NC/SC Border Battle - NC Outfielder Analysis

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
North Carolina Director of Scouting

On July 24th, top players from North Carolina and South Carolina converged on Winthrop University for the first ever NC/SC Border Battle.  The Border Battle allowed players to workout and compete in front of college coaches and pro scouts, while updating their information for their PBR Profile, connecting them with over 900 college coaches and pro scouts that subscribe to PBR.

The event was a huge success with players from each state impressing those in attendance.  The process to break all of the information down has begun.  Player statistics have been loaded to the event page and onto each player’s personal PBR Profile.  Along with stats, each player has a PBR Video from their workout on their profile page. 

As we continue our look at the players that represented NC at the Border Battle, we turn our attention to the outfielders.  The group of six outfielders includes a couple of dual prospects that also shined on the bump.


 CLICK HERE to see the full statistics from the NC/SC Border Battle.


NC/SC Border Battle Analysis: NC Outfielders




Kayden Crawford OF / OF / Hoggard, NC / 2021


5 foot 10, 145-pound build with room to add strength.  Athleticism is present running at 6.70 60.  Balanced setup from the left side of the plate.  Weight and hands work back during his load.  Inconsistent load causes him to lose feel for his barrel at times.  Loose, quick hands with a mostly flat bat path.  Average bat speed that should increase as the body matures.  Plays through balls in the outfield with quick, fluid feet.  Gets momentum through his throws with some accuracy to the plate.  Positional velocity topped at 82 mph.



Kaden Brown OF / LHP / Garner Magnet, NC / 2020


5 foot 10, 145-pound athletic build with some present quickness.  Offensively he works from the left side with an athletic open setup.  Feet get back in line during the load with a short stride and quiet hands.  Loose, fluid swing with his barrel working flat through the zone.  Stays balanced and uses the whole field during batting practice with better than average barrel awareness.  Average bat speed with his exit velocity recorded at 79 mph.  Kept his hands back on a left-handed breaking ball, getting an opposite field base hit during game play.  Plays with fluid feet, working through the ball in the outfield with average hands.  Some accuracy to his throws that topped at 78 mph from an over the top slot.  Recorded a 6.73 in the 60.



Alden Kolessar OF / 2B / Rockingham County, NC / 2020


Athletic build at 5 foot 11, 175-pounds.  Left hand hitter.  Sets up balanced with a smooth load and short stride.  Loose hands with a flat bat path with above average bat speed.  Looks to get the barrel out and drive the ball.  Made hard contact to right field during game play.  Exit velocity recorded at 88 mph.  Plays through balls in the outfield with average hands and getting momentum into his throws.  Some accuracy to his arm from an over the top slot that topped at 83 mph. Recorded a 6.84 in the 60.



Mitchell Seymour RHP / OF / PRO5 Academy, NC / 2020

6 foot 4, 185-pound lanky, athletic build.  Big arm potential on the bump as he is still working to find a consistent rhythm and release.  Fastball and breaking ball darted out of the hand, each creating awkward takes and bad chase swings.  Heavy arm side run to the fastball throughout the outing, sitting 86-88.  Breaking ball sat 74-75, and could become a big weapon if thrown with better hand speed.  One change-up thrown at 80.  Slight hip load as he works to balance with his knee raising just past the belt.  Loose, easy, athletic, and clean arm swing.  Long arm action.  Over-the-top with a electric arm speed.  Advanced extension.  Raw command but some of the issues may be his movement and as he throws more, he may begin to gather feel.
Offensively, tall, relaxed setup from the right side of the plate.  Hands work back during the load with a short stride.  Quick hands with above average bat speed.  Pull approach and the swing can get long at times causing some inconsistency in his barrel awareness. Exit velocity recorded at 95 mph.  Plays athletic in the outfield with fluid actions through the ball.  Clean exchanges with a long, loose arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Some accuracy to his throws that have carry topping at 90 mph.  Recorded a 6.77 in the 60.



Zane Taylor OF / RHP / PRO5 Academy, NC / 2020


Average build at 5 foot 10, 165-pounds with strength and quickness present.  Sub 7 runner turned in a 6.77 and showed arm strength from the outfield.  Hits from the right side with an upright setup.  Small leg kick during his load with a short stride.  Hands stay at his back shoulder during the load with a stiff back elbow.  Has quickness to his hands with strength in his swing working middle to his pull side.  Aggressive approach with average bat speed. Exit velocity recorded at 84 mph.  Plays through balls in the outfield with short steps and average hands.  Long arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot with arm strength.  Accurate arm with carry that reached 94 mph from his position.
The arm is still working to translate all of that velocity to the mound.  The rhythm and direction on his throws from the outfield do not yet match the mound presence.  Average kick to the mid-chest with choppy rhythm.  Long arm action as the front side works to close his line.  Lands across his body with a square toe.  Over-the-top release with average extension.  Quick arm with arm strength as well.  Fastball sat 84-86.  Good feel for a late, hard breaking ball at 70-72.  From the same over-the-top release, the breaking ball bores with a 11/5 tilt.   



Jordan Thalacker OF / OF / PARKWOOD HIGH SCHOOL, NC / 2020


Strong build at 6 foot 1, 198-pounds.  Hits from the right side with a balanced setup.  Not much weight transfer during the load with a short stride and his hands working slightly down and back.  Hands dominate the swing, with a level bat path, getting long at times.  Has strength in his swing using the whole field.  Some quickness to his hands with average bat speed and barrel awareness.  Plays through balls in the outfield with some stiffness through catch.  Long arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Accurate arm with some carry that topped at 83 mph.  Recorded a 7.03 in the 60.