Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Arsenal Position Players

Matt Payne
Director of Scouting, PBR of NC

Wednesday July 22nd saw PBR on site at JP Riddle Stadium to host a Scout Day with Arsenal Baseball.  The organization had close to 50 players in attendance, ranging from 2021 - 2024 graduates.

A PBR Scout Day consists of a full pro-style workout for position players with pitchers throwing a controlled bullpen.  The position players run a laser timed 60 followed by a full offensive workout and defensive workout.  The pitchers controlled bullpen has arms throwing each of their pitches with TrackMan and a radar gun tracking velocity, spin rate, and other metrics. 

CLICK HERE to see the roster and statistics of Arsenal Players that attended the PBR Scout Day.


By the Numbers

  • 47 players participated in the PBR Scout Day
  • 43 position players went through the pro-style workout
  • 6.72 was the top laser timed sixty
  • 7 players ran under 7.20
  • 99 mph was the top outfield positional velocity
  • 4 outfielders showed a positional velocity of 85 or higher
  • 6 infield arms were 81 mph or higher across the diamond
  • 10 hitters flashed an exit velocity of 90 mph or higher off the tee
  • 11 hitters were 85 mph or higher with their exit velocity in live BP
  • 2 pitchers touched 91 mph or higher
  • 7 arms worked at 84 mph or better


Quick Hitters


Tyler Blackburn, RHP/3B, 2021 - Short swing with quick hands. Made plenty of hard contact lining balls through the middle and to his pull side. Has some barrel snap through the zone. 

Alex Blackmon, C, 2023 - Found his barrel often lining balls all over the field. Barrel stays through the zone and uses the whole field. Accurate arm from behind the plate. 

Pierce Bouwman, SS/RHP, 2023 - Has strength in a projectable athletic frame. Worked gap to gap with plenty of feel for his barrel. Direct barrel path, stays through the zone. Arm has carry across the diamond. 

Aidan Cannaday, 1B/LHP, 2021 - Has power from the left side of the plate. Hands are quick with above average barrel awareness. Multiple Trackman exit velocities recorded above 95 mph with his best at 101.9 mph. 

Brandon Crabtree, SS/RHP, 2023 - Loose swing from the left side with feel to hit. Gets his barrel in the zone and gets good extension outfront. Lots of hard contact with above average bat speed. 

Bryce Dail, 3B/RHP, 2023 - Hands are loose with a flat barrel path. Lined balls gap to gap throughout his rounds. Solid actions on the infield with an accurate arm. 

Daniel Eagan, RHP/OF, 2021 - Lanky frame with room for growth ahead. Loose swing with lift and extension out front. Consistent hard contact through the middle of the field. 

Gabe Hall, SS/2B, 2021 - Short to the ball with a strong top hand. Lined balls back through the middle with quick hands. Above average hands on the dirt with an accurate arm. 

Alex Hatcher, OF/RHP, 2023 - Loose hands with a balanced, short stroke. Has feel for his barrel with strength, exit velocity off a tee recorded at 95 mph. Arm is accurate with carry from the outfield. 

Anthony Hausner, C/3B, 2021 - Bat speed and strength are present. Has lift to his swing bath with Trackman recorded multiple exit velocities over 95 mph. Arm has carry across the diamond. 

Tanner Hunley, OF/RHP, 2021 - Consistent barrels throughout his rounds of BP. Stayed gap to gap with better than average bat speed. Arm is accurate with carry from the outfield. 

Nolan Lawrence, 3B/RHP, 2021 - Showed strength during his BP rounds driving the ball to both gaps. Stayed gap to gap with a line drive approach. Physical presence in the box. 

Jeremiah McLemore, 3B/1B, 2022 - Hit with wood looking to launch the ball with every swing. Left the yard multiple times. Lift to the swing path with above average bat speed. Hands are soft on the infield. 

Jake Overton, 3B/OF, 2023 - Strong, quick hands with his barrel staying through the zone. Made consistent hard contact to both gaps. Relaxed actions on defense. 

Peyton Peters, 2B/SS, 2021 - Loose swing with a short barrel path to the ball. Has quickness to his hands lining balls to both gaps. Above average hands on the infield. 

Cameron Richey, OF/RHP, 2024 - Short swing with loose, quick hands. Found his barrel often throughout his BP rounds working through the middle of the field. 

Richard (RJ) Sales, OF/RHP, 2021 - Impressed throughout the day with quickness and athleticism. Lined balls middle and to his pull side with above average bat speed. Arm is accurate topping at 99 mph from the outfield. Committed to UNC Wimington shortly after the scout day.

Kaden Smith, 1B/C, 2021 - Looks to get the ball in the air with an aggressive uphill swing path. Left the yard during BP with lots of hard contact throughout his rounds. 

Eli Uhland, C/1B, 2021 - Power is present going over the wall multiple times during BP. Barrel gets extension through the zone with Trackman recording balls leaving his barrel over 100 mph. 

Michael Venditti, SS/RHP, 2022 - Loose, fluid swing with feel for his barrel. Consistent hard contact middle and to his pull side with barrel extension out front. Soft hands on the infield with an accurate arm. 

Ethan Wilkins, 1B/3B, 2021 - Relaxed at the plate with above average bat speed. Drove the ball to both gaps with quick hands and his barrel staying through the zone. 

Oliver Zohn, SS/2B, 2021 - Posted the best 60 time on the day at 6.72. Quick hands, barrel stays through the zone with hard contact through the middle. Solid actions on the infield with a quick release. 

Cooper Clark, SS/RHP, 2023 - Loose swing with his barrel working short to the ball. Balanced staying through the middle of the field. Easy actions on the infield.