Prep Baseball Report

GBA Scout Day Quick Hits: Pitchers & Two-Ways

By: Diego Solares
Central Region Media Director, Scouting

On Sunday, February 11th, the PBR Missouri staff traveled to the SportsBarn in Wentzville, MO, to host the GBA Scout Day. More than 100 players from the GBA program, representing the 2025-to-2027 grad classes, participated in a pro-style workout in front of our staff and collected unrivaled measurables in the process.

All of our events offer players the opportunity to update their recruiting resume and showcase their talents in front of our staff. We also use these events as identifiers for future invite-only events, like the Preseason All-State, our summer Top Prospect Games, and the prestigious Prep Baseball Future Games that take place at the tail end of the summer.

Shortly after the event, our staff published the day’s stat leaders into leaderboard format within our traditional ‘Stat Story’. You can find that by clicking HERE

Today we’re turning our attention to the mound, where we’ve broken down several of the day’s top arms and two-way performers within these ‘Quick Hits’. At a late date, our staff will highlight a multitude of name-to-know position players from this event, so be on the lookout for that as well. 

For now, continue reading below to learn more about a handful of the standout performers on the mound from this event. 


+ Back in the fall, at the Battle for The Arch, LHP Cameron Appenzeller (Glenwood, IL, 2025) stole the show after a stellar performance and committed to South Carolina shortly afterwards. The 6-foot-5, 180-pound lean-limbed and highly projectable southpaw strung together yet another highly impressive showing this past weekend at the SportsBarn. Appenzeller, who’s in the middle of basketball season, works effortlessly down the mound with a loose, free-flowing arm to pair. He pitched at 88-89 mph with his fastball, though there’s plenty more in the tank, and his breaking ball flashed swing-and-miss spin at 72-75 mph at times. Appenzeller also turned over a changeup at 81-83 mph that played with gradual run to the arm-side corner, though we’ve seen it show out-pitch potential in past looks. Ultimately, Appenzeller appears to just be scratching the surface of what his future self looks like on the mound and he unquestionably has one of the highest ceilings from a prospect perspective in the state. 

+ Arguably the day’s most polished ‘pen came from RHP
Austin Musso (Mascoutah, IL, 2025; Kansas commit), something we’ve become accustomed to seeing out of the 6-foot-2, 195-pound right-hander. Musso’s high spin, carry fastball played up in the zone and on the corners at 90-92 mph in this look. He spun a tight slider with late tilt both for strikes and beneath the zone at 79-80 mph while showing a gradual, more arching curveball at 73-75 mph in the zone. Musso also threw a straight changeup at 83-84 mph that favored the arm-side corner of the plate to round out his mix. A high level competitor with a proven track record of in-game success, Musso has the potential to keep elevating his ceiling on the hill and is one of the top arms in the Illinois’ 2025 class. 

Joseph Chiarodo (Edwardsville, IL, 2025; Alabama commit) continues to prove that he’s a high-end talent on both sides of the ball. Chiarodo started his day by running a 6.68 60-yard dash, which was the event’s second fastest time. He took an impressive round of BP too, finding the barrel often to the middle of the field from a fast, athletic right-handed swing. Chiarodo produced five barrels at 94+ mph, with seven above 90 mph in total, and his hardest ball came off his bat at 97.9 mph. He juiced three balls over 350 feet as well with a peak batted distance of 357 feet. Defensively, Chiarodo comfortably led all outfielders in throwing velocity, uncorking three throws at 94 mph and one at 95 mph. He hopped on the mound afterwards and pumped his fastball for strikes on the corners at 88-90 mph from an athletic, up-tempo delivery with a quick arm to pair. Chiarodo spun two breaking balls - a hard, laterally spun slider at 75-77 mph as well as a more gradual curveball with higher arch at 70-72 mph. To round out his arsenal, Chiarodo turned over a changeup that showed arm-side action at 81-83 mph. A two-time state champion, Chiarodo remains one of the top prospects in the Illinois’ 2025 class. 

+ Another high-end arm in attendance at this event from southern Illinois was RHP
Connor Blue (O’Fallon, IL, 2025; Cincinnati commit). A strong 6-foot-1, 200-pound athlete, Blue pumped his fastball at 88-91 mph with carry up in the zone. His bread-and-butter has always been his ability to spin the baseball, and Blue’s breaking ball is one of the best in the class. It’s a true swing-and-miss pitch with sharp, late spin at 75-76 mph that he’s plenty comfortable landing for strikes as well as spotting it up for whiffs. Blue also showed a changeup at 80-81 mph that played straight. Headed into his junior year at the varsity level, Blue figures to be a mainstay atop an O’Fallon rotation that should be amongst the top in the entire state. 

Eli Skidmore (Francis Howell, MO, 2025; St. Louis commit) can also really spin the baseball, owning one of the more dynamic breaking balls in the ‘Show Me’ state. His 73-74 mph slider has heavy horizontal action with late sweep that consistently grabs whiffs in game. Skidmore’s fastball showed more backspin and carry up in the zone than we’d seen from him previously and the 6-foot-1, 190-pound junior threw it at 87-88 mph in his ‘pen. 

+ LHP/1B
Dax Dunnill (Edwardsville, IL, 2025) was unquestionably one of the biggest winners from Sunday’s event, particularly on the mound. Plenty physical with room for more at 6-foot-3, 200-pounds, Dunnill’s arm plays loose and creates easier velocity than we’d seen from him in the past from a ¾ slot. His fastball showed late run and in the zone for strikes at 87-90 mph with room to continue to tack on velocity over the next few months. The separator for Dunnill was his tight slider with gyro spin at 75-77 mph that paired well off his fastball, flashing swing-and-miss potential at the next level. At the plate, Dunnill’s left-handed swing showed more juice than we’d seen from him previously, barreling his firmest ball at 98.1 mph. Following a productive winter, Dunnill is certainly an uncommitted southpaw to follow into the spring for this year’s Tigers’ squad. 

Tyler Powell (Edwardsville, IL, 2025) is another uncommitted junior arm to follow headed into this spring and summer. Powell’s added strength onto a 6-foot, 185-pound frame and he’s an athletic, up-tempo mover down the mound that repeats his delivery consistently. He threw his fastball at 86-87 mph in this look and spun two different breaking balls off it - a tighter slider at 78-79 mph and a 75-76 mph breaking ball with more vertical drop to it. Powell also showed a firm changeup with arm-side action at 81-82 mph to round out his arsenal. He also took one of the louder rounds of BP at the event, averaging 92.2 mph per batted ball with a 99.5 mph max exit velocity. 

Collin Lovelady (Francis Howell, 2025) came away from Sunday as another big winner as a true two-way talent to follow in Missouri this spring. Lovelady’s added strength this winter, now standing at 5-foot-11, 180-pounds, and that added muscle mass has aided him in all aspects of his game. Lovelady was on the barrel often and consistently produced lifted contact into the left-center gap throughout BP. On the infield, Lovelady’s arm played true across the infield with an 88 mph high, which was the second-highest mark on the day. Afterwards, Lovelady jumped on the mound and put together a truly polished ‘pen with three-pitch feel. He pumped his fastball for strikes on the corners at 86-87 mph with carry out of a high ¾ slot. Lovelady’s curveball at 67-69 mph showed as his best secondary, as he spun it for strikes with big bend and shape. He also threw a changeup at 73-74 mph with the same arm speed as his fastball that showed late fade at times. Likely to slot into an impact role for Francis Howell this spring, Lovelady has the potential to positively impact the Vikings on both sides of the ball. 

+ Another uncommitted junior from Illinois that showed well on both sides of the ball was MIF/RHP
Kannon Kamp (Father McGivney, IL, 2025). Kamp swung a simple and direct left-handed barrel in BP that sprayed line drive contact to all fields. He was sure-handed on the infield with an arm that played accurately across the infield, peaking at 84 mph on his hardest throw. Kamp threw three pitches for strikes on the mound, starting with his fastball at 83-84 mph. His changeup showed true sink at 70-71 mph and he spun a bendy breaking ball with depth at 71-72 mph as well. 

+ RHP Eric Herman (Edwardsville, IL, 2025), RHP Gavin Moffitt (Duchesne, IL, 2025) and RHP Andrew Brown (Edwardsville, IL, 2025) are all uncommitted juniors with fastballs in the low-80s that have above-average feel to spin as well. 

+ RHP Jake Brettschneider (Francis Howell, MO, 2026) has one of the highest ceilings on the mound in Missouri’s sophomore class. Plenty capable of adding more mass at 6-foot-4, 195-pounds, Brettschneider is a simple, low-effort mover down the mound with a long, loose arm draw to pair. His fastball played at 87-88 mph with late arm-side action at times and he paired it with a 76-78 mph slider that showed late two-plane break with swing-and-miss potential. Brettschneider’s changeup flashed arm-side run at 81-82 mph, giving him a quality three-pitch mix to show in any given at-bat. 

Anthony Eberlin (Edwardsville, IL, 2026; TCU commit) has started to fill out his frame more, now standing at a stronger, more compact 6-foot, 175-pounds. Eberlin is a quick, up-tempo worker on the mound with a short loose arm draw that showed arm speed out front. His fastball plays with jump out the hand and life up in the zone at 87-88 mph and he spins a tight slider with late depth at 75-76 mph, while also turning over a changeup at 78-79 mph. 

+ Fresh off a quality look at the Missouri Preseason All-State, C/RHP
Drew Parsons (Jackson, MO, 2026) also showed well at this past weekend’s event. The 5-foot-11, 170-pound QB1 ran a 6.97 in the 60-yard dash and produced hard contact (T94.9 mph) to the pull-side in BP from a flat right-handed swing. He was accurate and on the bag from behind the plate, popping a 1.97 on his quickest bullet. Parsons jumped on the mound and repeated a simple in-line delivery with consistency while showing three-pitch feel. His fastball played on the corners at 83-85, spun a 70-72 mph curveball for strikes, and he faded his 71-73 mph changeup, too. 

+ Another GBA product that threw well at the Preseason All-State and at this event was RHP
Jathan Spain (Cape Central, 2026), who’s one of the top sophomores in the state. Spain takes the mound at a hard-to-miss, highly physical 6-foot-5, 215-pound creates downhill angle on his fastball at 88-89 mph, favoring the arm-side corner of the plate in this ‘pen. He throws an aggressive slider that flashed two-plane break at 75-79 mph with out-pitch upside, though he’s still developing full feel for the pitch. Spain concluded his arsenal with a changeup at 78-79 mph that he threw mostly to the arm-side corner of the plate. Given his present stuff and physicality, Spain holds one of the highest ceilings on the hill in Missouri’s 2026 group. 

Hunter Baugh (Edwardsville, IL, 2026) has polish and advanced feel in all aspects of his game, and he’s one of the top prospects in the Illinois’ sophomore class. Baugh swings a clean, rhythmic right-handed barrel that showed more bat strength than we’d seen from him in the past on Sunday. He averaged 87 mph per batted ball, peaking at 91.1 mph, and posted an average batted distance of 267 feet, which was actually the fifth highest mark in attendance. Baugh’s knack for the barrel and feel to hit have always been evident to our staff, but him starting to grow into more impact potential does enhance his offensive ceiling as a whole. Defensively, Baugh’s soft hands, rhythmic feet, and uptick in arm strength (T88 mph) continue to prove he’s an asset with the glove on the infield dirt. Baugh hopped on the mound afterwards, throwing a carry fastball for strikes at 83-84 mph with feel for three secondaries (CB/SL/CH). Set to take on a bigger role for Edwardsville this upcoming spring, Baugh is a high-follow prospect in the Illinois’ 2026 class. 

+ A highly physical 6-foot-6, 215-pound athlete, RHP
Dylan Jantz (O’Fallon, IL, 2026) came away from this event as a winner after an impressive ‘pen. Jantz cleaned up his delivery and arm action since this same event last year, now moving in a cleaner, more polished pattern down the mound. His fastball played at an easy 85-86 mph for strikes with presumably plenty more to come given his size and low-effort operation. Jantz’s changeup flashed late tumble and fade at 74-75 mph and he spun a slider in the low-70s as well. 

Sam McCollum (O’Fallon, IL, 2026) is a sophomore to follow with tools on both sides of the ball. A strong-bodied 5-foot-11, 180-pound athlete, McCollum ran a 7.10 60-yard dash, improving on the 7.54 mark he ran last year, and he was up to 89 mph from the outfield, which tied for the second-highest mark of the day. Offensively, he worked mostly line drives to the pull-side from a strong, level right-handed swing. On the mound, McCollum pitched at 84-86 mph with a firm 79-80 mph changeup and he spun a lateral slider at 75-77 mph as well. 

+ RHP/INF Chase Milburn (Edwardsville, IL, 2026) boasts a physical 6-foot-2, 195-pound frame with inherent strength that showed on the mound in particular. Milburn’s fastball played from an intentful delivery at 85-86 mph, complimenting it with a low-70s breaking ball that showed gradual action and a changeup at 75-78 mph. At the plate, Milburn’s swing worked uphill through the zone and produced lifted contact to the middle of the field. 

+ OF/LHP Anthony Perez (O’Fallon, IL, 2026) is a follow left/left athlete with a lean, projectable 6-foot-2, 165-pound frame. Perez showed a loose, athletic, and level left-handed swing in BP that flashed line drive feel to the pull-side in BP. He was up to 88 mph from the outfield, the day’s third-highest mark, with a loose clean arm action. Perez took the rubber later on and pitched at 83-84 mph with his fastball while flashing feel to land his slider for strikes at 75-76 mph. 

+ RHP Austin Borries (Teutopolis, IL, 2026) popped as a follow sophomore on the hill after a quality showing at this event. Toeing the rubber at 6-foot-3, 200-pounds, Borries’ arm plays with length on the backside and finishes from a high ¾ slot. His fastball played on the corners and for strikes at 83-84 mph, and he consistently landed a 66-69 mph curveball with depth for strikes. 

+ Sunday gave us an up-to-date look at one of the top prospects in the Illinois’ 2027 class, currently slotted at No. 12 overall in RHP/INF Cy Craft (Du Quoin, IL). There’s plenty of physical development yet to come with Craft, who presently stands in at a lean, square-shouldered 5-foot-11, 150-pounds. Craft looked the part at the plate, repeating line drive contact to the middle of the field from a loose, athletic right-handed swing. His highest ceiling may ultimately be on the mound, however, where Craft is a clean, free-flowing mover with a loose arm to pair. His fastball played at 85-86 mph in this look and he spun a 76-78 mph slider off it that he landed for strikes to the arm-side on occasion. Craft’s projection, present stuff, and athleticism all equate to one of the more intriguing ceilings in the state’s current freshman class. 

+ A handful of freshmen showed above-average arm strength for their age on the mound at this event. SS/RHP Brody Simily (West County, MO, 2027) pitched at 83-85 mph, RHP/INF Nathan Klucker (Triad, IL, 2027), C/RHP Dominic Pandolfo (Fort Zumwalt East, MO, 2027), and RHP Parker Sansone (Timberland, MO, 2027) were all up to 84 mph, INF/RHP Michael Wolff (Fort Zumwalt West, MO, 2027) peaked at 83 mph and INF/RHP Miller Dunnill (Edwardsville, IL, 2027) threw his fastball at 80-82 mph.