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2018 Top Underclass Games - Statistical Leaders

Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

Wednesday August 8th saw some of the Top Underclass players from across North Carolina converged on Jim Perry stadium on the campus of Campbell University.  The Top Underclass Games culminated PBR’s three days at Campbell and the talent on hand was impressive.

Close to 45 players took part in the day.  Position players ran through a full pro-style workout, running a laser timed 60, going through offensive testing, taking live BP, and working out defensively.  PBR was able to take statistics on each player throughout the workout. A full evaluation and video will also be added to the player profiles on PBR in the coming week.  Pitchers threw in live game situations, working two controlled innings, allowing hitters to get live at-bats.

In the coming week we will take an in-depth look at each player in attendance.  Today we dive into the statistics from the event and look at several category leaders. Throughout the day, PBR collected numbers during the defensive workout, offensive workout and game play. They are compiled in a complete pdf sheet below. Category leaders are listed as well.

PBR Top Underclass Games: By the Numbers
+ 44 Players worked out on the day… 39 took part as position players and 15 pitchers threw in live game action.
+ Top Underclass Games Record - Laser timed 60 of 6.48… Topped a record time of 6.52 recorded earlier in the day
+ 42 Players ran the 60.  4 ran under 7.00. Median time of 7.42.
+ 8 of 21 infielders had a positional velocity across the infield topping 80 mph
+ 7 of 15 outfielders posted a positional velocity of 80 mph or better
+ 5 of 9 catchers recorded workout pop times under 2.10
+ 15 hitters with an exit velocity of 85 mph or better… 9 above 88… 5 above 90 and the leader at 94.
+ Median fastball of 81 with two arms reaching 87 mph on the day.

CLICK HERE for a complete roster from the 2018 Top Underclass Games


CLICK HERE for a the complete statistical results from the Top Underclass Games.


2018 Top Underclass Games: Statistical Leaders



Two players set event records in the 60 with Wesley Turley (OF, Porter Ridge HS, 2020) running a 6.48 and Archie Herring (OF, 2021, Westchester Country Day) turning in a 6.52.  16 of the 42 runners ran under 7.30.  The median 60 time was 7.39.  Only 5 players ran under 7.00.
Name School Class Pos 60 Yard Dash
Wesley Turley Porter Ridge HS 2020 OF 6.48
Archie Herring Westchester Country Day 2021 OF 6.52
Stewart Evans Scotland County HS 2021 OF 6.94
Connor Mangum Harnett Central HS 2020 MIF 6.97
Matt Kemp Randleman HS 2020 SS 7.02


TOP Infield Arm Velocity
22 players worked out on the infield with 8 touching 80 mph or better across the diamond.  Gabe Zickefoose (RHP/3B, Southern Wake Academy, 2020) and Michael Groves (C/3B, Holly Springs HS, 2020) provided the top velocity at 82 mph.  Five players came in just behind, timed at 81 mph.
Name School Class Pos INF Velocity
Gabe Zickefoose Southern Wake Academy 2020 3B 82 mph
Michael Groves Holly Springs HS 2020 C/3B 82
Matt Kemp Randleman HS 2020 SS 81
Colby Wilkerson Kerr Vance Academy 2020 SS 81
Caleb Cross Southern Lee HS 2020 3B 81
Gavin Mortenson Northwest Guilford HS 2020 SS 81
Marcus Novy Jack Britt HS 2021 SS 81


TOP Outfield Arm Velocity
Cyle Phelan (LHP/OF, Fuquay-Varina HS, 2021) led all outfield arm velocities at 86 mph on throws to the plate from right field.  14 total outfielders worked out with the median arm grade at 82 mph.  Michael Groves and Caleb Cross each landed on the leader board on both the infield arm grade and outfield arm grade.
Name School Class Pos OF Velocity
Cyle Phelan Fuquay-Varina HS 2021 LHP/OF 86 mph
Michael Groves Holly Springs HS 2020 C/OF 84
Caleb Cross Southern Lee HS 2020 3B/OF 84
Archie Herring Westchester Country Day 2021 OF 82
Stewart Evans Scotland HS 2021 OF 82
Tyler Blackburn Grays Creek HS 2021 OF 82


TOP Catcher pop times
9 catchers participated in the workout with 6 delivering pop times under 2.10 in the workout.  The top positional velocity and pop time belonged to Wake Forest commit Chris Katz (C, Heritage HS, 2021).  the 1.90 - 2.01 range produced carry at 80 mph out of the crouch and advanced accuracy. 
Name School Class Pos C Velocity
Pop Time Range
Chris Katz Heritage HS 2021 C 80 mph 1.90 - 2.01
Ryan McCrystal Fuquay-Varina HS 2021 C/RHP 79 1.94 - 2.08
Jax Gerrell Grays Creek HS 2021 C 74 2.00 - 2.19
Michael Groves Holly Springs HS 2020 C 79 2.04 - 2.09
Garrett Clapsaddle Christ School 2021 C 76 2.08 - 2.18


TOP Fastball Velocity
15 arms faced live hitters in the controlled scrimmage section of the day.  The median fastball placed at 81 mph while our leader, Cyle Phelan and Marlowe Iorio each bumped 87 in their outing.  Three players touched 86 and there was plenty of projection left in some of the arms just missing the leader board.
Name School Class Pos Max Fastball
Cyle Phelan Fuquay-Varina HS 2021 LHP/OF 87 mph
Marlowe Iorio Chapel Hill HS 2020 RHP/1B 87
Ryan McCrystal Fuquay-Varina HS 2021 C/RHP 86
Tyler Strickland Grays Creek HS 2020 RHP 86
Eli Culbreth Midway HS 2020 RHP 86