Bigger Than Baseball Scout Day: Quick Hitters

Sammy Esposito
PBR SC Director of Scouting

The Bigger Than Baseball Scout Day took place on October 8th at Field Day Park in Clover, SC.  Top prospects in the scout day were all participants in the Bigger Than Baseball Tournament held during the weekend.  Prospects in this event came from SC, NC, MI, and NY.

The event began with a pro-style workout for all the position players that included the 60 yard dash, BP with TrackMan ball flight analysis, and a defensive evaluation. 

Below we will look at the quick hitters for the event.

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Quick Hitters



Jake McCoy 2023 OF/LHP - Catawba Ridge - SC

6-0 170 pound build.  Athletic body with more room to add strength.  Interesting two way prospect.  LHH with a good swing that shows power and bat speed.  Bat stays in the zone a long time showing the ability to drive the ball from gap to gap.  Good runner and arm strength in the OF.  Has the ability to play all 3 OF spots.   

Isaac Sturgess 2024 OF/LHP - Powers Catholic - MI

6-2 165 pound frame.  Tall lanky body with broad shoulders with plenty of projection left in this young athlete.  LHH with plus bat speed, hitting from a wide base with a short stride.  Really does a good job creating torque and power in his swing.  Able to hit for power to all fields.  Showed plus arm strength from the OF and a god run tool.  Very interesting 2 way talent to follow. 

Paul Solari 2023 1B/RHP - Nation Ford - SC

5-10 195 pound strong build.  LHH showed good power in swing with a good bat path and good extension.  Hitting from a crouched position and narrow stance, really does a good job of getting into legs with his stride allowing him to drive the ball to all fields.  

William Griffin 2022 OF - Nation Ford - SC

Smaller frame with good movements in his swing.  Really utilizes his body to provide bat speed and power in the swing.  Starters with a tall relaxed slightly opened stance.  Flat bat and swing really gets the barrel through the zone.      

CJ Powell 2023 C/OF - The Burlington School - NC

Strong build with present strength.  Showed explosive bat speed, really getting the bat through the zone and providing some very high exit velos in BP, up to 101.6.  Really shows the ability to drive the ball to all parts with power.  Behind the plate showed plus arm strength and quickness at times a little too quick.     

 Lane Ross 2023 INF/RHP - Nation Ford - SC

6-2 175 frame.  Long lean athlete with lots of room to grow.  Showed well in BP driving the ball deep on multiple occasions.  Hitting from a tall slightly opened stance, does a good job of staying through the ball and finishing out in front.  Defensively moved well lateral and showed good arm strength.

Drew Brink 2022 INF - Nation Ford - SC

Smaller frame with really good actions and an accurate arm.  Really moves feet well and works out front and through the ball.  The switch hitter uses a toe tap to get loaded up and has a simple flat swing through the ball.  Gap to gap approach staying within himself.

Michael Rogers 2025 INF - Fort Mill - SC

5-10 145 pound build.  Young athlete with lots of room to grow.  Hits from an open stance with a good load into the hip and gets barrel cocked.  Good flat swing though the zone with a finish slightly uphill.  Defensively moves really and really uses his footwork to help his throws making them look effortless.  Fields ball out front and works through the ball well.

Brode Dixon 2025 C - Covenant Day - NC

5-11 175 pound strong frame with present strength.  Sits a little high in stance but really shows a good quick transfer with arm strength and accuracy.   Pop times 2.01-2.22 all around the bag.  Hits from a wide base with a weight shift back and into the ball.  When timed right can really get into the ball providing power.

Luke Keller 2023 INF - Nation Ford - SC

5-9 165 pound build.  Sweet swinging LHH with good rhythm in stance and load.  Showed great balance throughout the swing allowing the barrel to stay in the zone and driving through the ball.    

 Russell Golembe 2022 OF - Myers Park - NC

6-3 160 pound build with lots of projection left.  Showed good arm strength from the OF, up to 86 mph.  Hits from a wide stance, with very little stride.  Keeping hands loaded and low really drives down on the ball.  Showed good power with a line drive approach.      

Caden Beaver 2025 1B/RHP Lake Norman - NC

6-2 180 pound frame with present strength and more projection left.  Young athlete that showed a good swing with power.  Good balanced setup with a good load into a strong hitting position.  Shows good extension on swing with a big high finish.