Prep Baseball Report

On Deck O's 2019 Workout Notebook

By Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

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On Saturday June 24th, the On Deck O's 2019 group used an off weekend to workout and play a scrimmage.  PBR was on hand to watch and evaluate.  The On Deck program runs teams in a variety of age groups, working out of their indoor/outdoor facility in Pineville, NC.  Below are some quick notes on the players in attendance.


On Deck O's - 2019's


Josiah Barhite LHP / OF / Home Schooled, NC / 2019


Long arm action works behind the body line.  Stable head.  Closed line through the shoulders.  Lands slightly closed.  Rotational through release falling to the 3B side.  Fastball ranged 77-80 with run to the arm side.  Slider is the go to pitch, leaning on it when needed.  Lots of sliders to arm side.  Sat 67-70 with gradual 2/7 arc.  Around at times.  Good effect.  Changeup at 73, choked a little.  Lacked comfort with change.

Average build at 5-foot-9, 150 pounds.  Plays through balls in the outfield with clean, aggressive exchanges.  Long arm action with the elbow working slightly above the shoulder line.  Gets to a high-¾ release.  Quick arm.  Some accuracy.  83 mph from the OF.  Right handed hitter begins balanced and in a slight crouch.  Narrow stance.  Leg kick works to a small stride.  Loads down with the hands.  Sprays the baseball.  Exit velo at 83 mph.  Ran a 7.54 sixty and 4.51 to first.





Alec Bell OF / 2B / Kings Mountain, NC / 2018


Average build with solid fundamental play.  On the infield, funnels balls to the midsection with decent hands.  Lacks some bend through the hips but exchanges cleanly into long arm arc and high-¾ slot.  Showed an ability to manipulate the arm angle based on the play and remain accurate.  Some carry, showing 77 mph across the diamond.  Right handed hitter is balanced and slightly open to start.  Short stride dives back towards the plate.  Flat bat head at launch position, working inside the baseball.  Stays on backside working to generate some power.  Exit velocity topped at 77.  Ran a 7.39 sixty.  Turned in home to first of 4.59.





Anthony Casciola RHP / OF / Weddington, NC / 2019


6-foot, 155 pounder with length in his levers.  77-79 with the fastball.  Average to above arm speed from a long arm arc and over-the-top slot.  Leans on slider when needed.  Sat 69-74, showing late 10/4 tilt.  Occasionally around the slider producing more sweeping action.  Swing and miss, and freeze, with slider.  One changeup thrown at 67.





Max Castro RHP / South Mecklenburg, NC / 2019


6-foot, 140 pounder with a long arm action to a high-¾ slot.  Fastball ranged 72-76.  Simple delivery working on-line.  Average leg kick.  Good front side and back side rhythm.  Erratic command that settled as the outing wore on.  Sweepy slider at 66-67.





Drew Cognac OF / Marvin Ridge, NC / 2019


Left handed arm works with a long arc and some quickness to a high-¾ slot.  Head snaps through the release point producing average accuracy.  76 mph out of the hand.  5-foot-6, 130 pound left handed hitter.  Tall base and vertical bat.  Short strider, strides to slightly open with an active back side.  Thin through the barrel with a pull tendency.  Exit velo peaked at 78 off the barrel.  Ran a 7.94 sixty.





John Demas C / RHP / Charlotte Country Day, NC / 2019


Physical build with strength at 6-foot, 195 pounds.  Balanced in the box, uses a short stride.  Wants extension and is flat through the zone.  Direct path in game.  Average bat speed, showed some feel for the barrel position.  Exit velocity peaked at 87 off the barrel.  Ran a 7.47 sixty and turned in a 4.95 home to first.  Some stiffness in the setup behind the plate.  Average accuracy from a long arm action to an over-the-top slot.  Pop times ranged 2.21-2.37.  Positional velocity measured at 73 from the crouch.





Matt Duggan SS / OF / Marvin Ridge HS, NC / 2019


6-foot-, 150 pound frame.  Active feet on the infield.  Feet get a little heavy after funneling to the midsection and exchanging.  Long arm action, reaches straight back at the shoulder line getting into a high-¾ slot.  78 across the diamond with some accuracy.  Balanced in the box and uses a weight shift to load to launch.  Leg kick to stride.  Flat and loose through the zone, sprays the ball around the field.  Exit velocity of 82 off the barrel.  Ran a 7.10 sixty





Trevor Grant OF / RHP / Cuthbertson, NC / 2019


Physical build at 6-foot-2, 185 pounds.  Balanced in the box.  Finds the barrel in BP.  Exit velocity up to 89, flashing power potential.  Small to no stride.  Weight shift back to load.  Waggle in bat head through the load.  Aggressive and creates bat speed.  Airs it out throughout BP.  In game worked from slight open to striding open.  Lacked some plate coverage.  Ran a 7.04 sixty.  In the OF, plays through balls aggressively.  Long arm action from a slow exchange to load the arm and feet.  Ball turns over early working to an over-the-top slot.  Touched 80 from the OF.

On the bump, long arm action works to an over-the-top slot.  Fastball ranged 78-79.  Works on-line with level shoulders, landing in-line.  Slight clearance by front side and head to make room for the slot.  Downhill angle.  Arm strength over arm speed.  Late, deceptive 12/6 breaking ball.  Hard out of the hand with good hand speed.  Showed for a strike and the ability to expand down with the breaker.





Jackson Harbin 3B / RHP / Forestview, NC / 2019

Left handed hitter starts open and tall.  6-foot, 155 pounder uses a leg kick into an average stride.  Bat waggles throughout the load, setting different launch positions, creating some barrel difficulty.  Uphill leverage in the swing path with a slight pull tendency.  LIkes the ball down, creating more extension and bat speed as the pitch is attacked.  Exit velocity maxed at 82.  Long strider, ran a 7.58 sixty and showed more range than quickness on the infield.  Catches the ball transitioning with clean exchanges to a long arm action.  Some effort in the arm as the head clears to make room for the over-the-top slot.  Arm speed measured at 70 from shortstop.





Owen Harley SS / 2B / Parkwood, NC / 2019

Athletic and turned in a 7.01 sixty while showcasing solid actions on the infield.  Direct path to the ball with average hands.  Funneled to the midsection transitioning to a quick, clean exchanges and a long arm action.  82 across the diamond, with carry and accuracy.  Right handed hitter stands 5-foot-8, 130 pounds and works from an open base with a leg kick.  Weight shift in the leg kick sets the swing and starts a timing device.  Flat through the zone, spraying the ball across the field.  Showed some feel for the barrel.  Exit velocity maxed at 80.





Carson Jones OF / 2B / Fort Mill, SC / 2019


Plays through balls in the outfield with some ease.  Long arm action works to an over-the-top slot with a quick arm.  Some elbow lead in the arm action and head clearance.  Average accuracy.  Positional velo of 83.  6-foot-, 160 pound right handed hitter.  Wide base with balance.  Weight shift for load.  Short stride.  Direct path through the ball, wanting extension and staying in the middle of the field with decent feel for the barrel.  Exit velocity topped at 82 mph.  Ran a 7.45 sixty.





Jake Machado C / Marvin Ridge, NC / 2019


Stocky build, with a strong lower half at 5-foot-7, 175 pounds.  Works from the right side with a tall stance and vertical bat.  Short strider, wants extension.  Pull emphasis.  Barrel awareness can improve.  Exit velocity topped at 79 off the barrel.  Behind the dish, provides a low target with solid hand strength.  Eager to block, showing an ability to deaden offspeed.  Exchange happens prior to glove crossing the chest, limiting some of the load in the arm.  Pop times ranged 2.13 - 2.28 with occasional accuracy.  Positional velocity topped at 68 from the crouch.  Longer arm action on the infield, with some stiffness in the transfer.  Arm measured at 70 mph across the diamond.  Ran a 7.35 sixty.





Connor McGinty RHP / Providence , NC / 2019

Lanky, tall and thin at 6-foot-1, 130 pounds.  Plenty of room for added strength.  Short strider lands in-line with a flexed front side.  Short arm action works to a high-¾ slot.  Ball stays hidden behind body.   Average to above arm speed.  Fastball ranged 77-81 with run.  Fights for rhythm with the front side, leaving balls up and arm side throughout the outing.  Typically back in zone with fastball after misses.  Changeup is pushed from a slightly lower slot at 70-73.  Showed feel for the zone with change.  Left breaking ball to arm side consistently at 64-65, lacking shape.





Riley Nicosia RHP / Marvin Ridge, NC / 2019


Arm side run from a fastball ranging 75-78.  An over-the-top slot with a slow build tempo.  Long arm action that bottoms out.  Shoulders are level and on-line.  Foot strike is in-line.  Down zone with feel but tended to nibble and expand early, creating deeper counts.  Straight changeup at 69-72.  Maintains hand speed.  More comfort in wind-up than stretch.  At 6-foot-1, 145 pounds there is plenty of room for maturity and strength in the body.





Ryan Restino LHP / OF / Lincoln Charter, NC / 2019


Fastball - changeup mix with the fastball ranging 77-79.  Around the zone with both.  Heavy changeup on this day in put-away situations.  Change has fade at 65-66.  Hands speed is aggressive but the hand works to the inside of the baseball early, changing the normal high-¾ slot, slightly.  5-foot-9, 140 pounder has some head clearance with a long arm action.  Good rhythm in the front side and back side.  Average to above arm quickness.  





Joel Simpson C / OF / Central Academy of Technology and Arts, NC / 2019


High motor receiver, working to keep his pitchers in the zone.  Motor may hurt blocking as he lunges forward, throwing the body at times.  No questioning his desire to block. Long arm action, turning the ball over early as he gets to an over-the-top slot.  Pop times ranged 2.06 - 2.32 with some accuracy.  Exchange can get stronger, allowing the arm to work with better rhythm.  Arm speed measured 73 mph from the crouch.  Right handed hitter stands 5-foot-8, 150 pounds.  Tall and balanced setup.  Short stride with a minimal load.  Flat through the zone with some barrel awareness.  Back side action is lacking throughout swing.  Exit velocity topped at 82 off the barrel.  





Braden Smith C / Carmel Christian, NC / 2019


Thin, 5-foot-10, 135 pound frame.  Room to add plenty of strength.  Easy target and moves well behind the plate.  Effort in blocking, moving through balls as they hit.  Loose arm with a long arc and average exchange.  73 mph from the crouch with pop times ranging 2.06-2.21.  Open stance, using a leg kick and small stride.  Good head discipline.  Direct path staying in the middle of the field.  Line drive production.  Exit velocity peaked at 79. Ran a 7.42 sixty.





Jackson Stinchfield OF / RHP / Marvin Ridge, NC / 2019


Long levers on the 6-foot-1, 155 pounder.  Exit velocity off the bat of 84 mph.  Tall, open stance.  Aggressive stride while loading down with the hands.  Coils front side and rotational through the swing.  Average bat speed with some barrel awareness.  Lacked some plate coverage in game situations.  Ran a 7.27 sixty.  Best home to first time clocked at 5.02.  Works through the ball in the OF, cautious through the exchange.  High-¾ slot with an early front side creating a sling action through the release.  82 mph out of the hand.  

On the mound, long levers and a short arm action work to a high-¾ slot with front side clearance.  Erratic to the arm side.  False run on the fastball at 73-79.  Command issues limited pitch-ability but did subtract from fastball throwing BP fastballs, acting as changeups, at 66-69.




Jack Tidwell RHP / 1B / South Mecklenburg, NC / 2019


Physical presence in a big bodied 6-foot-3, 200 pounder.  Long stroke is early to the top, working slightly behind the body line to an over-the-top slot.  Head clears the line slightly.  Slow tempo through the delivery.  Fastball ranged 74-76.  Mechanics worked to sync as the outing lengthened.





Nick Wernli RHP / Porter Ridge, NC / 2019


Big bodied righty at 6-foot-2, 205 pounds.  Over-the-top slot with some effort in the arm swing, fastball bumping 80-82.  On-line with the body, landing in-line with the foot.  Advanced changeup at 72-73.  Change gets swing and miss, straight, with deception out of the hand.  Early breaking ball with 10/4 tilt at 67.  Out of the stretch there is slight crossfire with the slot fighting to get on-line.