NC Top Underclass Games: Corner Infielder Analysis

By Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

On August 10th, fifty of the top underclass players in North Carolina assembled at Campbell’s Jim Perry Stadium.  A gorgeous day featured each player showcasing their talent in a controlled setting.  The position players went through an extended BP, followed by individual work at their defensive positions.  Pitchers worked to live hitters in two controlled innings, showcasing their stuff and ability to pitch. 

The corner infielder group impressed with their strength, physicality and versatility.  Xander Hamilton (Broughton HS, 2019) and Alex Sniffen (New Hanover HS, 2019) both took loud BP and followed it up leaving an impression on the mound in the games. Dominick D'Ercole (Middle Creek, 2019) was equally impressive with the numbers amassed through the workout and then his pitch-ability in the game setting. 

Offensively, Wes Bowlin (Metrolina Chrisitan, 2019) and Seth Sigmon (Alexander Central, 2019) have different approaches but both created loud contact at times in BP and showed the ability to carry the swing into game settings. 

Below is a complete list of primary corner infielders with their in-depth analysis.  Each player's name will link back to their PBR profile where their stats and video from the event are available.

Top Underclass Games Quick Hitters

+ 47 Players took part in the Top Underclass Games
+ 15 Players ran a 7.40, or better 60… 6 ran better than 7.20
+ 6 Position players showed an arm speed of better than 80 mph from their position
+ 9 catchers registered Pop Times of better than 2.20… 3 were below 2.10
+ 12 hitters had exit velocities, off the barrel, of 84 mph or higher
+ 7 pitchers touched 83 or better with their fastball… 1 touched 90.

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Corner Infielder Analysis


Xander Hamilton 1B / RHP / Broughton, NC / 2019

Physical presence at 6-foot-4, 203 pounds with a muscular shape and definition in the lower half.  Quickness and strength is present.  Ran a 7.22 sixty with an exit velocity of 89 off the bat.  Right-handed hitter uses the strength and aggression to back spin balls throughout BP.  Wide stance, loads back, using a leg kick and long stride to generate a fast bat.  Some uphill leverage, wants extension, staying gap-to-gap with fluid rhythm.  Barrel awareness in BP, at times thin through the ball did not translate to game situations.  Power potential is evident.  On the infield, works with average hands, working out as an infielder at shortstop.  Athletic stance, the ball does get deep into a high stance, presenting some stiffness through the catch and exchange.  Short arm swing, gets to a high-3/4 slot with carry and some accuracy at 83 across the diamond. 

Up to 86 on the bump with occasional arm side run and throwing strikes with fastball and slider.  Slider has out-pitch potential at 77-78.  Hard and late, it comes out of the same window as fastball with a short, tight 11/5 tilt.  The change-up is a distant third pitch but is use-able at 80-81.   Hard out of the hand, the pitch has late sink, creating swing and miss vs. left-handed hitters.  Deception comes from the movement over the velocity change.  Loads his hips at balance with a slight coil, uses the elbow to load the scapular out of the glove, keeping the short arm swing in a strong position.  High-3/4 slot is repeated between pitches.  Stays level and lands on-line, getting better extension on slider than any other pitch right now. 





Alex Sniffen 3B / RHP / New Hanover, NC / 2019

Big bodied athlete at 6-foot-4, 220 pounds towers over much of his competition.  Power potential is evident from the right side with an exit velocity of 94 mph and an extremely loud BP.  Wide stance, balanced in the box.  Loads back with a short stride to get to a quick bat.  Strength over bat speed right now but bat speed is present.  Wants extension, staying level through the ball and creating line drives to the pull side.  Miss hits that got into the air carried with ease making the park play small.  Average barrel awareness.  In game, shows a patient approach, getting deep into most counts.  On the infield, feet are nimble for the size, showing rhythm and clean exchanges.  Secures the ball into the mid-section after the catch.  Long arm stroke to an over-the-top slot created carry at 83 across the diamond.  Ran a 7.79 sixty but game speed plays slightly better.

Works from the stretch only on the mound, with a fastball ranging 81-84.  Attacks the zone, allowing a heavy fastball to jump on hitters.  Breaking ball is around the zone, but control should improve.  12/6 with late action at 68-72.  Change-up has hard run, out of the same window as fastball, at 75-78.  Average leg kick loads the backside.  Arm has above average quickness out of a high-3/4 slide.  Works level and on-line from a tall balance point.  Some effort in the delivery as he works to maximize stuff on each pitch.





Jarrett Pritchard 3B / RHP / South Caldwell, NC / 2019

Right handed hitter works with an early stride from a balanced setup.  Loads back with a short stride to get to a swing that works with uphill leverage, wanting extension.  Long at times with exit velocity peaking at 72 off the barrel.  Stayed through the middle.  Average build, with some strength present at 5-foot-9, 185 pounds, worked with average hands on the infield.  Stays high through the hips at the point of the catch.  Clean exchanges are cautious as the feet load.  Short arm swing, has a little stiffness getting to a high-3/4 slot showing some accuracy.  Arm speed at 69 across the diamond.  Ran a 7.96 sixty.





Jackson Harbin 3B / RHP / Forestview, NC / 2019

Thin frame at 6-foot, 140 pounds.  Left-handed hitter works from an athletic base, loading back, with some waggle in the bat head through the launch point.  Loose as a short stride works level through the zone, staying in the middle of the field.  Average barrel awareness, with an exit velocity of 78 mph.  Average hands get to a quick, clean exchange as the hips stay low on the infield.  Catches the baseball consistently.  Long arm arc is loose as it gets to a high-3/4 slot showing accuracy and average carry at 78 mph from shortstop.  Ran a 7.53 sixty.

Around the zone with all three pitches on the mound.  Arm action is loose through a short arm swing and high-3/4 release.  Fastball ranged 74-79.  Breaking ball sat 62-65 with gradual 12/6 shape.  Similar window as fastball.  Change-up works straight, again mimicking fastball, at 69-70.  Some rhythm out of an average leg kick as the shoulders stay level and the foot lands on-line.  Tall through balance, uses normal effort to move the baseball.





Wes Bowlin 1B / OF / Metrolina Christian Academy, NC / 2019

Strength is present in a stocky 6-foot, 190 pound build.  Open stance, staying tall from the left side of the plate.  Uses a waggle and bat lag in his load to create some leverage and whip through the zone.  Leg kick sets the weight back and the bat speed is better than average.  Exit velocity touched 88 mph.  Uphill leverage in the swing, there is a presence in the box and a commitment to the swing process.  Stayed in the middle of the field with some barrel ability in BP.  Sprayed the ball in game, finding the barrel some and “just missing” some pitches.  Average hands on the infield, at 1B, catching the ball deep in stance, but using clean exchanges to work to a high-3/4 slot.  Arm swing varied based on the footwork and play, maintaining athleticism in the throws.  Showed accuracy on throws that peaked at 67 mph.  Ran a 7.77. sixty.





Jacob Bebber 3B / C / Alexander Central, NC / 2020

Average build at 5-foot-8, 151 pounds.  Balanced and athletic from the right side.  Uses a toe tap as he loads the weight back.  Short stride, works to stay in his legs throughout the swing.  Better than average bat speed with a level bat path, looking for extension throughout.  Pull emphasis.  Exit velocity peaked at 83 mph.  Average hands that can play with some stiffness on the infield.  Quick and clean on exchanges as the feet show good rhythm.  Ball can get deep in the stance.  Short arm arc works to a high-3/4 slot showing average carry and some accuracy at 69 mph from shortstop.  Also a catcher, pop times ranged 2.12 – 2.24 with a feel for the bag.  Positional velocity of 70 mph out of the crouch.  Ran a 7.88 sixty.





Seth Sigmon 1B / 3B / Alexander Central , NC / 2019

6-foot, 205 pound left-handed hitter.  Big body has some strength in it already.  Open stance using a short stride to create a quick bat through the zone.  Set to pull, looks for extension with some uphill leverage in the swing.  Hitterish throughout BP and in game situations.  Has looseness with feel for the barrel.  86 exit velocity but seemed to play better off the bat in BP at times.  Defensively is clean with the baseball while the hands work with some effort through the ball.  Long arm action, with looseness, gets to a high-3/4 slot showing carry and accuracy.  71 mph from the position.  Ran an 8.30 sixty.





Dominick D'Ercole 3B / RHP / Middle Creek, NC / 2019

Average build at 6-foot, 165 pounds with strength present.  Athletic demeanor across his tool set.  87 mph exit velocity from the right side.  Ran a 7.20 sixty.  83 mph across the infield on his throws.   Athletic stance at the plate, loads back using a short stride.  Vertical bat position.  Aggressive and has a good feel for the barrel.  Better than average bat speed that works level, wanting extension.  Line drive approach peppered the pull side gap in BP.  On the infield, soft hands work with average feet, funneling the ball to the mid-section.  Clean exchanges, staying in an athletic position.  Short arm swing to a high-3/4 slot that showed an ability to go lower pending the play.  Carry on the baseball.

On the mound, attacks the zone, showing run on his fastball.  Pounded the zone at 80-83.  Slider plays with short, tight action.  Late movement at 72-74.  Change-up worked 75-77 with arm side run, showing deception in the hand speed.  True three-pitch mix with the slider playing ahead of the change.  Good tempo in a simple delivery that is repeat-able.  High-3/4 slot and quick arm.  Stays level and in-line, working tall through balance with regular effort.  Falls to the 3B side slightly on finish.





Carter Holjes 3B / RHP / Cardinal Gibbons, NC / 2019

Lanky 6-foot-3, 195 pound build.  Ran a 7.37 sixty.  Right handed hitter works from a tall and balanced base, loading back with his weight during a leg kick.  Short stride gets to a quick bat through the zone, staying level, with a line drive approach staying in the middle of the field.  Hands load in toward the body slightly, producing average barrel awareness.  Exit velocity peaked at 85 mph.  Works to stay athletic on the infield, playing high through the hips.  Hands and feet fight to find rhythm.  Exchanges work low getting to a long arm swing and over-the-top slot.  80 mph across the diamond with some accuracy and average to slightly above carry.  Frame and quickness suggest good projection left in the near future.

On the bump, fastball sat 77-81.  Breaking ball worked with a hump out of the hand and gradual 12/6 shape at 65-69.  Erratic syncing the arm and delivery leading to up-down issues in the zone.  Slight stab as the arm worked to the over-the-top slot, creating some effort.





Kyle Keller 1B / RHP / Marvin Ridge, NC / 2020

Right handed hitter and left-handed thrower stands 6-foot-1, 163 pounds with an average build.  Balanced at the plate, uses a simple approach with a flat bat to stay in the middle of the field.  Wants extension.  Average barrel ability.  Exit velocity peaked at 73.  Average hands and fluid feet at 1B, throws peaked at 63 from the position showing some accuracy.  Works to stay low through the catch, long arm swing gets to a high-3/4 slot.  Ran a 7.75 sixty.

On the bump the fastball has run at 63-65 from an average leg kick and ¾ slot.  Arm reaches back out of the glove as the shoulders stay level.  Some restriction through the shoulder at release.  Stiff is wrist as the change-up is pushed, ranging 53-55.