PBR Scout Day: Akadema Knights - Infielders

By Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

On Saturday May 20th Prep Baseball Report traveled to Union Pines HS in Cameron, NC to evaluate the Akadema Knight's Scout Day.  The Knights feature a team made up of players from North Carolina with a high concentration from an hour of the Fayetteville area.  Akadema has teams competing this summer in an array of age groups, with 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 grads on hand for the scout day.  Over the coming days, PBR will dive into the Scout Day with reports on each player in attendance.  Today we concentrate on the infielders that worked out at the Scout Day.

PBR Scout Days allow players to update their PBR profile page with updated and verified statistics, a full evaluation, and video.  The evaluations are performed by PBR staff members with a history of college and professional scouting.  All of the information will be hosted on the PBR platform, connecting players to over 800 colleges and universities, and every MLB team.

Akadema Knights - Infielders

For a full roster of participants in the Akadema Knights Scout Day, CLICK HERE.

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Will Beck 1B / RHP / Marlboro Academy, NC / 2019

Big bodied first baseman stands 6-foot-2, 200 pounds.  Strength in the frame.  Right handed hitter begins open, striding to an open base, with his hands loading down.  Long aggressive stride.  Strength over quickness in the swing.  Looking for extension, with a pull tendency in an uphill bat path.  Lack some barrel awareness but produced signs of power when on the barrel.  Exit velocity topped at 84.  Played somewhat high at 1B, showing an ability to catch the ball.  Long, clean exchanges led to a long arm action and high-¾ slot.  Arm speed measured at 77 across the infield.  Ran a 7.89 sixty.





Brayden Cotton SS / RHP / Lee County, NC / 2019

Average build in a young frame, listed at 5-foot-11, 133 pounds.  Slightly crouched stance from the right handed hitter.  Loads down and in with his hands, using a leg kick to create a short stride.  Average barrel awareness and bat speed.  Slightly uphill with the swing path, working to stay gap-to-gap. Exit velocity topped at 73 and should improve as strength is added to the frame.  On the infield, plays slightly high, with average hands and low exchanges.  At times on his heels and a little stiff, exchanges worked to a high-¾ slot with a long arm swing.  Showed some accuracy and average carry as the arm measured at 76 mph across the infield.





Adam Dossenbach RHP / 1B / Southern Lee, NC / 2018

Aggressive right handed hitter.  Balanced with a leg kick working to a long stride, creating weight shift as he attacks baseballs.  Loads down, creating an uphill path, that is pull conscious.  Lacked some feel for the barrel and created topspin on several swings.  At first base, showed average hands, catching the ball deep in a high stance, causing some stiffness.   Long exchanges lead to a long, loose high-¾ slot.  Accuracy  with average carry as the positional velocity topped at 75.  Ran a 7.99 sixty.





Jake Good SS / RHP / Garner, NC / 2021

Young 5-foot-11, 140 pounds.  Some length in the limbs.  Balanced setup from the right side, loading back, utilizing a leg kick.  Uphill with a pull tendency, working off his back leg throughout the swing.  Good rhythm in the swing.  Exit velocity topped at 76.  On the infield, clean exchanges from a deep glove positioning.  Hands worked around the feet, creating some issues in the footwork.  Long arm action, lays the ball off early, to a high-¾ slot.  64 mph across the infield.  Ran a 7.58 sixty.





Justin Hamilton RHP / 3B / South Johnston, NC / 2020

Strong, athletic build in the 6-foot, 184 pounder.  Balanced and tall in the box, loads back with a short stride.  Average bat speed from a short, level bat path.  Line drive approach worked gap-to-gap.  Some barrel awareness.  Lacked some explosive twitch in the BP rounds.  Exit velocity up to 76 mph.  On the infield, plays a little high with average hands and clean exchanges.  Funnels ball to the midsection, short arm swing to a high-¾ slot showed some accuracy.  Arm measured 71mph across the diamond.





Thomas Harrington SS / 2B / Southern Lee, NC / 2020

Lanky 6-foot, 145 pounds.  Solid actions at short.  Soft hands with clean, quick exchanges.  Fluid feet and athleticism worked to an athletic, clean arm swing and high-¾ slot.  Accuracy and carry on the throws.  Arm topped at 83 mph across the diamond.  Hit right handed only.  Aggressive swings with looseness and athleticism.  Slightly crouched with varying leg kicks to a short stride.  Barrel wraps slightly on load.  Good weight shift to the front side, although the backside lacks aggression.  Level bat path works gap-to-gap with a fluid rhythm.  Barrel awareness can continue to improve.  Hitterish tendencies.  Ran a 7.76 sixty.





Lawton Harris SS / 2B / Cheraw, NC / 2020

Right handed hitter in a 5-foot-7, 135 pound frame.  Young body, still growing.  Ran a 7.28 sixty.  Simple setup and approach.  Loads back, using a long aggressive stride.  Hands work to the ball.  Short swing, direct, working gap-to-gap with fluid rhythm.  Exit velocity topped at 72.  Swing is set for success as strength is added to the frame.  On the infield, works to play through balls.  Some effort as the hands and feet fight for rhythm.  Caught the ball consistently.  Long arm to a high-¾ slot.  Some accuracy, but the ball faded as it approached the target.  Measured at 75 mph across the infield.  





Noah Horne SS / 2B / N/a, NC / 2019

Thin athletic build.  Some quick twitch in the frame, running a 7.12 sixty.  Left handed hitter works from a tall, open stance.  Short stride with average bat speed.  Level, line drive approach, working gap-to-gap.  Rotational on the backside with some head discipline issues.  Pull tendency.  Exit velocity topped at 76.  On the infield, average hands worked with clean exchanges, funneling to the midsection.  Feet were heavy at times, creating a longer exchange.  Long arm action and over-the-top slot showed accuracy.  Ball faded as it approached its target,  67 mph across the infield.  





Chandler Hunter SS / 2B / Cheraw, NC / 2018

5-foot-8, 155 pounder.  Ran a 7.22 sixty.  Average hands on the infield but athletic, clean, and quick with his exchanges.  Active feet and hands.  Some effort into the throwing action with a long arm swing, working through some stiffness.  An over-the-top slot produced 78 across the infield, with accuracy.  Right handed hitter works balanced, loading back with an aggressive stride.  Good approach, wants extension, working gap-to-gap, with occasional pull tendencies.  Aggressive with decent strength for the build.  Exit velocity topped at 82. Head discipline can be improved.





Hunter Jackson 2B / OF / Grays Creek, NC / 2021

Fundamentally sound in several aspects.  Strength will factor in the development process.  5-foot-6, 115 pounds, ran a 7.56 sixty.  Exit velocity topped at 70mph.  Right hander works from a balanced and athletic setup.  Loads back, using a leg kick to get to a short stride.  Direct swing path, with good head discipline.  Level and works gap-to-gap.  On the infield, flashed soft hands with fluid footwork that will need to quicken.   Clean exchanges, while playing through the ball to a long arm action and high-¾ slot.  Arm speed measured at 65 mph across the infield.






Luke Johnson SS / 2B / Marlboro Academy, NC / 2019

Average build to the 5-foot-10, 165 pounder.  Whippy and quick with the barrel from the right side.  Exit velocity topped at 86mph.  Balanced, tall, and slightly open in the setup.  Smooth load back with a short stride.  Good balance and active lower half produce above average bat speed.  Level, line drive path, working gap-to-gap with good rhythm.  Produced barrels throughout BP.  At short, worked fluid and clean. Showed athleticism in catches and exchanges.  Presents hands late at times, but caught the ball consistently.  Long arm works to a high-¾ slot.  Easy arm with looseness, 78mph across the diamond.  Good carry and accuracy.  Ran a 7.54 sixty.






AJ Jones SS / 2B / Southern Nash, NC / 2020

Good athlete with a solid base in across the game.  Stands 5-foot-10, 140 pounds.  Hit from the left side with a tall stance.  Hands start high and loaded.  Used a small hand trigger and a short stride to produce above average bat speed.  Works for extension, with a pull tendency.  Fluid rhythm, repeating the swing.  Exit velocity topped at 80mph off the bat.  Soft hands and fluid footwork worked to clean exchanges.  Funnels to midsection.  Feet can quicken as he matures.  Long arm action to a high-¾ slot.  Accuracy was present with the arm measuring 73 mph across the infield.  Ran a 7.46 sixty.





Anthony Jones 3B / 2B / Grays Creek, NC / 2018

Strong 5-foot-9, 179 pound frame.  Flat bat and crouched to start.  Loads back with a short stride.  Average bat speed works level through the zone, staying gap-to-gap.  Some length in the swing as the barrel lays away from the body at launch.  Exit velocity topped at 81.  Short arm swing and high-¾ slot produced accuracy and some carry.  Arm speed measured at 76 across the infield.  Bends at waist, catching balls deep.  Hands did work, creating clean exchanges.  Tends to pick through balls and carry the action to his chin prior to the exchange.





Jett Lewis 1B / 3B / Lake View, NC / 2019

Big bodied 6-foot, 215 pounder.  Right handed hitter has a feel for the barrel, working from an open stance.  Short stride and average bat speed work to a slightly uphill bat path.  Pull tendency as the swing has some stiffness in it.  Rotational base can lengthen the swing at times.  Infield plays with decent hands and clean exchanges.  Tends to be high at the point of the catch, lacking rhythm in the feet.  Long arm action works to a high-¾ slot.  Arm measured 67 mph across the diamond.  Ran a 9.07 sixty.





Dakota Locklear RHP / 1B / Purnell Swett, NC / 2018

Strength in the barrel, with an exit velocity of 90 mph from the right handed hitter.  Open stance, loads back with a long aggressive stride.  Aggressive swings, producing a quick bat.  Wants extension, showing power, working to the pull side extensively.  Loose and showed a feel for the barrel.  On the infield, average hands worked to funnel to the midsection.  Feet can quicken.  Clean exchanges to a long arm swing and high-¾ slot.   Arm topped at 77 mph.  Tends to play high on most ground balls, lacking some bend.  Sixty clocked at 7.59





Alex Mauldin 1B / 3B / Union Pines, NC / 2019

Imposing 6-foot-3, 235 pounder.  Produced an exit velocity of 89mph from the right side.  Starts open, loading down, with a leg kick to an aggressive long stride.  Better than average bat speed, works uphill, wanting to get the head out with a heavy pull tendency.  On the infield, showed decent athleticism for his size.  Average hands and clean exchanges.  Feet can quicken.  Short arm swing to a high-¾ slot.  Arm speed measured at 59mph.  Ran a 8.07 sixty.





Kyshawn McLean SS / RHP / Cape Fear, NC / 2018

Athletic and beginning to grow into his 5-foot-11, 147 pound frame.  Ran a 6.83 sixty.  Active, easy feet on the infield, with good rhythm.  Works to play through balls, catching them deep at times.  Clean exchanges as the ball is funneled to the right hip.  Long arm action and high-¾ slot.  Showed some feel for accuracy.  Ball has carry, topping at 79 out of the hand.  Right handed hitter works from a tall base, loading back with a strong, almost barred, lead arm.  Loose with strength.  Short, early stride and a barrel that waggles throughout the load. Set to be rotational with a pull tendency.  Above average bat speed.  Works to stay level, hitting line drives to the pull side.  Exit velocity peaked at 81 mph.





Logan Moore 1B / LHP / Richmond Sr, NC / 2019

First baseman has a long arm action with slight stiffness, turning the ball over early in the arm swing.  ¾ slot showed accuracy measuring at 61 mph across the diamond.  Hands worked with little give, exchanging low.  Feet tend to be a little heavy working through the ball.  Left handed hitter works from a balanced stance with a smooth load and short stride.  Tends to pull front side early, creating hook in the swing.  Strong when on the barrel with an exit velocity peaking at 84 mph.  Rana 7.94 sixty.





Sam Poole RHP / 3B / Marlboro Academy, NC / 2019

In the box, strength played over quickness.  Balanced and athletic setup on the right side.  Loads back with a short stride, set to work uphill, showing better than average bat speed.  Stays gap-to-gap with fluid rhythm in the setup and swing.  Has some barrel awareness.  Can get rotational on the backside and head discipline can wain.  Exit velocity topped at 85 mph.  On the infield, flashed average carry, with arm speed measuring 71mph.  Long arm action works to an over-the-top slot.  Hands tend to work with some stiffness, catching balls deep, and playing on his heels at times.  Clean exchanges led to some accuracy.  Ran a 7.70 sixty.





Jarrett Pritchard 3B / RHP / South Caldwell, NC / 2019

Thick build in a 5-foot-10, 180 pound frame.  Right handed hitter starts tall, using a limited load and short stride to create better than average bat speed.  Bat sweeps through the zone looking for extension.  Pull tendency.  Showed feel for the barrel.  Exit velocity topped at 78mph.  On the infield, tends to catch the ball deep, creating low, but clean exchanges.  Arm worked to a high-¾ slot from a long arm swing, touching 69mph across the diamond.  Some stiffness in the body.  Ran a 7.82 sixty.





Andres Quiles-Crespo SS / OF / Grays Creek, NC / 2021

Young frame and athlete.  At 5-foot-6, 128 pounds, plenty of room to fill out and add strength as he continues to grow.  Soft hands were apparent with active, fluid feet.  Clean exchanges, but low in the fielding position.  Played through balls working to a short, high-¾ slot.  Showed accuracy, but lacked carry on the ball.  Top velocity across the diamond was 61 mph.  Ran a 4.21 sixty.  In the box, left handed hitter started tall, used a small rhythm load with the leg kick to a short stride.  Some feel for the barrel.  Should shorten the swing as he adds strength to the frame.  Tended to stay level, working to produce line drives.  Exit velocity topped at 78mph.





Caleb Scott SS / 2B / Western Harnett, NC / 2020

Solid athlete in a 5-foot-6, 135 pound frame.  Ran a 7.28 sixty and showed an exit velocity of 78 off the barrel.  Balanced and athletic setup as a right handed hitter.  Loads back with a short stride.  Has some barrel awareness.  Level, line-drive swing, working gap-to-gap.  Little stiff with average head discipline.  Works with some rhythm and fluid feet on the infield.  Plays through balls with clean exchanges.  Long arm action gets a high-¾ slot with the arm speed topping at 72 mph across the diamond.  





Tyler Strickland RHP / 1B / Gray's Creek, NC / 2020

Works from a tall stance as a right handed hitter.  Exit velocity topped at 88mph.  Strong and whippy with the barrel.  Fought to find the barrel at times.  Loads down, using a leg kick and short stride.  Better than average bat speed working to gain extension and stay gap-to-gap.  On the infield, the footwork is still learning to guide the long frame.  Long arm has some stiffness working to an over-the-top slot.  Showed accuracy and carry, with the arm speed registering 71 across the infield.  





Jacob Switzer LHP / 1B / Providence Grove, NC / 2018

1st basemen works with soft feet for his size, catching balls with ease and little effort.  Clean exchanges, athleticism plays on the infield.  Long arm action works loose and easy to a high-¾, showing carry and accuracy.   Arm speed measured 72 mph across the diamond.  Left handed hitter works from a balanced stance, loading back with a short stride.  Rotational through the swing, lacking some head discipline and barrel.  Stayed gap-to-gap, with exit velocity topping at 83 mph.  Ran a 7.65 sixty.  





Eugene Wilkins SS / RHP / Purnell Swett, NC / 2019

Shortstop showed soft hands and active feet.  Fluid rhythm made for clean, athletic exchanges as the arm worked to a high-¾ slot with some stiffness. Accurate throws with average carry as positional velocity topped at 73mph. Right handed hitter begins with a tall setup, lacking a major trigger and using a short stride.  Produces better than average bat speed as he works on top of the baseball consistently.  Dives toward the plate and rotates off the ball at times, lacking some head discipline.  Pull tendency throughout BP.  Exit velocity topped at 82.  Ran a 7.54 sixty.