2018 Preseason All-State: Corner Infielder Evaluations

PBR Staff
PBR of North Carolina

The premier winter scouting event in North Carolina took place on Sunday January 28th at On Deck Academy in Pineville, NC.  The beautiful facility allowed PBR to conduct a full pro-style workout while it was pouring outside.  For the second year in a row, the event sold out, with over 60 of the top players in North Carolina on hand.

Each player went through a full workout, updating statistics for their PBR Profile page as well as adding a new evaluation and video.  Pitchers threw a controlled bullpen, understanding it is still January, where they were asked to continue with their build-up process for the spring. 

PBR’s staff included three former D1 coaches and recruiting coordinators as well as a number of coaches with a tremendous back ground at various levels of baseball.  Also, on hand were several pro scouts, working to get an early look for the spring.  The event was broadcast live through Twitter and Periscope, allowing PBR to hear from coaches from as far away as Arizona.    Video was taken of each athlete and the video will be cut into short clips, highlighting their performance on the day.

The corner infielders comprised a very physical group of player that quieted the entire building during their BP session.  With advanced bat speed and exit velocities from many, college coaches and scouts will be tracking these guys to see it translate into games. 

Ronald Evans (3B, Pro5 Academy, 2019) is not a stranger to PBR events and stood out throughout the Preseason All-State event.  The exit velocity of 98 mph off a wood bat was an event record for PBR North Carolina, at the time.  A complete package, his speed and agility numbers were very good as well. 

A big winner from the day was uncommitted 2018 Bryce Vestal (3B, East Wilkes HS).  Vestal has drawn some interest from schools as a potential QB, playing the position in the fall at East Wilkes.  Attending is second Preseason All-State event, the strength level gained in one year has turned a solid swing into a dynamic one.  There is power potential in the 6-foot, 194 pound frame.

Other players that stood out all have power potential.  Wes Bowlin (1B, Metrolina Christian Academy, 2019), Noah Burnette (1B, Pisgah HS, 2019), MJ Lucas (3B/C, Parkwood HS, 2019), Colson Miller (1B, Burns HS, 2019), Seth Sigmon (1B, Alexander Central HS, 2019), Jack Sutton (3B, Tuscola HS, 2019), and Luke Welch (1B, Mt. Airy HS, 2019) each posted an exit velocity of 87 or better.  Many of these guys showed barrel ability throughout their rounds of BP as well.

One young player to follow will be Preston Hall (3B, Stuart Cramer HS, 2020).  An athletic build, the left handed hitter mimics Bryce Harper in a lot of ways in the box, working for extension and punishing the baseball on each and every swing.  The exit velocity peaked at 93 for the Sophomore.

2018 Preseason All-State: By The Numbers

  • 64 Players went through the workout at On Deck Academy
  • By Class: 6 SR, 39 JR, 18 SO, 1 FR
  • 19 players ran a 4.00 or better in the 30 yard dash. 
  • 19 of 26 infielders charted a positional velocity of 80 mph or better. 
  • 5 arms registered 88 mph or better from the outfield. 
  • 4 of 6 catchers flashed advanced carry with a position velocity, out of the crouch, of 74 or better
  • 13 hitters registered an exit velocity, off the barrel, of 90 mph or better. 
  • 32 hitters were better than 85 mph. 
  • 12 pitchers worked at 83 or higher. 
  • This event featured 30+ players that have attended a PBR of North Carolina event in the past year and a half. 

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Corner Infielder Evaluations


Wes Bowlin 1B / OF / Metrolina Christian Academy, NC / 2019


6 feet, 185-pound build with strength in his lower half and hands. Hits from the left side with a tall setup using a leg kick to generate above average bat speed. Uses his lower half and maintains balance throughout his swing. Works to stay gap to gap and shows the ability to drive the ball. Has some bat movement and his path gets uphill at times. Exit velocity recorded at 87mph. Defensively shows average hands with clean exchanges. Gets stiff at times using a longer arm action.  Recorded times of 4.25 in the 30yard dash, 4.63 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 8-9 in the standing broad jump.

Noah Burnette 1B / RHP / Pisgah, NC / 2019


Spartanburg Methodist JC commit. 6 feet 1, 213-pound build. Physical presence in the box from the right side.  Open stance and uses a leg kick in his load to set his weight.  Bat loads to vertical, with occasional lag to generate bat speed.  Quick bat through the zone.  Strength over bat speed right now.  Power potential is present and projectable.  Wants extension.  Pull oriented with uphill leverage.  Looking to do damage on every swing.  Exit velocity recorded at 92mph. Defensively, the feet can get heavy as the hips tend to stay high.  Soft hands allow the foot work to react.  Clean exchanges and long arm action to an over=the-top slot, showing carry and accuracy.  Recorded times of 4.39 in the 30-yard dash, 4.88 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 8-5 in the standing broad jump.

Ronald Evans II 3B / 1B / Crossroads Flex / Pro5 Academy, NC / 2019


Physical presence is matched with strength and speed.  Strong build at 6 feet 2, 205 pounds. Impressed with an exit velocity of 98mph, using wood throughout the day. Right hand hitter with a balanced stance and smooth load using a short stride.  Loose hands team up with an strong, active lower half. Works to stay gap to gap while trying to get the barrel out and drive the ball.  Uphill leverage in the path. Soft hands defensively with fluid feet playing through the ball.  Active feet work with rhythm.   Arm path tends to match the play.  Transitions to the mid-section working to a short arm action, throwing from different slots when necessary. Accurate arm topped at 84mph across the infield. Recorded times of 3.84 in the 30-yard dash, 4.12 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 10-1 in the standing broad jump.

Derek Farley 1B / 3B / SouthLake Christian Academy, NC / 2021


Large frame at 5 feet 10, 245-pound build. Good flexibility and loose hips.  Right hand hitter uses an open, stance and toe tap in his load. Works to get his lower half through the ball with above average bat speed. Wants extension.  Pull approach.  Stays level through the zone.  Handsy through the zone.  Exit velocity topping at 87mph. Defensively, soft hands with fluid feet, that surprise with rhythm.  Clean transfers work to a long arm action. Shows an accurate arm in the infield. Recorded times of 4.64 in the 30-yard dash, 5.03 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 8-3 in the standing broad jump.

Preston Hall 3B / OF / Stuart Cramer, NC / 2020


6 feet, 185-pound athletic build, with strength present in the lower half.  Still wiry, with an ability to continue to add strength. Left hand hitter uses an athletic, balanced setup. Leg kick, while working to a slight crouch, loads the body with the bat working to a vertical position.  Very quick bat through the zone.  Wants extension but has ability to stay on the ball.  Athleticism and fluidity throughout swing with a good bat path. Ability to drive the ball with an advanced exit velocity of 93mph for his age. Overall good actions defensively. He shows soft hands with quick fluid feet and clean exchanges. Recorded times of 4.12 in the 30-yard dash, 4.39 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 9-8 in the standing broad jump.

Matthew Hancock 3B / 2B / St. Stephen's, NC / 2020


Strong build at 5 feet 11, 175 pounds. Right hand hitter, tall open stance utilizing a short stride. Pull approach with some length. Exit velocity peaked at 81mph and can improve with looseness to his swing and implementing a more aggressive lower half.  On the infield, quick feet playing through balls. Hands lack consistent rhythm with the feet. Short arm action and high-3/4 release that topped at 70mph across the diamond. Recorded times of 4.10 in the 30-yard dash, 4.41 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 8-7 in the standing broad jump.

Brett Laws 1B / RHP / Mt. Pleasant, NC / 2019


6 feet 1, 180-pound build with wide shoulders. Offensively, a left-handed hitter starts from a crouched stance using a leg kick to set his weight back. Better than average bat speed, with the barrel working uphill.  In and out of the zone quickly at times.  Wants extension.  Pull oriented.  Able to drive the ball when centered up. Ball off the bat recorded at 79mph. Shows good hands with clean exchanges on the infield. Will play through balls better with more rhythm to his feet. Arm peaked at 74 mph from the infield. Recorded times of 4.36 in the 30yard dash, 4.75 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 7-8 in the standing broad jump.

MJ Lucas

MJ Lucas 3B / C / Parkwood, NC / 2019


Strong is present at 5 feet 11, 190 pounds. Left-handed hitter works from an athletic setup. Uses a smooth leg kick with a good lower half and stays fluid throughout his swing. Has good feel for his barrel using a line drive approach getting good extension out front. Exit velocity recorded at 88mph. Shows good actions in the infield playing through the ball with fluid feet. Arm topped at 77mph across the diamond.  Consistent catch and exchange with rhythm through the throws.  Also a catcher.  Average hands, setting up with an easy target.  Some looseness in the hops.  Clean exchanges work from a low transfer with some length in the arm.  Accurate with a positional velocity of 76 from the crouch. Recorded times of 4.15 in the 30yard dash, 5.12 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 8-7 in the standing broad jump.

Colson Miller 1B / 3B / Burns, NC / 2019


Strength is present in a large frame at 6 feet 2, 230 pounds. Works from the right side offensively with an open, balanced setup.  Short stride. Strength in his swing with ball off the bat topping at 90mph. Looks to stay gap to gap with balance in his swing. Works short to the ball and can drive the ball when he gets extension out front. On the infield he shows average hands with fluid feet and clean transfers leading to a short arm action.  Nimble for a big guy.  Recorded times of 4.43 in the 30-yard dash, 4.62 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 8-8 in the standing broad jump.

Seth Sigmon 1B / 3B / Alexander Central, NC / 2019


Strong is present at 6 feet, 225 pounds.  Strong lower half and barrel chested. Swings from the left side using a slightly open, balanced stance. Smooth going back in his load with a short stride. Gets his lower half through the ball producing above average bat speed. Controlled approach and balance in his swing, driving balls with a direct bat path when relaxed in his upper half. Exit velocity topped at 87mph. Defensively, average hands transition to clean exchanges with a short arm action.  Accurate and easy when the feet have rhythm.  Fights for the rhythm at times.  Recorded times of 4.43 in the 30-yard dash, 4.87 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 7-8 in the standing broad jump.

Jack Sutton 3B / 1B / Tuscola, NC / 2019


6 feet, 205-pound build. Works from the right side with a balanced stance and smooth load going back.  Quiet hands. Simple setup and swing that generates above average bat speed. Ball off his bat topped at 90mph. Line drive approach with his barrel working short to the ball getting extension. Strong lower half is active, staying balanced throughout his swing. Average hands on the infield with a clean exchange leading to a short arm action. Topped at 81mph across the diamond with carry to his throws. Recorded times of 3.98 in the 30yard dash, 4.44 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 8-5 in the standing broad jump.

Bryce Vestal 3B / SS / East Wilkes, NC / 2018


6 feet, 194 pounds. Uses a balanced stance from the left side with a short stride while using his lower half well. Shows above average bat speed recording an exit velocity of 94mph. His bat works level through the zone getting good extension out front. Shows a good approach working to stay gap to gap.  Advanced two rounds of BP with the ball jumping off the barrel.  High barrel awareness in BP.   Defensively, quick feet with average hands. Gets stiff at times leading to a slower transfer with a longer arm action.  Throws topped at 80mph across the diamond. Recorded times of 4.12 in the 30yard dash, 4.53 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 9-1 in the standing broad jump.

Luke Welch 

Luke Welch 1B / 3B / Mount Airy, NC / 2019


Strength is present in a 6 feet 1, 200 pound frame. Left hand hitter uses a balanced, open stance. Smooth leg kick loads the body.  Barrel works from to a slight lag at the launch.  Generates above average bat speed.  Exit velocity topped at 91mph. Gap to gap approach and driving the baseball with authority.  Wants extension, while staying on the ball.  Aggressive stride and barrel inconsistency can cause the barrel to get out the zone quick at times. When on time, flashes a shorter path getting extension out front.  Balanced with rhythm throughout the swing. Defensively, works with soft hands and fluid feet.  Transitions the ball cleanly to a short arm action.   Recorded times of 4.13 in the 30-yard dash, 4.27 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 9-0 in the standing broad jump.