Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-State Upperclass: Quick Hits

Daylan Nanny & Cooper Trinkle
Indiana Scout Staff

On Saturday, March 5th we hosted the Preseason All-State Upperclass event at Pro X in Westfield, IN. The event consisted of many of the top prospects in Indiana's 2023 class; both committed and uncommitted. Below is a look at some of the players in attendance that stood out. 


Carter Murphy, 3B, 2023, West Vigo
The Indiana State commit impressed this weekend with a loud round of BP. Multiple exit velocities in the 100s, with a top exit velocity of 105.6 mph. Murphy took a clean round of INF and showed arm strength across the diamond (88mph). 7.00 Runner. 

Drew Culbertson, SS, 2023, Center Grove
The Missouri commit was one of the best athletes at the event. Smooth, right handed swing with quick hands and a top exit velocity of 96 mph. In the infield showed quick/athletic feet with a lot of arm strength (92 mph). 6.60 runner. 

David Ayers, SS, 2023, Cathedral
Long, lanky 6-foot-4 frame. Advanced runner at 6.65. Athletic infield actions. Quick hands and a gap to gap approach - EV up to 91mph. 

Jace Burton, SS, 2023, Silver Creek
Twitchy athlete. 6.88 runner. Good rhythm in the box with quick hands. Quick feet, clean actions, and a quick transfer in his infield workout. One of the most impressive defenders at the event with an 88-mph infield arm. 

Kyuss Gargett, SS, 2023, Cathedral
Elite athleticism. 6.53 runner. His athleticism was evident in his infield workout, showing quick feet and advanced range. Line drive approach at the plate with a top exit velocity of 95 mph.

Case Sullivan, SS, 2023, Carmel
Impressed in his BP round. Drop and drive loading pattern that produced a max exit velocity of 98 mph, which he hit multiple times. Showed sure hands and enough arm strength to play the left side (87 mph).

Rylee Singleton, INF, 2023, Evansville North
Strong, 6-feet 191 pound frame. The RHH showed good bat speed and a clean swing in his BP round with a max exit velocity of 95 mph. 


Grant Sawa , C, 2023, Center Grove
Sawa had an all-around impressive performance. Controlled, efficient swing with a gap-to-gap approach. Top exit velocity of 95 mph. Good actions behind the plate. 6.79 runner. Sawa has made some impressive improvements since the last time we saw him. 

Tripp Schroeder, C, 2023, Carmel
Strong, 6-foot, 220 pound build. Short, simple swing that produced major exit velocities (102 mph). Showed arm strength behind the dish with an 82-mph arm from the crouch, which was the best of the event. Moves well for his size. 

Collin Lindsey, C, 2023, Westfield
Athletic, 6-feet, 205 pound catcher. Showed some of the best defensive actions of any catcher at the event. Showed good bat speed at the dish with a very short swing path. 

Nathan York, C, 2023, Evansville Reitz
Interesting 2023 catcher. Showed good feel for rhythm and timing. Used a toe tap as a timing mechanism and showed the ability to drive the ball gap to gap. 


Jayden Ohmer, OF, 2023, Brebeuf Jesuit
Elite athleticism from Ohmer. 6.65 runner. Showed impressive bat speed and top exit velocity of 100 mph. Ohmer has impressed us with defensive actions in-game – and added to that this weekend by showing his arm strength from the OF (95 mph). 

Denham Kozy, OF, 2023, Munster
Strong, 6-foot 185 pound frame. Big time bat speed. Holds his hands well into heel strike. Tends to be pull-happy. Showed a lot of arm strength in the defensive portion (95 mph). 

Luke Diekmann, OF, 2023, Evansviile North
Diekmann showed very loud tools across the board. 6-feet, 185 pound frame, appears to have added strength over the offseason. 6.65 runner. Barrel strength in the box with a lot of bat speed. He reached a max exit velocity of 101 mph. In the defensive portion, Diekmann showed the strongest OF arm of the event at 96 mph. 

Aaron Nehls, OF, 2023, Evansville North
Evansville commit. Twitchy athlete that produced a 6.74-60. One of the best defensive outfielders in the class, also showed good arm strength (88 mph). Pull side approach in the box. Rhythmic load with a leg kick. 

Evan Zapp, OF, 2023, Center Grove
Strong, frame. Looks the part. Took an impressive BP round, where he averaged 86 mph in exit velocity. Max EV of 94 mph. LHH OF with quick hands and a strong lower half. 

Adyn Collins, OF, 2023, North Posey 
Strong, athletic frame at 5-foot-8, 180 pounds. 6.87 runner. Noticeable improvements over the offseason. Very consistent BP round from the LHH OF. Swings with good intent, flat path, but tends to get east-to-west. Efficient lower half, quick bat, produced a top EV of 91.4 mph. Also showed good arm strength in the OF (92mph). 

Kevin Corcoran, OF, 2023, Illiana Christian 
Loose, left-handed swing, but tends to over rotate a bit. Consistent extension in the swing with an uphill path. Good feel for rhythm in timing in his BP round. Max exit velocity of 95 mph. Some arm strength in the OF as well (86 mph). 

Will Fremion, OF, 2023, Guerin Catholic 
Fremion had a solid day all-around. 6.91 runner. Very good BP round, with an average exit velocity of 89 mph. Consistent tempo throughout the swing, with good direction. Some arm strength in the OF as well (86 mph). 

Gabe Starks, OF, 2023, Fort Wayne Carroll 
Starks impressed with his athleticism. Athletic, 5’10 165lb frame. 6.78 runner. The LHH OF showed a short swing with a line drive approach that produced a max exit velocity of 92 mph. 

Owen Imel, OF, 2023, Lapel 
Imel impressed with his hit tool. Imel took a very consistent batting practice, showing good barrel control and a gap to gap approach. Easy, repeatable swing that produced a max exit velocity of 96 mph. 

Nate Simpson, OF, 2023, Avon 
Left handed hitting OF. Showed a clean path with a line drive approach. Top of the order type bat. Athletic defensive actions with a frame to continue to add strength. 

Kevin Hall Jr., OF/SS, Munster 
Twitchy, 5-foot-8 160 pound build. 6.75 runner. Quick feet in the infield with sure hands. Good feel for sequencing, but lacks direction in the swing. Quick hands. Produced a max exit velocity of 95 mph. 

Two-Way Standouts 

Jake Hooker, RHP/SS, 2023, University
Xavier commit. Lean, projectable 6-foot-2, 185 pound frame. Futures Games Participant. Loose arm. Athletic mover on the mound. Good extension on the FB that projects to get beneath barrels. Slider was sharp at 2200rpm. FB 89-91, SL-78-80, CH-82-85. At the plate, showed a lot of bat speed that produced a max exit velocity of 98.4 mph. Averaged 94 mph in his BP round. Flat path, line drive approach, tends to get east-to-west with the barrel. Hooker displayed easy actions in the infield, with a loose, quick arm that produced one of the top INF velocities of the day (92 mph). 

Kaleb Marrs, 3B/RHP, 2023, West Vigo
Strong, 6-foot-1 205 pound frame. Quiet load, simple swing, with athletic movement patterns in the box. Looks to lift the baseball. Tends to get a little front side heavy. Produced a max exit velocity of 96 mph. On the bump, Marrs showed the ability to spin the baseball with a 3-pitch mix. Strike-thrower. Ran his FB up to 86 mph. 


Ben Murphy, RHP, 2023, Center Grove
Indiana commit. Futures Games Participant. Large, 6-foot-8, 231 pound frame. Gets on top of hitters with his size. The delivery is much cleaner than the last time we saw him. Legitimate 4-pitch mix. FB showed life at the top of the zone. Good feel for the SL. Both CH and SPL showed depth. Murphy had one of the best performances of the weekend on the mound. FB 89-91, SL 75-76, CH 78-80, SPL 78-79 

Alec Hershberger, LHP, 2023, Fairfield
Futures Games Participant. Lean, projectable frame. Everything moved. Major arm side run on the FB, that reached 89.4 mph. SL was inconsistent, but showed good shape and spin when he was on time. CH was his best off-speed pitch, which he located at the bottom of the zone. FB 87-89, CH 77-79, SL 76-80. 

Eli Shaw, RHP, 2023, Warren Central
Athletic, projectable 6-foot-3, 195 pound frame. Located the FB low in the zone. Good command of his 3-pitch mix. Shaw can throw the SL for a strike, or as an out-pitch. Shaw also showed an advanced CH with arm side fade. FB 87-89, CH 78-79, SL 78-79 

Kevin Reed, LHP,2023, Martinsville
Evansville commit. Strike-thrower. Breaking ball was sharp and spun well. High spin FB that he can locate up in the zone. Breaking ball tunnels well off the FB. CH showed fade down in the zone, potentially his best pitch. FB 87-88, CH 76-79, CB 74-76 

Jacob Culp, RHP, 2023, Westfield
Strong, 6-foot 195 pound frame. Max-effort delivery. High spin FB at the top of the zone that reach 92 mph. CB was inconsistent, but showed good spin. CH was his best off-speed pitch, with arm side fade. FB 89-91/T92, CH 81-84, CB 73-74. 

Sebastian Salazar, RHP, 2023, Sheridan
Strong, projectable 6-foot-2, 205 pound frame. Low pulse, projects as a potential starter at the next level. Good command with easy delivery. CB is a potential out pitch. FB 87-89, CH 81-83, CB 74-75. 

Carter Klein, RHP, 2023, Carmel
Strong, 6-foot-3, 215 pound frame. High-effort type delivery. Showed good shape on his breaking ball as a potential out pitch. FB showed some arm side run as well. FB 87-89, CH 75-76, CB 72-74. 

Bryce Riggs, RHP, 2023, Noblesville
Strong- armed RHP. Showed a real slider, up to 80 mph with a max spin rate of 2763, which was the highest of the event. Ran his FB up to 88.5 mph. Riggs was much improved since the last time we saw him. FB 87-88/T89, SL 78-80. 

CJ Mastagh, RHP, 2023, John Adams
Big-bodied, 6-foot-4, 215 pound RHP. Strike-thrower. Good feel for both of his off-speed pitches. Mastagh’s frame projects for him to continue to add velocity. FB 85-87, SL 75-77, CH 76-77. 

Will Worrell, RHP, 2023, Fort Wayne Carroll
Worrell is an arm to watch out for. Lean, projectable 6’1 180lb frame. Throws from a ¾ slot and ran his fastball up to 87.6 mph with serious arm side run. He struggled to command the zone, but Worrell has the potential to be a very tough matchup for right-handed hitters. 

Cale Coursey, RHP, 2023, Crawfordsville
Coursey is a 6-foot-2, 185 pound RHP with a lean, projectable body. Commanded a 3-pitch mix, running his FB up to 86 mph. The strike-throwing righty is an interesting arm to keep an eye out for. 

Christian Brown, LHP, 2023, Center Grove
Lean, projectable LHP at 6-foot-2, 185 pounds. Athletic mover on the mound. Showed good spin on the FB, which was up to 87 mph. Look for Brown’s stock to continue to rise as he matures and adds strength.