Prep Baseball Report

2019 Top Prospect Games - 2020 Pitcher Analysis

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
NC Executive Director & Scouting Director

One of the premier events each summer on the PBR docket is the North Carolina Top Prospect Games.  This year, the Top Prospect Games took place on August 7th at Campbell University with over 50 of the top players from North Carolina in attendance.   Position players worked through a full pro-style workout, followed by a controlled scrimmage with pitchers throwing live to hitters.  PBR scouts were on hand to collect stats, notes, and evaluations on each player in attendance.

We continue the deep dive into information and players from the Top Prospect Games.  Below is a look at the seven 2020 pitchers that threw at the event.  Several arms took jumps, including one that makes a move to a potential draft follow for the spring.  Several uncommitted arms that could contribute early at the next level.

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Top Prospect Games: 2020 Pitchers



Noah Carter RHP / Chatham Charter, NC / 2020


Large frame with broad shoulders at 6-foot-5, 215 pounds.  Easy rhythm for a big guy, working level and on-line, landing in-line and square with the lead foot.  Long, loose arm swing to an over-the-top release with above average arm speed.  Works tall through balance with regular effort throughout.  The fastball sat 81-85 in the wind-up and 82-83 in the stretch.  Occasional arm side run.  4-seam spin rate sat around 2000 rpm.  The 2-seam spun at 1854 rpm.  Gradual 12/6 shape to the breaking ball with average depth.  Good arm speed on the breaking ball, attacking the zone, sitting at 73.

Jake Contino RHP / OF / Lake Norman, NC / 2020


Strong build at 6 foot 3, 195-pounds.  Athletic presence.  Quick tempo delivery with a lot of body movement.  Hands work from the chin to the belt and back up to the chin through the low leg kick, to the belt.  Front side coils, closing at balance.  Shoulders are level.  Lands on-line and square with the front foot.  Long, levered arm swing to an over-the-top slot.  Fights through some effort for the release.  Fastball worked 79-84, throwing more strikes as the outing progressed.  Breaking ball works with similar hand speed and window as the fastball.  Limited action at 64-67.  Delivery creates some deception.  As the body calms over the rubber the arm speed could lead to ticks up in stuff.
Offensively, tall setup from the right side with a narrow base.  Leg kick during his load with his hands working down and back with his upper body leaning into the plate.  Gap to gap approach with some feel for the barrel.  More strength that bat speed.  Barreled a ball to left field during game action.  Exit velocity recorded at 87 mph.  Average hands in the outfield playing through the ball.  Clean exchanges with a long arm swing, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Some accuracy to his throws that topped at 81 mph.  Recorded a 7.57 in the 60.

Colby Davis RHP / OF / Cleveland, NC / 2020


6 foot 2, 150-pound lanky build.  Some rhythm in the delivery, working level as the leg kick coils the front hip to balance.  Slight cross-fire, with the front foot square at foot-strike.  Around the zone with a two-pitch mix.  Fastball has early arm side run when going to the arm side.  Fastball ranged 76-81.  Slow, big depth on the breaking ball.  Early, gradual 11/5 tilt at 64.  Breaking ball works from the same window as the fastball.
Hits from the left side with a relaxed, open setup.  Hands work back during his load with an average stride getting back to even.  Gap to gap approach with some feel for the opposite field gap.  Hands stay close to his body during the swing with a mostly level bat path.  Exit velocity recorded at 82 mph and should improve with added strength.  Fluid through balls in the outfield with average hands.  Clean exchanges with a long arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Accurate arm that topped at 83 mph.  Recorded a 7.32 in the 60.

Carson Hinnant RHP / OF / Heritage, NC / 2020

Average frame at 6-foot, 170 pounds.  Room to continue to add strength.  Good temp throughout the outing, and in the delivery.  Attacks hitters with three pitches in the zone, all grading out at average or slightly above.  Good rhythm, with uphill leverage in the shoulders.  Tall through balance.   Works on-line, landing about one foot across his line and square.  Loose arm swing to a high-3/4 slot.  Average arm speed.  Strike thrower, with the stride creating some potential deception.  Fastball ranged 78-82 out of the wind-up, dipping to 76-77 in the stretch.  Hard run out of the hand.  Good change-up with deception out of the hand and arm side run at 77.  Mimics the fastball window on his breaking ball with solid hand speed.  Gradual 10/4 tilt at 69-72.

Jackson Kirkpatrick RHP / McMichael, NC / 2020


Large frame, with broad shoulders and long limbs, standing 6-foot-7, 225 pounds.  Arm speed and arm strength are present with a fastball up to 90 and a slider creating a lot of issues for hitters.  Stretch only with some rhythm.  Works level and in-line, landing on-line and square.  Tall through balance with an average kick to the mid-chest.  Long, loose arm swing to a high-3/4 slot.  Good extension.  Fastball sat 87-90 with the spin rate up to 2280 rpm.  Slider flashes power tilt, up to 79.  Occasionally on the side, creating gradual 10/4 action at 76-77.  Body can continue to add strength.  Timing can continue to improve as he gets familiar with his large frame.  High ceiling and a draft follow moving into the spring season.

Case Stroup LHP / OF / Apex Friendship, NC / 2020


Large frame with broad shoulders and strength present in the lower half, standing 6-foot-4, 190 pounds.  Simple side step, swinging the leg, while coiling the front hip, lifting to the lower chest.  Stable over the rubber and tall through balance.  Slight pelvic tilt and head lean out of balance.  Medium arm swing with a plunge out of the glove.  Slight hand hook out of the glove.  Above average arm swing to an over-the-top slot.  Lands slightly across his line, square, working for extension.  Fastball cut occasionally, especially to the glove side.  Average feel, ranging 84-87.  Late breaking ball has power potential, working with a late cut, heavy at times, and tilt.  Slider ranged 82-84.  Slider is a potential out pitch, especially as extension and direction clean.

Zane Taylor OF / RHP / PRO5 Academy, NC / 2020


Athletic frame with strength present in the lower half.  Stands 5-foot-10, 170 pounds.  Fastball up to 89, playing heavy out of the hand.  Small side step, lifting to the mid chest with a leg swing.  Long, strong arm swing.  Some uphill leverage out of balance.  Works on-line, landing square, slightly across his line, gaining ground with his stride.  Loose, quick hips.  Athletic delivery from foot strike to release.  High-3/4 release.  Fastball attacked the zone, sitting 86-89 out of the wind-up.  Fastball at 83-85 in the stretch.  Landed the breaking ball consistently at 70 with hard 11/5 tilt.  Occasionally around the curveball, creating more sweep.  Change-up works with some deception out of the hand.  Fade as it nears the hitting zone at 75-76.  Still somewhat raw, but the arm speed, arm strength, and athletic hips suggest a higher ceiling that he may get to soon.