PBR Scout Day: 5 Star Baseball - Catchers

By Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

On Sunday May 21st Prep Baseball Report traveled to South Mecklenburg HS in Charlotte, NC to evaluate the Five Star Baseball Scout Day.  Five Star is a new program to North Carolina, kind of.  With much of the roster and staff coming from 2016's Team Rawlings, Five Star is a national brand with a North Carolina team.  The Five Star teams have evloved from the Chain organization in past years.  Over the coming days, PBR will dive into the Scout Day with reports on each player in attendance.  Today we concentrate on the primary catchers that worked out at the Scout Day.

PBR Scout Days allow players to update their PBR profile page with updated and verified statistics, a full evaluation, and video.  The evaluations are performed by PBR staff members with a history of college and professional scouting.  All of the information will be hosted on the PBR platform, connecting players to over 800 colleges and universities, and every MLB team.

5 Star Baseball - Pitchers



Luke Bumgarner C / OF / North Gaston, NC / 2019

Strong, athletic build.  Pop times ranged 1.99 - 2.14 with arm strength playing over release quickness.  Positional velocity topped at 79 out of the crouch from a long arm swing to an over-the-top slot.  Accuracy can improve as the rhythm in the transfer becomes more fluid.  Tendency to load the arm, as carry plays.  Right handed hitter has strength and aggression, exit velocity topped at 87mph.  Works from a balanced stance loading the hands back with an average stride. Level swing wants extension, working line drives to the pull side. Slightly wrapped on the load, would unwind at times creating some length in the swing.  





Clayton Canale C / RHP / South Caldwell, NC / 2019

Athletic receiver with a strong arm and quick release.  Athleticism packed into a 5-foot-9, 160 pound frame.  Pop times ranged 1.95 - 2.17 with some accuracy.  Arm carry and velocity from a short stroke and high-¾ slot, topping at 79 out of the crouch.  In the bullpen, handled pitchers well, presenting an easy target.  Hands worked to received with softness.  Ran a 7.22 sixty. Right handed hitter works with aggression, showing rhythm and a feel for the barrel.  Balanced and athletic, loads back with the hands, using a short stride.  Good approach, working level through the zone, wanting extension.  Stayed gap-to-gap.  Can improve strength and carry off the barrel.  Exit velocity touched 80.





Michael Brooks Carico C / OF / Glenn, NC / 2020

Young catcher with solid tools behind the plate.  Flashed pop times ranging 2.03 - 2.22 with a short, over-the-top slot.  Average carry with the arm speed measuring 72mph from his stance.  Tends to receive high, especially in an aggressive stance.  Hands have some stiffness in them while receiving and the hips lack some activity to help the hands work.  Left handed hitter stands 5-foot-10, 145 pounds and ran a 7.73 sixty and registered an exit velocity of 77 off the barrel.  Stays on the backside using uphill leverage to stay gap-to-gap.  A little stiffness in the swing to set the swing plane.  Works from a tall stance, using a leg kick to load the backside.  Bat drags at times as the weight stays behind the swing.





Brendan Cuthrell C / West Forsyth, NC / 2019

An average build at 5-foot-11, 160 pounds produces an accurate arm with pop times ranging 2.17 - 2.47.  Low exchanges did not always allow the arm to load, minimizing some carry and allowing the positional velocity to top at 69mph.  Short arm swing works to a high-¾ slot.  Good feel for the body, to be accurate from some different timings with the hands and feet.  Right handed hitter has an athletic stance, loading back and inside with the hands, and using a leg kick to trigger a short stride.  Bat works level through the swing plane, staying gap-to-gap with the approach.  Good, fluid rhythm in the setup, sweeping the bat at times with average bat speed.  Exit velocity topped at 78mph.  Ran a 7.36 sixty.





Jacob Dacosta C / 3B / Mooresville, NC / 2020

Strength in an average frame, listed at 6-foot, 180 pounds.  Produced an exit velocity of 86mph from the right handed swing.  Tall stance works with waggle in the bat head as the hands trigger the barrel to a vertical slot.   Launch position was inconsistent, causing some issues with barrel awareness at contact.  Wants extension, looking to create power to the pull side.  Some stiffness as the swing works with average bat speed.  Strength over quickness in the swing.  From behind the plate, pop times ranged 2.12 - 2.35 with accuracy.  Throws tended to fade as they approached the bag.  Positional velocity topped at 69mph from the crouch.  Tends to receive a little high but presented “want to” with pitchers making him a target pitchers trusted.  Ran a 7.93 sixty.





MJ Lucas C / 3B / Parkwood, NC / 2019

Presented strength in an average 5-foot-11, 194 pound frame.  Left handed hitter works from a balanced, athletic position, using a leg kick as the body loads back with a weight shift.  Very aggressive demeanor, creating better than average bat speed.  Uphill leverage, looking for extension in a swing geared to stay in the gaps.  Good rhythm, with an exit velocity of 84 mph off the barrel.  Barrel awareness can be improved.  From behind the dish, pop times ranged 2.07 - 2.29 with some accuracy and a positional velocity of 74 mph from the crouch, producing average carry.  Short arm stroke works to an over-the-top slot.  Rhythm on the transfer seems rushed at times and carry may improve with better hand and feet awareness.  Also worked out on the infield, working to be athletic and play through balls.  Feet could get heavy as he played high at the point of the catch.  Arm showed some carry, working at 73 mph across the diamond.





Chad Treadway C / RHP / Christ School, NC / 2019

Strength over quickness in an athletic 6-foot, 205 pound frame.  Switch hitter showing some pop from both sides of the plate with a swing geared to create leverage, driving balls to the pull side, from both sides.  From the left side there is better barrel awareness, working from a balanced setup and a ‘C’ load rhythm with the hands.  Works open to even with his stride, staying on the backside as better than average bat speed works through the ball, producing a lot of pull side action.  On the right side, a similar setup but the barrel tends to wrap around the head, producing a little more length in the swing.  Still pull oriented with his contact.  Best exit velocity produced on the day was 85 mph.  Chance to develop into an elite arm in the 2019 class, posting pop times of 2.00 - 2.10, with a positional velocity of 81 from the crouch.  Very consistent with the release, carry, and accuracy.  Short arm stroke to an over-the-top slot, from a very easy and consistent transfer.  Receives with ease, taking control of the bullpen.  Athletic in the hips, moves easy and presents received balls well.  





Justin Wilkins C / OF / Hough, NC / 2018

Good defender with athleticism showing in his ability to receive, transfer and release the ball.  Average frame with room to add strength, ran a 7.13 sixty.  Short arm stroke from a high, easy transfer leads to a high-¾ slot producing carry and flashing some accuracy.  Exit velocity out of the hand topped at 75 mph.  Pop times ranged 2.01 - 2.17.  Quick and fluid, times have a chance to continue to improve as the body matures.  Offensively, the right handed hitter works from a balanced stance loading back with a short stride.  Works level with a pull tendency.  Bat speed can improve.  Exit velocity off the barrel topped at 80mph.