Prep Baseball Report

PBR Scout Day: Carolina Bulldog Infielders

By Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

On Sunday, May 14th Prep Baseball Report travelled to Matthews, NC to evaluate the Carolina Bulldog's Scout Day.  The Bulldogs feature a team made up of players from the greater Charlotte area, competing with a roster full of 2019 graduates, and a few 2018 and 2020 players.  Over the coming days, PBR will dive into the Scout Day with reports on each player in attendance.

PBR Scout Days allow players to update their PBR profile page with updated and verified statistics, a full evaluation, and video.  The evaluations are performed by PBR staff members with a history of college and professional scouting.  All of the information will be hosted on the PBR platform, connecting players to over 800 colleges and universities, and every MLB team.

Carolina Bulldogs Infielders

For a full roster of participants in the Carolina Bulldog Scout Day, CLICK HERE.

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Jacob Bishop SS / RHP / Hickory Ridge, NC / 2019

Some quick twitch in an average build at 6-foot, 150 pounds.  Ran a 7.14 sixty.  Flashed carry from short with a long arm swing to a high-3/4 slot.  Some accuracy and average carry with a positional velocity of 74mph.  Average hands may play better as he works to field balls further out front and his feet create a little better rhythm.  Clean exchanges had some effort re-starting the feet.  Right handed hitter started tall and balanced with the lead arm barred.  Leg kick loaded the backside tending to hang in the air, causing some timing issues with the barrel.  Average bat speed and a good approach saw a pull tendency with the slightly uphill swing.  Exit velocity registered 83mph. 





Nolan DeVos SS / RHP / Hickory Ridge, NC / 2019

Some strength in the young 5-foot-9 145 pounder.  Plays low and loose at short catching the ball consistently with fluid footwork and clean exchanges.  Hands work from the catch to the exchange point around his chin.  Short arm action to a high-3/4 slot, showing accuracy and average carry.  74mph across the infield.  Right handed hitter begins with a balanced stance, loading back with some stiffness in the setup, loading with waggle in the bat head.   Stride is short, at times non-existant, working to create some timing.  Better than average bat speed, works level, staying gap-to-gap.  Good hand-eye, showing barrel awareness throughout.  Loose hands and ease as the bat enters the impact zone. Exit velocity off the bat measured at 82mph.  Ran a 7.51 sixty.





Michael Hargett RHP / 1B / Porter Ridge, NC / 2018

First baseman has some strength in the 6-foot-1, 205 pound frame.  Right handed hitter works from an open stance with a short stride that dives back to even.  Front side works to stay on the ball with a direct path.  Aggressive demeanor in the box, showed an average awareness of the barrel.  Better than average bat speed, produced an exit velocity of 85mph.  Swing stays gap-to-gap wanting extension with uphill leverage.  Good rhythm throughout.  On the infield, arm strength tested at 76 across the diamond.  Long arm swing to a high-3/4, almost over-the-top slot.  Slightly above average carry, with accuracy.  Tends to play high and on his heels, catching the ball deep.  Quickness in the feet can improve.  Ran a sixty in 7.87





Ryan Huesing 2B / SS / Weddington, NC / 2019

Solid defender in a 5-foot-10, 130 pound frame.  Maturity still to come in a body that can add strength.  Hands work well and continually caught the ball.  Fluid rhythm in the feet, but got a little heavy at times.  Clean, quick exchanges to a high-3/4 slot.  Good accuracy on throws showing average carry.  Arm speed measured 73mph across the diamond.  Offensively the right handed hitter works from an open stance, loading back and up, with a short stride.  Bat works to a vertical position the load.  Some barrel awareness as the bat sweeps through the zone.  Some length in the slightly uphill swing.  Worked to stay gap-to-gap.  Exit velocity topped at 81.  Ran a 7.37 sixty.





Jack Linder 3B / OF / Providence Day, NC / 2019

Right handed hitter stands 5-10, 150 pounds.  Balanced setup with an early load back and short stride.  Very consistent launch position with minimal extra movement created a lot of barrel.  Great back side through the ball with good balance, and better than average bat speed.  Some swagger to the line drive, gap-to-gap approach off the level swing.  Good rhythm and fluidity through the BP rounds.  Exit velocity topped at 84mph.  Defensively, a long arm action worked to a high-3/4 slot.  Some carry on the arm, measured at 73 across the diamond.  Catches the ball deep, but the hands look to work.  Deep fielding position led to length through the exchange.  Foot quickness can improve.  Ran a 7.47 sixty.





Will Palinkas 3B / RHP / Providence, NC / 2018

Length with a strong build that stands out in the 6-foot4, 200 pound frame.  Aggessive and works to get the bat through the zone from the right side.  Exit velocity measured at 98mph.  Balanced and tall from the right side.  Uses a leg kick and short stride to set up the swing that has an aggressive backside through the ball.  Better than average bat speed, and some swagger in the box, the swing has good rhythm.  Set uphill with the path, from a low set of the hands.  Average barrel awareness.  Athletic feet and actions on the infield, plays with confidence.  Soft hands and fluid feet created clean exchanges to the center of the body.  A long arm swing with a high-3/4 release  measured 83mph across the infield.