Prep Baseball Report

PBR 2020 Summer Slam - Statistical Analysis

By Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

Prep Baseball Report is continuing to work to cover high school baseball and its players across North Carolina.  As part of that mission, PBR is running team events in the summer season.  Last weekend three teams, from two programs, met at North Carolina A&T to go through a full workout followed by live game action.  The On Deck O’s 2020 Black and Orange teams, along with the NCBA Golden Spikes 2020’s participated in the PBR 2020 Summer Slam.

The weekend began with a full workout for position players that included a 60, offensive evaluation session, and defensive evaluation session.  Statistics were collected on the run time and arms, while each tool was evaluated by the PBR staff in attendance.

Following the evaluation each team played a minimum of three games with a PBR scout in attendance to continue the evaluation of the position players and gather information on the pitchers in each program.  Today we take a look at the statistical performances from the weekend.

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PBR 2020 Summer Slam Stats

The end of the summer, especially for the rising sophomore class can bring about tired bodies, arms, and legs.  With that said, several players really showed well throughout the weekend.  The sixty is not a great measure of time for many players at this age as they don’t maintain their top speed for long yardages.  Petty Ramsey (INF, Randleman HS) ran a 7.22 sixty to lead all players.  Eric Molnar (OF, Marvin Ridge HS) was close behind running a 7.37.

From the outfield, Mikey Tepper (RHP/OF, Fort Mill HS (SC)) topped all positional velocities, touching 83 on his throw to the plate.  Joe Haney (SS, South Lake Christian) led all infielders working 79 mph across the diamond.  

From behind the plate, Drew Bryan (C, Southern Lee HS) impressed with a solid exchange and advanced accuracy on throws ranging 1.94 – 2.11 to 2B.  His positional velocity was tied for 3rd in the event, sitting behind Peter Gullo (C, Ardrey Kell HS) at 74 mph and Collin Ravin (C, Providence Day) at 73 mph from the crouch.  Gullo’s pop time ranged 2.04 – 2.11.

On the bump, two arms separated themselves from the rest of the pack.  Gus Hughes (RHP, Grimsley) showed an advanced feel for pitching while touching 87.  The ball jumped out of his hand as he attacked the strike zone.  Mikey Tepper worked to match Hughes in the game, sitting 81-84 but popping several 85’s during his outing.  In all eleven arms worked at 77 or better throughout the weekend.

Statistical Leaders

Drew Bryan C / RHP / Southern Lee, NC / 2020

Top Catcher Pop Time -- Ranged 1.94 - 2.11 with accuracy and carry





Peter Gullo 1B / C / Ardrey Kell, NC / 2020

Top Catcher Positional Velocity -- 74 mph from the crouch on throws through to 2B





Mikey Tepper RHP / Fort Mill, NC / 2020

Top Outfield Velocity -- 83 mph from right field on throws to the plate





Joe Haney SS / 2B / SouthLake Christian, NC / 2020

Top Infield Velocity -- 79 mph across the diamond from shortstop





Ramsey Petty / Randleman, NC / 2020

Top 60 -- Ran a 7.22 during the workout





Gus Hughes RHP / OF / Grimsley, NC / 2020

Top Fastball -- 87 mph in game play.  Sat 86-87 for most of his outing.