Preseason All-State (2022): A look at Ten Uncommitted Arms

Kevin Christman
Indiana Scout

We begin to highlight some of the top players in attendance at last weekend's Preseason All-State (2022) Invite-Only showcase at Pro X in Westfield, IN. The event was loaded with high end committed and uncommitted talent across the board. 

We start by looking at ten uncommitted arms that caught the attention of the PBR Indiana scouting staff.

CLICK HERE to view all the statistical results from the day.


Grant Brooks, Wawasee HS, 2022, IN

Position: SS/RHP

RHP Tall, lean, strong shoulders with long extended arms. Good athlete. Starts from the far left of rubber, with an easy range of motion, H ¾-arm slot. Shows a small over rotation on landing strike before a solid out in front arm extension. Has good chance for projected higher velocity to jump in near future. Displayed a low hand separation at belt, slight standup finish out front. Very coordinated for size. FB has good ride in zone. Brooks displayed a short dart style slider. Straight action changeup had good late fade and sink. Brooks' command and control of three pitches with a repeat delivery will allow him to get better in near future and compete at the next level.

Body: 6-foot-4, 175-pound
FB: T89. 86-88 mph. (Max spin 2276;  Avg 2183)
CB: 77-80 mph
CH: 79-82 mph

Aidyn Coffey, Monroe Central HS, 2022

Position: SS/3B/RHP

Athletic strong, tall, well proportioned, two-way player. As a pitcher, he starts in the middle of rubber with a slight side step. Has a OH delivery with an abbreviated mid belt hand pump to generated his arm to release point to finish delivery out front. Easy arm action and range of motion to his shoulder. Natural feel for the ball to come out of hand. Has command of three pitches.   FB velocity and quality of pitches will get better over time with normal training to pitch rather then, being a position player as well. 

Body: 6-foot-4, 185-pound
FB: T87. 83-87 mph. (Max spin 2180;  Avg 2074)
CB: 68-70 mph
CH: 73-78 mph

Peter Dubie, Park Tudor HS, 2022

Position: RHP/OF

Tall, strong, large athletic frame. Has strength in legs and his hips, up through his back and shoulders. Starts from the middle of the rubber with a H ¾ arm slot. Shows a short step side to side, high hand start and glove start while displaying a small glove tap off an abbreviated quarter turn medium leg lift start. As he goes to the plate and in line, he exits with a low glove. Leaves ball slightly up, in zone he will learn over time and maturity to his style of delivery as he makes adjustments. He will project to throw harder in future as well as be an innings eater durable type pitcher. The drop and drive style creates good stable leg drive. Dubie showed good feel with command and control of a tight spinning CB as well as a late fade Changeup.

Body: 6-foot-4, 195-pound
FB: T90. 89-90 mph. (Max spin 2212;  Avg 2171)
CB: 73-76 mph
CH: 81-83 mph

Will Eldridge, Carroll Jr. Sr. HS, 2022

Position: RHP/2B

Tall, wide shouldered and athletic frame body. Long levered arms. Starts from the far left on the rubber with a H ¾ easy range of motion arm. His arm finishes well with good extension out front. Lower half and timing in stride will improve over time as he gets stronger and matures. Has all the physical capabilities to achieve stronger and faster results to his measurements of velocity. Works out of stretch with a good velocity to FB complimented with a short break CB and late fade changeup down in zone. Body and durability will allow him to be an innings eater and will haul the load at the next level. Good projection over time.

Body: 6-foot-4, 190-pound 
FB: T91. 89-91 mph. (Max spin 2198;  Avg 2113)
CB: 75-77 mph
CH: 83-85 mph

Brody Fine, McCutcheon HS, 2022

Position: RHP/3B

Strong well-defined athlete. Broad shoulders and sturdy strong lower half. Starts in the middle of rubber with a crossfire front leg to abbreviated mid belt hand separation. Takes ball out of glove early with a slight glove tap at top of his delivery. H ¾ arm slot with good range of motion to shoulder. He is a durable looking pitcher. Worked from the stretch with a pre-set turn. His athleticism showed good stamina and durability. Displayed a small recoil on landing, which will improve over time and awareness. He commanded his pitches despite small flaws. All are correctable and due to his strength and mental awareness as an athlete, he will continue to improve. Fine delivered a tight accurate spun CB with a late fade down action changeup. The slider displayed tight spin and down action. Fine was aggressive and confident, showed good mindset on the mound and was impressive.

Body: 6-foot-4, 210-pound
FB: T91. 89-91 mph. (Max spin 1917;  Avg 1785)
CB: 76-77 mph
CH: 80-81 mph
SL: 77-79 mph.

Jacob Gothrup, Harrison HS, 2022

Position: OF/RHP

Nice tall, athletic, well-proportioned sturdy frame structure to his body. Starts his delivery in the middle of the rubber with short stride step. Has good strong firm range of motion to his shoulder while in an abbreviated delivery with good separation and follow through to front side. Has a ¾-arm slot. Ball comes out of hand easy. Slight cross body angle creates good arm speed, finishes to the front strong and firm. Gothrup has very good body strength that allows him to handle the load as an innings eater future. Very durable look. Displays good tight spin on his CB and late tilt SL. Displayed a good feel for command and control of a CH with late sink.

Body: 6-foot-3, 185-pound 
FB: T91. 89-91 mph. (Max spin 2529;  Avg 2364)
CB: 76-81 mph
CH: 76-77 mph

Aidan Hatcher, Zionsville HS, 2022

Position: RHP/SS

Good tall and athletic frame that will fill out in time; has good strength now. His body shows that he is well proportioned with agile loose body actions. Starts from the far-left side of the rubber. Has an abbreviated delivery with a belt high separation of ball from glove. Displays an H ¾-arm slot that has good range of motion and extension out front. His delivery is in line that helps command and control a three-pitch mix. FB arrives down through the zone with finish to this pitch. Hatcher shows that he has a good feel for late spinning SL with tilt and depth. Pitches with a straight action changeup that is accurate. Small rush to front side tends to lead to pulling ball glove side too much; this is all correctable as he matures in his strength and understanding. Hatcher athletic ability will allow him to advance to next level and the sign of durability from his strength will produce an innings eater type RHP.

Body: 6-foot-2, 175-pound
FB: T90. 89-90 mph. (Max spin 2351;  Avg 2309)
CH: 76-79 mph
SL: 70-73 mph

Cody Jones, Fishers HS, 2022

Position: RHP

Large frame, strong durable body, broad shoulders with athleticism. Starts from the far left side of the rubber. Predominately pitches from the stretch, small crossfire front foot start. Abbreviated delivery separates the ball from glove at chest level with a ¾-arm slot release. Good shoulder range of motion and strength. Has a small-decelerated arm action, out on front side of his finish, which as he grows in his strength of his body over time, this will be eliminated, and he will throw with more velocity. This process will allow production of pitches in zone to be more effective. His direction to plate is inline and consistent. Jones has good control and command of three-pitch mix and repeats this delivery well. Good pitchers demeanor and focus look with competitive approach.

Body: 6-foot-4, 205-pound
FB: T90. 87-89 mph. (Max spin 2570;  Avg 2491)
CB: 72-77 mph
CH: 82-83 mph

Kyle Tyler, Andrean HS, 2022

Position: SS/RHP

Natural strong athletic framed body that has a lean and tapered structure. Starts in the middle of rubber with as short slide step start, transferring to an H ¾-arm slot. Delivery is an abbreviated style start with a ball to glove tap at separation. Displays good arm strength and range of motion to his shoulder. His arm is loose and quick. Displays a small cross fire landing with a closed front toe on landing, this creates torque to his style. Tyler has a three-pitch mix, with a tight spin on CB. Straight changeup gives a slight sink and fade look. Tyler is a gifted athlete that has tools as a baseball player that can play a position and pitch. Once he commits to development as a pitcher, he can improve and smooth out delivery issues to be able to compete at next level. Naturally, he is able to adjust to pitching, easy, as he is so athletic. Very projectable. Displays a good competitive approach.

Body: 6-foot, 170-pound
FB: T88. 85-88 mph. (Max spin 2496;  Avg 2241)
CB: 68-70 mph
CH: 77-82 mph

Cole Wise, Northwestern HS, 2022

Position: RHP/3B

Has a tall, strong wide shoulder frame and good overall body strength that is well proportioned. Has athletic look with solid strong range of motion to the shoulder and looseness to his body in his delivery. His delivery starts from the far-left side of the rubber with a H ¾-arm slot. His arm works out front well and stays in line with a quick follow through and good extension. His strong and durable build has a very good chance to develop into a productive pitcher at the next level. Very good upside. Wise appears to be a innings eater with durability and pitch command of a 4 pitch mix. His delivery will allow himself to continue with this mix and just improve the quality of angles and direction.

Body: 6-foot-5, 195-pound
FB: T90. 88-89 mph. (Max spin 2344;  Avg 2288)
CB: 71-73 mph
CH: 77-80 mph
SL: 74-77 mph