a balanced setup showing good bat speed using a short stride and bat path to the baseball. Schaedel also ran a 7.33 in the 60.

Best of the Rest (Alphabetical Order)

Zachary Carlson, Lyons Township HS, RHP/MIF, Class of 2013
Carlson is a lanky 6-foot-2, 170-pound two way player that showed well on the mound. Showcasing an 83-85 mph fastball, Carlson throws from a high ¾ arm slot with a loose arm action. His fastball showed run with slight sink and a heavy feel, while commanding the pitch well. Carlson’s curveball showed 10/4 shape at 70-72 mph, while his change up was 72-73 mph. Offensively, he hits from the left side using a short stride and good balance producing 80 mph exit speeds from the tee. Carlson also ran a 7.00 60.

Moises Diaz, Holy Trinity HS, MIF, Class of 2013
Diaz is a 5-foot-8, 157-pound middle infielder. Diaz threw it 75 mph across the infield. Offensively, Diaz hits from a balanced setup using a short stride, displaying the ability to spray the ball to all fields.

Pat Houlihan, Nazareth HS, MIF, Class of 2013
Houlihan is a 5-foot-7, 160 pound middle infielder. Houlihan hits from a balanced setup using a smooth load to get into the hitting position. Houlihan showed to be a line drive opposite field type hitter. Houlihan ran a 7.69 60 and threw it 75 mph across the infield.

Dario Lopez, Brother Rice HS, RHP/INF, Class of 2013
Lopez is a 5-foot-11, 155-pound two-way player that showed well on the mound. Lopez throws out of a ¾ arm slot using a slight drop and drive style delivery. His rhythm was good showing repeatable actions and a loose arm. Lopez featured an 82-85 mph fastball flashing an 86, he showed good command of his fastball showing some sink and run. Lopez also showed a slider that he commanded at 75-77 mph working on a 10/4 plane. His change up was also thrown for strikes at 73-76 mph. At the plate Lopez hits out of a wide stance and produced exit speeds up to 81 mph from the tee. Lopez also ran a 7.19 60.

Mitchelle Zack, Romeoville HS, SS/3B, Class of 2013
Zack is a long legged 6-foot-2, 160-pound left handed hitting infielder. Zack showed smooth footwork in the infield while displaying soft hands. Offensively, he hits from an open stance while being slightly crouched. Zack recorded exit speeds at 73 mph from the tee and ran a 7.78 60.

Nathan Perez, Galesburg HS, INF, Class of 2013
Perez is a 5-foot-10, 155-pound infielder that produced consistently hard line drives using a level bat path. Perez also ran a 7.77 60 and threw it 71 mph across the infield.

William Reed, Traverse City West HS (MI), MIF, Class of 2013
Reed is a 5-foot-10, 165-pound middle infielder that hits from a balanced setup using a leg kick to get to his hitting position. Reed ran a 7.42 60 and showed a 70 mph arm across the infield.

Mike Stellmack, Naperville Central HS, RHP/MIF, Class of 2013
Stellmack is a 6-foot, 160-pound two-way player that ran well posting a 6.91 60 time. On the mound Stellmack pitches exclusively out of the stretch throwing from a ¾ arm slot with a short arm action. Stellmack showed good direction and finish throughout his drop and drive style delivery. His fastball featured some run in the strike zone at 77-80 mph. Stellmack’s change up proved to be one of his better pitches showcasing sink at 72-74 mph while consistently throwing it for strikes. He also showed a curveball at 69 mph with some sweeping action. Offensively, Stellmack hits from an open stance while producing 80 mph exit speeds from the tee.

Austin Stilts, Alton HS, INF, Class of 2013
Stilts is a 5-foot-7, 150-pound infielder that exhibited quick actions in the field. Stilts showed quick footwork and soft hands. Stilts best assets looks to be in his quick exchange and release, showing that he has the ability to receive the baseball and get rid of it at a high level. Offensively Stilts hits from an open stance with a leg kick showing good balance and an opposite field approach.

Jayden Thompson, Bloomington HS, MIF, Class of 2013
Thompson showcased himself as a 6-foot-2, 175-pound middle infielder. Thompson showed solid hands in the infield fielding out of an athletic position while showing an 80 mph arm across the diamond. Offensively, Thompson hits from a wide stance being slightly closed. His balance throughout his swing was excellent showing good bat control allowing him the ability to spray the baseball to both sides of the field.  Thompson also ran a 7.22 60 and posted exit speeds of 81 mph from the tee.

Rick Tormey, Oswego HS, INF, Class of 2013
Tormey is a 6-foot, 170-pound athletically built infielder who ran an impressive 6.66 60. Tormey exhibited good hands in the field using quick, fluid footwork, and a quick exchange to get the ball to his target. Tormey’s arm action was short and over the top at 76 mph across the infield, showing occasional carry. Tormey’s athleticism showed through when fielding the ball on the move showcasing good body control and release of the baseball. Tormey showed line drive tendencies at the plate using a leg kick to get his bat started and into the hitting zone.

Chase Whittaker, Peoria Christian HS, RHP/MIF, Class of 2013
Whittaker is a 5-foot-9, 145-pound two-way player that posted exit speeds of 80 mph off the tee.  He hit from a slightly open stance with pull side approach.  Defensively, he threw it 75 mph across the infield.

More positional breakdowns are soon to follow so keep checking back for more updates and scouting reports from last Sunday’s Unsigned Senior Showcase.

USS 1.13.13