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Unsigned Senior Showcase: Quick Hits

Illinois Scouting Staff

On Feb. 4th, the Prep Baseball Illinois staff hosted the Unsigned Senior Showcase at The MAX in McCook, Ill. The event was host to over 30 uncommitted senior prospects from around the state, and it gave our staff as well as college scouts a chance to get an up-close look at these players before the spring season. 

We recently posted our Statistical Analysis, and we'll continue rolling out content from the event in the coming weeks. For now, lets dive into some of the top players from the event.

Position Players 

+ OF Anthony Holloway (Saint Patrick) had one of the better all-around showings on Sunday and he’s an uncommitted name to know within the state. He’s listed at a physical, 5-foot-9, 180-pounds with broad/round shoulders and strength throughout, and his present strenght translates in multiple ways to his game. At the plate, the right-handed hitter has a physical stroke, working on the barrel throughout his round with intent to lift, controlling his body into footstrike before exploding through the zone, averaging 90.7 mph throughout his round with a max EV of 94.9 mph, delivering his farthest hit ball at 347’. He moves better than his 60-time would suggest in the outfield, displaying fluid footwork with a quick first step, getting around the ball consistently and playing through it with soft hands.  

+ 3B Hayden Mosley (Harvest Christian) was another prospect that had an impressive showing on both sides of the ball. He has a strong, durable build at 6-foot-3, 210-pounds, and his strength was imminent throughout his round of BP; reaching up to 98.7 mph for his max EV with an average of 90.3 mph. The right-handed hitter has rhythm in his operation, working with a level path and staying through the zone while driving the ball up the middle with authority and hard, lifted contact. His round of defense was also intriguing, appearing comfortable with soft hands, gaining ground through the ball with intent and feel for the position. He also displayed the strongest arm in attendance across the diamond, reaching up to 85 mph. Corner infield profile at the next level with middle of the order power potential.  

+ INF Reid Hietpas (Xavier) was the lone Wisconsin product at the event and he stood out as a name to know heading into the spring. He has an athletic build with some strength throughout at 6-foot-1, 205-pounds, but he still looks to have room to pack on muscle in the future. The right-handed hitter impressed during BP with his quiet and easy stroke, boasting loose hands and arms through the zone, he works into a flat path while creating some extension out front, working line-drives up the middle and appearing extremely comfortable/confident in the box. His numbers also backed up the aesthetic of his round, averaging 88.1 mph throughout his BP with a max EV of 92.2, staying on the sweet spot 73% of the time according to TrackMan with a 75.7 mph average bat speed per BLAST. Defensively, he profiles on the corners with his steady, sure-handed actions, moving well laterally for his size with fluid footwork.  

+ OF William Klumpp (Sycamore) was one of the more intriguing athletes in attendance on Sunday with a number of impressive tools. The first thing that stands out is his projectable build, listed at 6-foot, 165-pounds with lean limbs and plenty of room to add on strength in the future. He started his day by cruising to a 6.87 in the 60 with a 20.4 mph peak run speed, but he’s been down to a 6.65 in the past. The right-handed hitter put up some impressive numbers throughout his round of BP, averaging 88.8 mph with a max EV of 95.9 mph, staying on the sweet spot 88.9% of the time according to TrackMan. He has some athleticism in his right-handed swing, working with loose arms and some whip through the zone with intent to lift up the middle of the field, showing the ability to stay through the ball and go the other way with it. His athleticism was on display throughout his defensive round, working with fluid footwork and soft hands, he plays through the ball with rhythm and remains athletic through the ball. Intriguing athlete that should be a follow this coming spring.  

+ OF Luke Joseph (Lake Forest) impressed throughout his round of BP on Sunday. Equipped with a muscular build at 6-foot, 190-pounds, Joseph worked his max EV up to 95.1 mph throughout his round while staying on the sweet spot 50% of the time per TrackMan, also creating 20.2 G’s of average rotational acceleration. The right-handed hitter displayed quick hands through the zone, staying on top of the baseball with strong hands, he also displayed impressive balance throughout his operation and through impact. He’ll be an intriguing bat to keep tabs on this coming spring.  

+ C Jaydon Riggs (Urbana) had one of the more impressive rounds of BP in the event. Listed at 5-foot-10, 200-pounds, the right-handed hitter displayed a loose, relaxed stroke with some rhythm, working with a flat path and extension out front while keeping the ball up the middle of the field with some authority (T92.2 mph EV), staying on the sweet spot 67% of the time with a 67% line-drive rate. Defensively he recorded a top pop-time of 2.22 seconds with a max velocity to second of 72 mph.  

+ INF/C Benjamin White (Bolingbrook) was yet another right-handed hitter that had a strong showing in BP. At the plate, White displayed loose hands that rock back in stride before transitioning into a flat path through the zone, working uphill at times with intent to lift, he showed some quickness in his barrel with extension out front. Defensively he recorded a best pop-time of 2.20 seconds with a max velocity of 73 mph from the chute.  

+ INF Jonathan Torres (St. Viator) has an athletic build with good proportions at 5-foot-10, 180-pounds, and he still looks to have room to add on strength in the coming years. The right-handed hitter displayed quick hands throughout his round, working direct to the ball with flat path through the zone, looking to keep the ball on a line and routinely staying up the middle of the field. On the infield, Torres utilized a two-hand gather out front, playing through the ball with active feet and also using a pre-pitch hop to keep his feet moving.  

+ 1B Cade Farquer (Williamsfield) displayed an upside stroke from the left side and should be a name to follow as he progresses and matures. At the plate, he utilized a short path to the ball with rhythm and ease in his operation, working quickly through the zone and staying on the barrel to the middle of the field, flashing some power potential with his 97.2 mph max exit velocity. His BLAST numbers were also impressive, averaging 71.7 mph for his bat-speed and 20 G’s for his average rotational acceleration. He did not throw due to an arm injury, but his actions at first base look to allow him to stick there moving forward; working with a two-hand gather to keep the ball in front and a pre-pitch hop to keep his feet moving. 


+ RHP Nick Jukovich (Glenbrook North) had one of the louder ‘pens on the day and will look to be a key piece for North this coming spring. Listed at 6-foot-3, 210-pounds, Jukovich has a projectable build that still has a lot of filling out left in the coming years. The right-hander favors the third base side of the rubber, gathering his balance over the rubber with a hip tilt and back hip load, he strides slightly across his body creating cross-fire deception, especially to righties, athletic lower-half through release with a leg swing finish. His arm plays long out of the glove before transitioning into a high ¾ slot. His fastball cruised in the 84-86 mph range (T2445 RPM), playing with carry and downhill leverage through the zone, slight cutting action at times. He showed a knack to spin his breaking ball, playing around 69-71 mph with over 2300 RPM, 11/5 shape with some sharp action, can land it for strikes and to put hitters away. His final offering was a changeup in the 78-79 mph range, playing with running action and some feel to his glove-side. Upside arm with his best years still ahead of him.  

+ LHP Kevin O’Connor (DePaul College Prep) will be a southpaw to monitor this coming spring. Listed at 6-foot-1, 200-pounds, O’Connor has a durable build and looks to have room to add on strength as he continues to mature. The left-hander has an up-tempo yet simple delivery, working into a coiled balance point with a medium leg lift, he gets his front hip moving down the mound with a slight drop/drive lower-half, staying in-line to the plate. His fastball worked clean out of the hand in the 84-86 mph range, spinning over 2300 RPM at times. His off-speed was the separator, starting with his slider that worked around 74-78 mph, displaying sharp 2/8 action through the zone with over 2700 RPM at times. His curveball also had well above-average spin, coming in with over 2500 RPM at times and playing with more downer shape and sharp action, 72-74 mph. His final offering was a changeup at 80-82 mph, spinning up to 2200 RPM with heavy run, flashing some feel around the zone. Upside arm with a dynamic arsenal to know in the state.  

+ RHP Jacob Younan (Taft) was another right-hander that showed well on Sunday. Listed at a durable 6-foot, 190-pounds, Younan displayed a rhythmic tempo with a medium leg lift and balance over the rubber, utilizing a drop/drive lower-half to gain momentum down the mound, working in-line to the plate with a quiet head and balanced finish. He has a long, clean arm path out of the glove before moving into a high ¾ release. The right-hander worked his fastball in the 83-85 mph range, topping out at 85.8 mph with some carry and downhill leverage through the zone, showing the ability to get the ball to spots. He went to a 10/4 slider to pair off the fastball, playing with shorter shape and keeping it mostly down and to his glove side, 74-76 mph. Lastly, he went to a changeup at 77-78 mph, selling the offering with fastball intent while showing late fade and depth through the zone, landing it for strikes and below the zone. Clean arm to know and follow from the event.  

+ RHP Clayton Cawley (Metamora) popped as an upside right-hander with present arm-strength to build off of. Listed at 6-foot-2, 170-pounds, Cawley is lean and projectable, looking to have plenty of room to add on strength in the coming years. As mentioned before, there’s clear arm-strength present, as he worked his fastball in the 83-85 mph range, topping out at 86 mph with carry through the zone (18.3 avg. IVB; T20.1 IVB). He spun his slider over 2300 RPM at times in the 74-79 mph range, and also featured a heavy running changeup at 79-80 mph with developing feel. 

+ RHP Danny Basalone (Bolingbrook) provided our staff an intriguing look over the weekend. From a sidearm/submarine slot, the left-hander worked his fastball in the 77-80 mph range with natural sinking action to set up a sweeping 2/8 slider in the 70-72 mph range - landing it for strikes 100% of the time per TrackMan. He also went to a changeup at 69-72 mph, flashing some feel around the zone with heavy run/sink, profiling well off the fastball. 

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