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2020 Connecticut Top Prospect Games - Quick Hits

Trevor Brown
PBR New England Co-Director of Scouting

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We would like to thank all who participated in The PBR New England 2020 Connecticut Top Prospect Games. This was a great opportunity for 2021-2023 prospects to be put on college recruiting boards. Many players impressed during their individual workouts at the showcase. Below we have the complete statistical results from the event as well as the top performers across various different categories.

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Complete Statistics

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2020 Connecticut Top Prospect Games - Quick Hits


  • Aidan Brett- A right-handed hitter, super loose hands, life in them, trending upward. 
  • Anthony Pretter- A right-handed hitter, gets into with stride, life in the hands, all fields approach. Quick actions in the infield, with a solid arm.
  • Ian Wirtz- A right-handed hitter, wider setup, more pull approach, swung the bat very well in game play, with multiple hits.
  • Joel Collado- A right-handed hitter, balanced approach, line drive approach, showing lift at times, advanced approach. Extremely advanced behind the dish, can receive, all throws on the bag with life.
  • Charlie Mulhall- A physically right-handed hitter, with plus bat speed, pull approach with power potential.
  • Jake Balough- A left-handed hitter, balanced, barrel stays in the zone a long time, enough just to beat the outfielders, and shows good legs.
  • Spencer Chard- A right-handed hitter, a wider setup, hits off front foot, hands are quick, with life to them.
  • Glenn Halliday- A physical right-handed hitter, wider setup, serious power potential, left to the swing, good follow.
  • Logan Avin- A right-handed hitter, super strong hands, level path, hard contact in batting practice, trending upward.
  • Gavin O'Brien- A long and lengthy right-handed hitter, hands work with easy effort, lift and loft to it, look for him to hit at the next level.
  • Camden Lathrop- A right-handed hitter, a twitchy athlete, swing is short and quick, showing plus pop to all fields.
  • Shaun Remillard- A left-handed hitter, even feet, small pick up and put down, level path to all fields, top of the order type hitter. Runs above average, with a 6.97 sixty-yard dash.
  • Justin Higgins- Just a 2023 right-handed hitter, wider set up, level to up path, high one-handed finish, creates backspin, hard contact in batting practice.
  • Christian Jerez- A right-handed hitter, wider setup, clean hands, gets barrel to baseball, advanced approach, barreled a bunch of balls in game play.
  • Zachary Scott- A left-handed hitter, flat, smooth swing, slaps and sprays it to all fields, contact guy, with plus legs with a 6.75 sixty-yard dash. 
  • Sean Scanlon- A physical left-handed hitter, plus power to all fields, hard contact all day.
  • Noel Batista- A right-handed hitter, advanced approach, level to up path to all fields, baseball jumps.
  • Zach Nakonechny- A big right-handed hitter, plus bat speed, more pull approach, chance to hit with power at the next level.
  • Joey Disalvo- A physical left-handed hitter, shows big power to oppo gap, athletic, moves well. 
  • Richie Licursi- A strong physical right-handed hitter, plus bat speed, more of a pull approach, deposited multiple balls over the fence.
  • Ryan Scialabba- A right-handed hitter, shows plus legs, smooth, fluid swing to all fields, projects to hit extra base hits. Plus actions defensively up the middle.

The Arms

  • Joseph DeRienzo- A right-handed pitcher, long, loose, arm action, whippy and clean. The fastball is in the low 80’s, hard slider, look for his velocity to climb over the next 6 months, big time follow.
  • Lucas Lariviere- A monster right-handed pitcher, long and clean arm action. The fastball is in the mid 80’s, with a hard slider. Working down hill, baseball gets on you quick, with a harder survey breaker.
  • Corbin Berard- A right-handed pitcher, short quick arm, baseball jumps out of his, repeats delivery. Fastball touched 81 mph, with the breaker at 71 mph.
  • Kyle Carozza- A right-hander, works from a ¾ slot, showing arm side run, creating a ton of ground balls, fastball at 80 mph, showed a feel for the changeup.
  • Thomas Galusha- A big bodied right-handed pitcher, fastball was up to 86 mph, look for him to gain more velocity, life to his arm.
  • Tyler Hartley- A right-handed pitcher, repeats delivery, delivery is online, threw all three pitches for strikes, more in the tank as he goes.
  • Noah Terzo- A right-handed pitcher, long arms, whippy arm action, feel for the breaker, look for more velocity gains. 
  • Patrick Teasdale- A right-handed pitcher, arm works from a lower slot, heavy arm side run, with a sweeping hammer, interesting arm.
  • Zack Nakonechny- A right-handed pitcher, showed a live heavy fastball at 85 mph, slurvy breaking ball at 72 mph, dominated in his outing. 
  • Logan Huzi- A right-handed pitcher, longer, wider frame, fastball was in the upper 70’s with a ton more in there, showed a feel for three pitchers, look for this one to take off at some point.
  • Carlos Martinez- A right-handed pitcher, mixed a two pitch mix, fastball topping 83 mph, breaking ball at 63-64 mph, bigger break to it.