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Kansas Underclass Games: Left-Handed Pitchers and 2020 Right Handed Pitchers Analysis

Shon Plack
Kansas Scouting Director

Prep Baseball Report Kansas held the Kansas Underclass Games at Wichita State on June 20.  Nearly 60 players from around Missouri in Kansas participated.  The players attending were in the 2019 and 2020 classes. 

Players profiles have been updated with times, velocities, videos and player profiles.  In the days to come we will break down the event position by position, taking a inside look at the left-handed pitchers and 2020 right-handed pitchers today. Players listed below are in alphabetical order

Coaches will have new profiles to add their dashboard on ScoutPlus and players will be able to update information on their profile with ProspectPlus.

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Austin Atkinson LHP / Clark, TX / 2020

Atkinson is a 6-foot-5 160-pound left-handed pitcher in Texas’ 2020 class. Atkinson is long and lean, high ceiling with arm action and frame, loose high three quarters release, controlled delivery, smooth tempo, repeats, slightly across body at times, throws downhill, fastball at 76-81 mph, works bottom of zone, breaking ball, sharp and late at times, 61-64 mph, change up as late life with running action, 70-72 mph.

Jayce Meyer LHP / Maize South, KS / 2020

Meyer is a 5-foot-11 135-pound left-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2020 class. Meyer is projectable and lean, over the top release, throws with downhill tilt, loose arm action, throws with regular effort, strike thrower, works ball on both sides of plate, repeats, creates in line direction down the mound, fastball 71-73 mph, breaking ball has downward 12-to-6 action, bottom of the zone, 60-62 mph, change up has slight running action 64-65 mph.

Matt Nedved LHP / Washburn Rural, KS / 2019

Nedved is a 6-foot 195-pound left-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2019 class. Nedved has a high three quarters arm slot, in line stride, works down in the zone, repeats a simple delivery, throws strikes with fastball and curveball, fastball has slight sink at 77-78 mph, curveball has 1-to-7 action, 63-66 mph, shows command.

Jackson Syring OF / Derby , KS / 2019

Syring is a 6-foot 180-pound left-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2019 class.  Syring is strong bodiesd, high three quarters release, arm works, in line and aggressive down the mound, compact delivery, smooth temp, high number of strikes, commands both sides of plate, fastball 75-79 mph, slight late run, breaking ball has 1-to-7 action, throws back door to right-handed hitter, throws change up with fastball arm speed, occasional running action, 69-70 mph.


2020 Right-Handed PItchers

Caden Bressler RHP / Paola, KS / 2020

Bressler is a 5-foot-9 160-pound right-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2020 class. Bressler comes from a high three quarters release, short in line stride, finishes towards the mound, smooth rhythm and tempo, challenges hitters, works both sides of the plate and down in the zone, fastball 75-78 mph, breaking ball has late 11-to-5 shape, 64-65 mph, produced some swing and miss, change up thrown with near fastball arm speed, some arm side run, 60-61 mph.

John Harrick 1B / Blue Valley Southwest, KS / 2020

Harrick is a 5-foot-10 175-pound right-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2020 class. Harrick has a high three quarters arm slot, short arm circle, releases out front, slight tuck at balance point, hides ball well, fastball at 69-76 mph, breaking ball thrown at 60-61 mph, 11-to-5 action, change up at 63-62 mph, near fastball arm speed.

Kaeden Hoefer RHP / Goddard, KS / 2020

Hoefer is a 5-foot-11 180-pound right-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2020 class.  Hoefer has a high three quarters arm slot, controlled tempo and rhythm, athletic finish, in line stride, fastball at 73-77 mph, works both sides of the plate, curveball at 60-62 mph, gradual 12-to-6 action.

Braxton Hyde RHP / Liberal , KS / 2020

Hyde is a 6-foot-1 165-pound right-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2020 class. Hyde has an over the top release, smooth delivery, slight rotation at balance point, accelerated down the mound, in line, clean arm action and long frame suggest increase in velocity as he continues to develop, fastball at 78-82 mph,  two-seam action, heavy, arm side action, breaking ball, 68-69 mph, gradual 11-to-5 shape, compliments fastball, throws for a strike. 

Cole Sphar SS / Maize, KS / 2020

Sphar is a 5-foot-8 165-pound right-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2020 class. Sphar has a controlled tempo in delivery, over the top release, create in line direction, accelerates down the mound, fastball 70-72 mph, curveball at 56-60 mph, 11-to-5 shape, change up at 64-67 mph, some arm side release, high number of strikes, breaking ball produced some swing and miss.

Spencer Whitfield C / McPherson, KS / 2020

Whitfield is a strong bodied 5-foot-11 172-pound right-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 202 class. Whitfield has an over the top release, controlled delivery, throws with regular effort, athletic finish, fastball at 67-69 mph, works both sides of plate, 56-61 curveball, gradual 12-to-6 action,


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