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PBR Scout Day: On Deck O's Quick Hitters

Brandon Hall
Executive Director, PBR NC

PBR Scout Days allow North Carolina teams and organizations to spotlight their players with Prep Baseball Report.  Players are able to go through a full pro-style workout, posting analytical numbers and receiving notes and evaluations from PBR’s team of scouts.  Players also have the ability to add professionally cut video to their PBR Profile to further connect with the over 800 college coaches and universities that subscribe to PBR.

On September 11, 2019, PBR was on hand at Jack Hughes Park in Pineville, NC to watch players from the On Deck O’s program workout.  Position players ran a laser timed 60 yard dash, went through a full offensive evaluation, including having their exit velocity tested, and then went through a full defensive workout.  Pitchers were able to throw bullpens using the PitchLogic Baseball that records velocity and spin rates, as well as other analytical measurements on the arm swing, pitch release, and pitch movement.

Below we take our first look at the PBR Scout Day with On Deck and some “Quick Hitters” on players who made a quick initial impression on PBR Scouts.  In the coming days and week, PBR will continue to release information from the Scout Day, including the full statistical breakdown, and individual player evaluations and video.


CLICK HERE to see the full roster and statistics from the PBR Scout Day with On Deck


On Deck O’s Scout Day – Quick Hitters


  • By The Numbers:
    10 Players ran under a 7.25 laser timed 60
    4 Players ran 7.00 or better
    17 Hitters with an exit velocity off the barrel of 85 or better
    8 Hitters above 90 mph on exit velocity
    4 Catchers with a positional velocity of 75 mph or higher out of the crouch
    4 arms at 83+ with their best fastball

  • Noah Weston (RHP, Cuthbertson HS, 2020) – Committed to Princeton.  Bumped 88 with some ease from an over-the-top slot.  Clean arm and athletic build

  • Hampton Gilchrist (RHP, Hough HS, 2021) – Physical with a defined lower half.  Good leverage and arm speed can quicken.  Up to 84.

  • Anthony Sullivan (LHP, Hopewell HS, 2020) – Lefty has a loose arm swing that works behind his body line, creating some rotation.  Quick arm, up to 84.  Began to dial in the strike zone as the bullpen progressed

  • Cody Chapman (RHP, Gaston Christian, 2021) – Physical stature with some looseness in the hips.  Easy arm swing.  Over-the-top release.  Easy to project the stuff continuing to tick up.  Fastball up to 81 in this bullpen.

  • Christopher Short (MIF, Ardrey Kell HS, 2020) – Thin with quickness present.  Ran a 6.89 sixty on the laser.  Worked for extension in BP, lacking some barrel feel, but exit velocity up to 85 off the barrel.

  • Dylan Chromy (OF, Charlotte Catholic, 2020) – Athletic frame.  Ran a 6.77 sixty.  Good stats on the day with an exit velocity of 85 and an positional velocity from right field at 82.  Can become more athletic in the box where he works tall and looks for extension to the pull side.  Strength is present in the hands.

  • Jackson Finger (MIF, North Gaston HS, 2020) – Athletic actions with rhythm in the feet and hands.   Easy transfer and short arm swing.  83 across the infield.  Ran a 7.00.  Athletic in the box with a chance to hit.  Whippy barrel with barrel awareness.

  • Brendan Bagwell (C, South Mecklenburg HS, 2020) – Elon commit.  Good athlete that has bend behind the dish.  Arm has easy carry with good accuracy.  When on the barrel the hand strength is present with an exit velocity up to 95 mph.

  • Colin Ravin (C, Providence Day, 2020) – Athletic presence with strength in the frame.  Arm carried at 77 mph out of the crouch.  Impressive rounds of BP with a lot of barrel, working gap-to-gap.  Exit velocity up to 95 mph.

  • Nathan Samii (MIF, Charlotte Latin, 2021) – Plays with pace.  Active feet on defense.  Good hands, easy exchange and transfer.  Arm carried at 80 mph across the diamond.  Good rounds in BP, consistently on the barrel, flat with above average bat speed.  Exit velocity up to 94.

  • Josh Stevens (OF, East Lincoln HS, 2021) – Tall with a leg kick, found the barrel with good rhythm in each round of BP.  Strength is present in the hands with above average bat speed. 

  • Cooper Wilson (MIF, South Mecklenburg HS, 2021) – Short, quick, direct path from the right side.  High barrel ability.  Above average bat speed.  Frame is still maturing.  Exit velocity at 85.

  • Sam House (C, Charlotte Latin, 2021) – Athletic frame.   Strong hands, works for extension.  Solid rounds of BP.  Exit velocity up to 91.  Average barrel awareness.  Behind the dish, still raw, but posted 82 mph out of the crouch.   Pop times do not match the arm strength… yet…

  • Max Hyman (OF, Marvin Ridge HS, 2020) – Strength is present, especially in the hands.  Works for extension, slightly stiff, peppering the pull side.  Above average bat speed with an exit velocity at 91 off the barrel.  Ran a 6.86.