Prep Baseball Report

Carolina Rockies Scout Day: Schedule and Roster

Brandon Hall
Executive Director, PBR of NC

PBR Scout Day: Carolina Rockies

Live Streaming: 

  • Follow the Live Stream throughout the day on Twitter and Periscope (@PrepBaseballNC
  • Our new multicamera, high quality streaming system should be delivered in the next 10 days

Roster & Teams

  • Team 1 (Pitcher Only and Catchers)
    Check in at 2:45pm

  • Team 2 (Infielders and Outfielders)
    Check in at 3:45pm

  • Team 3 (Dual Pitcher/Position Players and Catchers)
    Check in at 4:45pm



2:45       Team 1 - Check In

3:00       Stretch - Players on Own

3:10       Arms Up

3:20       Catcher Pop Times

3:35       Pitcher Bullpens (11 total) – Pitcher Only players released after bullpen

               Catchers can run 60 in down time

3:45       Team 2 - Check In

4:00       Team 2 Stretch on Own

4:10       Laser Timed 60 - Team 2

4:15       Team 1 & Team 2 in Cages

4:25       Live BP & Cages - Teams 1 & 2

4:45       Team 3 - Check In

5:00       Team 3 - Stretch On Own

5:10       Laser Timed 60

5:20       Arms Up & Cages

5:30       Team 1 Released

               Defensive Work

                +Catcher --> OF --> INF

6:20       Team 2 Released

               Team 3 Live BP

7:10       Dual Player Bullpens

8:30       End of Day


Hitting Groups and Order

Team 1 & Team 2 BP at 4:25pm 4 Groups
Caleb Bowers Position C
Daniel Lawson Position C
Eli McCoy Multiple C/RHP
Tyson Merritt Position C
Ethan Stanley Position C
Jacob Trivette Position C
Tyson Adams Position OF

Tate Allison Position OF
Caleb Boles Position 1B
Bryson Chandler Position OF
Ick Cirino Position SS
Colby Culpepper Position 2B
Colby Cunningham Position OF

Zachary Dickson Position OF
Trevor Hillburn Position 1B
Joshua Lail Position 3B
Carson Warren Position 2B
Clay Whitaker Multiple OF/2B
Victor Wilburn Position OF
Austin Wood Position SS

Carson Brown Position OF
Aidan Cluskey Position 1B
Caleb Cockerham Position OF
Jake Dulski Position OF
Jalen Gibbs Position OF
Joshua Howard Position C
JR Lingerfelt Position C
Jacob Pennell Position 2B
Patrick Showers Multiple 2B/3B
Kolby Watson Multiple OF/SS
Victor Wilburn Position OF


Team 3 BP at 6:20pm 4 Groups
Reid Coe Multiple 2B/OF
Reed Cunningham Multiple C/OF
Braden Cunnup Multiple LHP/OF
Briggs Gentry Multiple C/OF
Jackson Hull Multiple SS/RHP
Cole Johnson Multiple 2B/RHP
Jackson Little Multiple LHP/1B
Bailey Smith Multiple C/RHP
Evan Suarez Multiple LHP/1B
Cam Wall Multiple LHP/1B
Cameron Wiley Multiple OF/LHP

Cameron Atkins Multiple 2B/C
Marshall Byrd Multiple SS/2B
Matthew Connolly Multiple C/3B
Banks Cox Multiple C/RHP
Jacob Dilley Multiple OF/C
Cole Hansen Multiple RHP/3B
Blaine Hartness Multiple C/OF

Cameron Hepler Multiple 2B/C
Taylor Holthausen Multiple RHP/OF
Brennan Hord Multiple OF/RHP
Blake Hughes Multiple RHP/1B
Ayden Jenkins Multiple RHP/OF
Henry Logan Multiple SS/2B
Nicholas Lundquist Multiple C/3B

Thomas Clements Multiple RHP/OF
Jake Modrak Multiple C/3B
Tyshorn Phillip Multiple OF/LHP
Aiden Picciano Multiple SS/RHP
Hunter Schoolcraft Multiple RHP/OF
Colby Umbarger Multiple OF/RHP
Dawson Wiggins Multiple RHP/3B
Peyton Young Multiple SS/RHP


Bullpen Order

Group 1
Begin at 3:35pm

Eli McCoy P/C
Evan Cardwell P
Eli Crump P
Colin Cunningham P
Kobie Cushing P
Dylan Darnell P
Lucas Glover P
Colin Hewett P
Matthew Hughes P
Blake Kiser P
Walker Yancey P
Ethan Yarbrough P


Group 2 Begin at 7:00pm
Peyton Young SS/RHP
Cameron Wiley OF/LHP
Dawson Wiggins RHP/3B
Cam Wall LHP/1B
Colby Umbarger OF/RHP
Evan Suarez LHP/1B
Hunter Schoolcraft RHP/OF
Aiden Picciano SS/RHP
Tyshorn Phillip OF/LHP
Henry Logan SS/2B
Jackson Little LHP/1B
Cole Johnson 2B/RHP
Ayden Jenkins RHP/OF
Jackson Hull SS/RHP
Blake Hughes RHP/1B
Brennan Hord OF/RHP
Taylor Holthausen RHP/OF
Cole Hansen RHP/3B
Braden Cunnup LHP/OF
Reid Coe 2B/OF
Marshall Byrd SS/2B


At the conclusion of the event, PBR will be following with statistical analysis, quick hitter stories highlighting top performers, and full player evaluations.