Prep Baseball Report

PBR Scout Day: Carolina Bulldog Pitchers

By Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

On Sunday, May 14th Prep Baseball Report travelled to Matthews, NC to evaluate the Carolina Bulldog's Scout Day.  The Bulldogs feature a team made up of players from the greater Charlotte area, competing with a roster full of 2019 graduates, and a few 2018 and 2020 players.  Over the coming days, PBR will dive into the Scout Day with reports on each player in attendance.

PBR Scout Days allow players to update their PBR profile page with updated and verified statistics, a full evaluation, and video.  The evaluations are performed by PBR staff members with a history of college and professional scouting.  All of the information will be hosted on the PBR platform, connecting players to over 800 colleges and universities, and every MLB team.

Carolina Bulldogs Pitchers

For a full roster of participants in the Carolina Bulldog Scout Day, CLICK HERE.

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Brendan Bagwell C / RHP / Providence, NC / 2020


Lean body type in a 5-foot-10, 160 pound frame.  High-3/4 slot comes from long arm swing with the elbow working slightly above the shoulder line.  Some rhythm in the delivery with a tall balance point and level shoulders.  Fastball ranged 73-76, working downhill.  Breaking ball has a gradual 12/6 shape, working with near fastball hand speed and sitting 64-66.  Has feel for the zone with the change up at 72-73.  Hand works with decent hand speed, creating some deception in the straight change.



Zach Bearden OF / RHP / Piedmont, NC / 2018


Lanky 6-foot-1, 165 pounder produced a fastball ranging 76-79, elevated in the zone.  High-3/4 slot with a long arm swing worked with some effort from a tall balance point and choppy rhythm.  Level and on line.  Strength outplays quickness in the arm.  Breaking ball used an early, gradual side to side movement at 66-67.  Arm speed is near fastball and commanded the zone with spin.  Pushes the change through the release point with a slow arm.  Change up sits 61-63.  Maintained velocity in the stretch.



Nolan DeVos SS / RHP / Hickory Ridge, NC / 2019

Right hander has some athleticism in the 5-foot-9, 145 pound frame.  Still room to add maturity and strength to the frame.  Over-the-top slot with a slight stab at the bottom, but looseness through the slot.  Tall at balance with good head stability.  High leg kick with level shoulders and works on-line.  Fastball ranged 77-78, straight, but seeming to play harder than readings.  Curveball is a big downer, with potential swing and miss ability.  Spin ranged 63-67 with 12/6 shape and late action.  Slows the arm on the breaker at times, looking for feel, but the spin got tighter as he threw it harder.  Change up is a service-able third pitch sitting 69-70.  Slowed the arm some, but created arm side run on the pitch.



Jacob Bishop SS / RHP / Hickory Ridge, NC / 2019


Right hander works loose and easy, flashing an advanced change up. Average build at 6-foot, 150 pounds.  Above average arm speed with a long, loose arm swing to a high-3/4 slot.  Elbow creeps above the shoulder line.  Easy effort and smooth delivery.  Straight change sat 67-69 with deception and command.  Fastball ranged 75-76, continually down zone, with some arm side run.  Flooded the zone with fastball and change.  Curveball is the third pitch with a gradual 11/4 shape.  The arm slows with a loose wrist, ranging 63-64, and elevated in the zone.



Michael Hargett RHP / 1B / Porter Ridge, NC / 2018


6-foot-1, 205 pounder works with from an over-the-top slot with average arm speed.  Fights with front side to clear the line, creating some head whack.  Fastball touched 77, ranging 75-77 and filling up the zone.  Change up shows swing and miss potential, sitting 70-71 with fade and deception.  Curveball is short at 69-72 with a small 11/5 tilt.  Strike thrower, located both offspeed pitches in the zone.  Rushed the delivery with some effort, but finds a way to locate.  Limited athleticism that can improve with better quickness in the body.





Nick Lagarde C / 3B / Hickory Ridge, NC / 2019


5-foot-11, 183 pound righty works through some stiffness, but has definite strength in the body.  Fastball ranged 74-77 and erratic out of the wind-up.  Showed an ability to locate and maintain arm strength out of the stretch.  Curveball worked 62-64 with gradual 12/6 shape, maintaining hand speed through the pitch.  The change up is a distant third pitch, really slowing the arm down with the pitch ranging 68-71.  Rhythm, while choppy early, seemed to settle after pitch No. 20.



Cooper McKeehan LHP / OF / Weddington, NC / 2019


Some length in the limbs on the 6-foot-1, 175 pounder.  Lefty’s fastball ranged 76-80 with arm side run, while pounding the strike zone.  Long arm action, worked with some ease to a high-3/4 slot.  Choppy rhythm, but repeated as he works with level shoulders and on line throughout the delivery.  Curveball sat 66-67 with late 1/7 tilt.  Around the zone and consistently down, the breaking ball was thrown with fastball hand speed.  Change up is the third pitch but has some quality.  Straight with look-alike hand speed, the change ranged 73-76.  Strike thrower with all three and some space to his ceiling.  A decent athlete, ran his sixty in 7.33



Will Palinkas 3B / RHP / Providence, NC / 2018


Length and a strong build that stands out in the 6-foot-4, 200 pound frame.  Fastball ran up to 81, sitting 77-79 with arm side run.  Filled the zone up with fastball.  Curveball lacked consistent shape at 68-69.  At times sweeping and at times showing short tilt.  The change ranged 70-77, depending on the arm speed as it slowed at times.  Rushed and choppy through the delivery, the shoulders work level and on-line from a tall balance point.  Long arm action works to a high-3/4 slot.  Extension is cut off at times.  Does repeat the delivery and shows a feel for pitching.



William Werner C / 3B / Sun Valley, NC / 2019

5-foot-9, 155 pound frame works with an over-the-top slot.  Long arm swing, has a little stab at the bottom.  Sits on backside and gets low out of balance.  Some effort in the delivery with choppy rhythm.  Shoulders are level, working to a slightly closed line at landing.  Fastball ranged 68-71, around the zone but lacked command.  Change up has fade, using good hand speed and showing a feel for the zone at 62-64.  Curveball has gradual 11/4 shape, in the zone at 56-61.