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On June 18th-21st the PBR VA/DC staff hosted eight teams consisting of players from Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. We had two brackets of four teams that played three pool play games. For the next two days we are going to run through a few players that stood out during the course of their tournament dates. 

Today we are starting with Ironbridge Baseball Academy, Team PBR, Delmarva Aces 2022, and the Primetime Aces 2022.


Dane Keith RHP/IF Atlee 2022

Athletic frame with projection left to it. Fastball was 78-80 mph and tended to sit high and arm side. Played well when he got it out front and worked to the glove side. Breaking ball had 10/4 shape with solid horizontal break. The breaking ball sat 66-67 mph with average feel. Interesting arm and athlete that has continued to trend up since we saw him this winter.

Jacob Hines SS/RHP Atlee 2023

Rangy athletic defender with projectable frame. Moves well, like to see stay on balls of feet more and stay active. Shows smooth exchange to release and throws show some carry across the diamond. On the mound, has a high leg lift to balance. Average backside involvement through release. Shorter arm action throwing from a three quarter slot.Fastball ranged from 77-79 topping out at 80. More there as he gets stronger and and adds some intent in delivery. Really like the projection and athleticism.

Bryce Grizzard 1B/3B/RHP Cosby 2023

Strong frame to the RHP and corner infielder. Has some pull side strength in the swing. Loud batting practice to the pull side and displayed some big power potential to the pull side. Stayed back on a changeup in his first at bat and drove a ball to left field that was right at the left fielder. Lacked arm speed and feel on the mound, but should continue to add velo as he adds strength and cleans up the frame.

Owen Lacks OF/IF Colonial Heights 2022

Hits from a taller, slightly open set up. Short rock back load. Hands are shorter to the baseball with average bat speed. Has pull tendencies at this time, but hands show that they can free up more with better barrel behind and through the baseball. Moves really well in the outfield with nice body control and range. Arm strength appeared to be average on the throws that he made.

Wyatt Alridge IF/RHP New Community 2023

Hits from a tall set up with some rhythm. Lanky, projectable frame. Hands are short to the baseball in and out of the zone. Showed some feel for barrel with uphill finish. Think as he gets stronger, some of the balls will drive more as he had a tendency to get under the ball some due to just being a bit weaker right now. Sound defender in the infield. Played up the middle for a good portion of his time, but long term could see him moving to a corner position.

Zachary Miller C Colonial Heights 2023

Athletic frame standing around 5-foot-10. Behind the plate is a solid receiver with average arm strength. Displays accuracy around the bag on pops. At the plate it is an athletic setup that starts slightly closed. Hands show some rhythm in the load with average bat speed through the zone. Stayed back on an offspeed in game one resulting in a line drive single to center. Uses the whole field in approach.

Ryan Bendall 3B/RHP Prince George 2022

Hits from slightly open set up form the left side. Short swing with quick hands at the plate. Pull side tendencies in swing. Peppers the 3-4 hole and shows doubles power to the right-center gap. Appeared comfortable battling deep into counts and working at bats. Is a corner defender with average arm strength and accuracy across the infield.

Team PBR

Jerry Barnes III C/3B First Colonial 2022

Projectable, physical frame with room for more. Hits from a taller, athletic set up at the plate. Has nice rhythm in swing. Shows some power potential at the plate with a barrel that stays in the zone. Throws show carry from behind the plate and is athletic enough to play corner infield or outfield.

Cameron Mazell 1B Clover Hill 2022

Long levers with plenty of room to add strength to the frame. Low effort swing with some uphill tilt to the swing. Had a hard top spin line drive by the second baseman in his first game. There is some power potential to the pull side and should continue to improve as the intent and aggression picks up and he adds strength to the frame. Sound defender at first base. Is a big target, but works low on throws and appears to have soft hands that work around the bag well.

Konner Eaton LHP Prince George 2021

Loose left handed arm that was 83-86 in the first and settled in 82-85 in the second inning. The fastball has late arm side life and gets swings and misses. Profiles as middle/back end reliever with a potential plus slider that sat 74-75 mph and disappeared. Displayed ability to end counts with the slider whenever he wanted. Has some two-way potential with some pull side gap power in the swing, but long term will be on a pitching staff at the next level.

Evan Selmer RHP Indian Creek (MD) 2021

Quick compact delivery with pace higher leg kick and works into lower half. Average backside involvement, looks like he can get more there. Arm is quick and attacks the zone with some intent. Some effort in delivery. Fastball comes out of hand well and gets on hitters quickly. Up to 87 on the day pitching 84-86 and got stronger later. Breaking ball is a good pitch with slider action and later break up to 75 mph. Confident in his change up as well with fastball arm speed at 73-75.

Trevor Vernon OF/LHP Western Albemarle 2021

Athletic frame with projection to it. At the plate the swing has some uphill tilt to it and work gap to gap in approach. Stays inside the ball well. Has range in the outfield with above average arm strength. On the mound Vernon works from a high three-quarter arm slot with a low effort delivery. He had two appearances during the tournament where he sat 76-79 mph with a fastball that had above average spin rate at 2300-2450. Breaking ball had a bigger 2/8 shape at 67-68 mph with feel. There is definite two-way potential at the next level.

Nico Rodriguez OF Mountain View 2021

Solid athletic frame. Starts from a wider athletic stance with a simple stride forward. Hands are back, level path to contact, and barrel stays in the zone. Had a gap to gap approach at the plate with some doubles power to the pull side. Profiles as a corner outfielder with above average arm strength from the outfield.

Ryan Peterson C/1B First Colonial 2021

Physical frame for the left handed hitter. Peterson starts with an athletic on line stance, small leg lift to stride, and foot gets down on time. Displays nice rhythm in the load and swing with barrel strength through the zone. Had multiple at bats during the two day tournament that ended up with very loud contact. Definite power potential to all fields and a middle of the order bat at the next level. Has enough arm strength to stick behind the plate, but may move to first because of the offensive upside. Is a bit raw at first base, but is athletic enough to be able to make some adjustments and stick there as well.

Delmarva Aces 2022

Calvin Lorance RHP/IF Stephen Decatur (DE) 2022

Athletic projectable frame. Hits from a taller set up with high hands. Shows some rhythm in set set up. Short leg lift to hitting position. Hands are short to the ball, quick through the zone. Gap to gap type approach, ability to spray the middle. On the mound it is a normal effort delivery working from a high three-quarter arm slot. The fastball sat 76-78 mph with some arm side life. Breaking ball had 11/5 shape when he got it out front. The breaking ball sat 64-65 mph and showed feel for a 70-71 mph slider.

Tyler Reinart OF/RHP Conrad (DE) 2022

Athletic body type. Hits from taller, slightly open set up with nice rhythm. Hands are short and quick to the baseball with average extension. Barrel can sometimes be too quick through the zone, but showed some swing where the barrel stayed behind the baseball well and drove it to the gaps. Nice athleticism in his game. Has an athletic arm action throwing from a three quarter slot. On the mound it is a normal effort delivery, hands set high and away from the body, and a full arm circle. Works from a three-quarter arm slot displaying a fastball that featured solid arm side run to both sides of the plate. The fastball sat 81-83 and touched 84 on occasion during both of his outings. Feel for two offspeed pitches, a curveball at 71-73 and a changeup at 70-73 mph.

Connor Strauss SS/3B Smyrna (DE) 2022

Taller athletic simple set up at plate. Low leg lift rock back load. Hands are short and quick to the ball, can get in and out of the zone too fast at times. Shows bat speed at the plate, can get out balance at times. Had a solid contact rate during the tournament, but would like to see more barrels. Nice actions defensively, moves well laterally and covers some ground. Can get flat footed at times on balls right at him, but overall really like the athleticism and projection on the player. Nice athletic frame and looks like he should be able to stay at short at the next level.

Chase Killen OF Lake Forest (DE) 2022

Compact athletic frame. Rangy defender in the outfield and plays the game hard. Short level path to contact with advanced feel to the barrel. Stays in lower half well and shows some strength for a more compact frame. Had three loud barrels in his first game. Gets out of the box extremely well, running a 4.5 on the turn at first. Really impressed by Killen's game. Plays hard and doesn't take a play off. Really projects to be top of the order type with barrel control and can disrupt the running game. Going to be a name to know going forward.

Ben Anderson C/1B St. Marks (DE) 2021

Bigger frame with some strength. Hits from a taller, open set up at the plate with high hands. Small leg lift to square up in load and transfers into lower half. Level path with uphill finish, looking to drive the baseball. Got into some two strike counts and battled off good offspeed pitches as well as had strength to muscle a few balls into the outfield for hits when he was out front. Barrel stayed in the zone and just has a knack for finding contact. Had three home runs during the tournament and barely missed another, just going foul. Has some arm strength behind the plate so he has a chance to stick there, but seemed to handle himself well at first base to allow the bat to continue to play at the next level.

Jaden Shelton OF/RHP Delmar (DE) 2022

Long athletic frame with elite speed. Ran a 4.06 home-1st time, video confirmed. It is a contact driven swing that simply looks to put the ball in play. Had a few groundballs to the left side on the day and kept the barrel in the zone for a single to left when he was fooled and off balance in his last at bat. Has range in the outfield with what appeared to be average arm strength from the few throws in game. Has room to add strength and did not do a lot of swinging and missing on the day. With his speed and contact rate he should be able to hit for average as he continues to get stronger.

Chance Hocker 1B/RHP Indian River 2023

Strong physical frame for a 2023 with some athleticism. Athletic squatty open set up. High hands with flat bat in stance. Short quick load with short movements with hands and a leg lift to square. Strong hands, gets around the ball now with some bat speed but shows strength to pull side. On the mound Hocker has some intrigue. Normal effort delivery and lands slightly ope at foot strike. Works from a high three-quarter arm slot with a fastball that has some downhill plane at times. The fastball sat 77-78 mph and touched 80-81 one time each. Breaking ball played well with a bigger 12/6 shape at 65-67 mph and garnered multiple swings and misses. Is a bit raw and unpolished, but has the physical tools to make him an interesting follow.

Primetime Aces

Reese Crochet LHP/1B TC Williams 2022

Long thin frame with a lot of projection left to it. Intriguing arm on the mound with a low three-quarter arm slot and closed off landing with cross fire delivery. Worked with pace. Would say early on he was effectively wild and settled in a little later to a more sound ball-strike ratio. Fastball sat 77-79 and touched 80 a few times. Slider is still a work in progress, but it sat at 68 mph with loose shape and the arm slot tends to drop slightly when he throws it. At the plate hits from the left side and displayed ability to get the barrel on the ball. Early on he showed some pullside tendency, but later on had some backside singles where he let the pitch get to the appropriate depth and drove it the other way with pace. Has a big stride and some head movement as he moves into the swing, but did not seem to effect him on this day.

Ryan Osinski RHP St. Stevens & St. Agnes 2022

Long lanky projectable frame at 6-foot-4. Long free arm action with slight stab out of break. Creates should tilt with slight drop n drive backside. Pitches with easy effort with some life on the ball and more in the tank. Breaking ball is inconsistent, but shows potential to be a good pitch. Fastball was up to 86 mph sat 82-86 downhill with cut. Up to 2400 spin rate on fastball. High ceiling arm.

Joshua Rivera RHP/OF Wakefield 2022

Interesting two-way athlete in the 2022 class. Displayed range in the outfield with arm strength to play all three positions. Appears to get solid reads and jumps off the bat. At the plate Rivera just has a knack for getting the barrel on the baseball. Had multiple hits in his two games. It is a quiet short load and hands stay tight. Short level path to contact and did a nice job of pulling the hands in on inside pitches. Very intriguing on the mound. Long loose arm stroke from a three-quarter arm slot. Fastball was 84-86 mph early and settled in at 82-86 mph. Had solid spin on the fastball in the 2200-2400 range. Showed a power curveball with big 11/5 shape at 74-76 mph and got plenty of swings and misses. Really like Rivera with the athleticism and raw arm strength.

Gavin Brunsman 3B/RHP Bishop Ireton 2022

Lanky projectable frame with room to add too. Athletic fee. Nice lateral movement with confident first step. Hands are soft with clean exchange and throws have carry across the diamond. Athletic set up at the plate. Slightly open. Low leg lift load to balance. Hands are free at the plate with some bat speed and peppers the middle of the field. Had some loud doubles on the week with room for more as he adds strength. Has not been on the mound long, but showed some promise as a two-way player there. Fastball sat 81-83 and touched 84 mph from a high three-quarter arm slot. Breaking ball was inconsistent, but flashed some hard 10/4 action at 71-73 mph getting some swings and misses.

Edward Frye 2B/RHP Lee 2022

Athletic defender up the middle with really nice actions. Soft hands, feet work around the bag, and displayed the ability to throw from multiple slots. Got on the mound sitting 77-80 and touching 81 mph. Delivery had some effort, but it was an athletic quick arm from a three-quarter slot. Breaking ball showed tight 11/5 shape at 66-69 and throwing up one 71 mph that had hard bite. Changeup showed average feel at 70-71 mph.

Campbell Plishker C/RHP TC Williams 2022

Solid frame with some physicality and projection left to it. Repeatable low effort delivery and works from an over the top arm slot. Arm circle was short and hid the ball well showing some deception. The fastball sat 79-82 and touched 83 a few times with ability to play at both ends of the zone. Changeup displayed arm speed and feel around the zone at 71-72 mph. Did not appear to trust the breaking ball as much as the fastball and changeup, but it showed bigger 11/5 shape at 62-64 mph.

Robbie Engelberg C Maret 2022

Strong athletic frame. Hits from an athletic set up at the plate. Strength in swing. Quick feet from behind the dish with short arm action. Throws have some carry on them. Pulls to 3B side at times with body lean and could benefit from staying in line on throws. Was very physical in his BP rounds with gap to gap power potential that carried well off the bat.

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