Prep Baseball Report

North Carolina Prospect ID: Pitcher Analysis

Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

PBR opened its summer evaluations with an open prospect event at the beautiful Ultimate Performance complex in Matthews, NC on Thursday May 23rd.  Close to 40 players took part in the open pro-style workout with PBR scouts on hand to evaluate players and record their stats while going through the workout. 

The event featured players as part of the open North Carolina Prospect ID and the PBR Scout Day with Ultimate Performance.  Today we break down the pitcher only's that attended the workout. 

To see the full list of statistics gathered during the workout, for every player in attendance, CLICK HERE(NC Prospect ID) and HERE (Ultimate Performance Scout Day).




The pitcher only's attending the NC Prospect ID threw a controlled bullpen in front of PBR Scouts.  The bullpens allowed the players to show stuff, command and their mechanical setup.  Below are breakdown each player's performance.  There is a link back to the player videos, in their name.



Myles McGovern LHP / Lake Norman, NC / 2020

Athletic 5-foot-11, 150 pound frame.  Thin, can continue to add strength.  Quick arm flashed advanced stuff.  Fastball sat 83-85, seeming to play harder out of the hand.  May have the ability to pitch off his 4-seam at the top of the zone.  Breaking ball worked out of a slow arm with gradual 1/7 rolling tilt, sitting 67-68.  Was asked to throw it harder, creating much tighter spin and hard, downer tilt at 73-74.  Did not land the harder breaking ball with any consistency, but should have the ability to land it with reps.  Change-up comes from a lower slot, at times pushing it, flashing early fade at 74-76.  Small rocker and easy turn to a leg kick to the mid-chest.  Simple head and hands, working off a slightly closed line and landing a ½ foot across his line, with a square toe.  Good extension.  Long arm swing and quick arm.  Over-the-top slot on the fastball.  Tends to relax the slot slightly on the breaking ball.  Command should improve with stable hand speed and a stable slot.

Peyton Smith RHP / R.L. Patton, NC / 2021

Lanky, 6-foot-3, 175 pound frame.  Good extension with intent through his release.  Slow tempo through balance, quickens as the arm works to get up.  Kicks to the top of the chest, gaining ground down the hill.  Level shoulders.  Long arm swing with a slight stab at the bottom of the arc.  Over-the-top release with some hand speed.  Lands on-line and square.  Fastball at 76-78, around the zone.  Change-up has fade with deception out of the hand at 63-65.  Can work off the change-up based on the feel in this bullpen.  Breaking ball is gradual, fighting for a consistent release point.  Slight hump out of the hand and 11/5 arc  with average hand speed, sitting 58-63.  Flashed all three pitches in the zone.

Jake Wagoner RHP / 1B / Northern Guilford, NC / 2020

Average 6-foot, 175 pound frame.  Some quickness in the hand.  Fastball has run, working 80-82.  Flashed feel for four pitches.  Curveball has a slight hump out of the hand with 11/5 tilt at 68-70.  Lands the breaking ball consistently with solid hand speed.  Slider sat 68-70 with more side to side movement than the breaking ball but the hand may be caught between the two pitches at times as well.  Straight change-up at 75-76 has some deception out of the hand.  In the zone with the change.  Occasionally cut it to the glove side.  Simple rocker and leg kick with a stable head.  Hand pump over the head working to break the hands at the chest level.  Long arm swing with the hand slightly laid off at foot strike.  Foot strike is slightly across his line, with a closed front foot.  Hips works to clear, creating a slight fall toward 1B, occasionally.  Average extension.  Over-the-top release, dropping down at times to a ¾ slot.  Attacked the zone and threw strikes with all three pitches.

Jaren Woodcock RHP / SS / Myers Park, NC / 2020

Average build with some athleticism present at 6-foot-1, 170 pounds.  Simple delivery, very stable over the rubber, repeating consistently.  Kicks to the bottom of the chest, with an average stride, landing on-line with an open foot at foot strike.  Front side clears quickly.  Medium arm swing to an over-the-top slot.  Head and posture leave the line at release.  Creates movement on the fastball and change.  Fastball peaked at 76 as he worked to stay through a pitch.  Fastball ranged 71-76.  Good feel for te change at 66-69.  Attacked the zone with fade and deception out of the hand.  Curveball at 64-67.  Gradual 11/5 tilt with average hand speed.  Slider tends to spin at 68.  Stuff could tick up as he works to stay behind the ball a little more.