Elite South Scout Day: Quick Hitters- Position Players

Matt Payne
Director of Scouting, PBR of NC

On Sunday May 23rd PBR of NC was on hand at Lenoir CC to host a scout day with Elite South Baseball. The scout day also featured some players not part of the organization who participated in the workout. The event featured 24 players in total with grad years ranging from 2022-2026. 

The day started with catchers going through their defensive evaluation. Pitchers then threw a controlled bullpen with Trackman gathering ball flight data. After the bullpens the position players participated in a pro-style workout starting with a laser timed 60, followed by live BP with Trackman recording ball flight information and the day finished with infielders and outfielders getting a defensive evaluation. 

Below we take a look at some position players who stood out during the workout. 

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and stats from the day

Quick Hitters - Position Players

Davis Albert, SS/3B, 2023

Athletic frame with projection ahead. Left hand hitter. Balanced in the box with a simple load. Turns through the ball with his barrel working short to the ball and flat through the zone. Hands have quickness. Solid actions on the infield with soft hands. 

Chad White, 3B/RHP, 2022

Worked through the middle of the field with feel for his barrel. Direct barrel path with a strong top hand. Top exit velocity recorded at 91 mph. 

Isaac Turner, SS/2B, 2023

Hit lots of balls of the barrel during his BP rounds. Ball off the barrel peaked at 96 mph. Fluid swing with his barrel staying through the zone. Athletic on the infield with an accurate arm across the diamond. 7.03 runner in the laser timed 60. 

Jordan Brown, SS/2B, 2022

Hands have looseness with his barrel staying through the zone and getting extension through the middle of the field. Lined several balls through the middle and to his pull side. Ball off the barrel topped at 93 mph. 

Mac Gillespie, OF, 2022

Athleticism present in a long, lanky frame with room to fill out in the coming years. Hands are strong with above average bat speed. Top exit velocity recorded at 95 mph. Works through the middle and to right center with his barrel staying inside the ball and working up through the zone. Accurate arm with some carry from the outfield. Posted the top 60 - time on the lasers at 6.73.

Bradley Gregory, C, 2022

Strong build at 6-foot-1, 185-pounds. Left hand hitter. Left hand hitter worked gap to gap with his barrel staying through the zone. Above average bat speed with strength to his pull side. Used wood during his BP rounds with his top exit velocity recorded at 96 mph. Arm topped at 81 mph from behind the plate with pop times ranging from 1.96-2.04. 

Tyler DeLuzio, LHP/OF, 2022

Balanced in the box with a strong base. Worked through the middle of the field with his barrel working flat through the zone. Hit several balls off the barrel with his exit velocity topping at 88 mph. Accurate arm from the outfield. Ran a 7.28 on the lasers. 

Trace Simmons, C/OF, 2024

Strong, athletic build at 6-foot-1, 185-pounds. Hands have quickness with a gap to gap approach. Barrel gets extension through the middle of the field. Exit velocity topped at 91 mph while using wood in BP. Arm topped at 77 mph from behind the plate. 

Wilson Webber, OF/1B, 2023

Long, lanky frame with strength present at 6-foot-2, 176-pounds. Made lots of hard contact to his pull side with the ball off his barrel topping at 93 mph. Accurate arm with some carry from the outfield. 

CW Bayer, 3B/RHP, 2023

Strong build at 5-foot-10, 171-pounds. Hands have some quickness with pop to his pull side. Barrel gets extension out front. Exit velocity peaked at 92 mph. Accurate arm across the diamond topping at 85 mph.