Prep Baseball Report

PBR Scout Day: Open ID with TPA - Corner INF & Catcher Analysis

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
NC Executive Director & Scouting Director

Prep Baseball Report was on hand on Sunday August 11th for an Open ID Scout Day, run in conjunction with The Performance Academy.  The Open ID invited any players from North Carolina to work their way through a pro-style workout, updating statistics and video.  The Performance Academy invited their players, and players with interest in their program to the Open ID as well. 

Position players worked through a full pro-style workout, including a laser timed 60, followed by live BP, an exit velocity station, and then a defensive evaluation.  PBR scouts were on hand to record statistics, takes notes on players, and put together full evaluations on select players.  Players had the option to add a professionally edited video to their PBR profile as well.  Over 50 players participated in the day with grad years ranging from 2020 – 2023.

Below we continue the evaluation process on select players with a number of the corner infielders and catchers that attended the event.  To see the full statistical list, CLICK HERE.


PBR Scout Day: Open ID with TPA - Corner INF and Catcher Analysis



Corner Infielders


Charlie Pierce 1B / OF / Green Hope, NC / 2021


Thin frame, still maturing, standing 5-foot-11, 148 pounds.  Even stance, weight pushed to the back side.  Slight leg kick to load.  Lacks early hand movement.  Small stride.  Works for extension with some uphill leverage in the swing.  Average bat speed working for consistent barrel contact.  Pull emphasis through BP.   Exit velocity peaked at 68 mph.  At 1st Base, the feet work with some stiffness.  Centers the ball, catching it and funneling to the midsection.  Short shuffle on throws, vertical as the arm works with a long swing.  Stiff release with an over-the-top slot.  Positional velocity of 52 mph working for some accuracy.  Turned in a sixty time of 7.71.



Dillon Pardue 3B / RHP / Cleveland , NC / 2022


Athletic frame at 6 foot 1, 170-pounds.  Hits from the right side with a slightly open setup.  Hands work back during his load, with his lower half diving into the plate.  Loose hands using the whole field during batting practice.  Some strength with average bat speed.  Swing gets long at times with his exit velocity recorded at 81 mph.  Looks to play through the ball on the infield, catching the ball in the center of his body.  Deep catch point at times, funneling to the belt after catch.  Some accuracy across the diamond with his throws topping at 68 mph.  Recorded a 7.71 in the 60.



Ethan Lavinder 3B / OF / Middle Creek, NC / 2023


Youthful, maturing frame that will change in the coming years.  Stands 5-foot-6, 110 pounds.  Right handed hitter, slightly open and tall in his setup.  Leg kick, loads the weight and hands back.  Small stride, back to even.  Bat head fires from a vertical position.  Gap-to-gap approach with a somewhat pull emphasis in BP.  Average barrel feel.  Bat speed still developing.  Solid swing path that will shorten with strength.  Exit velocity peaked at 60 mph off the barrel.  Active feet on the infield, working to front and center the ball.  Hands work in front, funneling to the midsection and transition to a medium arm swing.  High-3/4 slot.  Some feel for accuracy.  Positional velocity of 62 mph across the diamond.  Ran a 8.31 sixty.
Stretch only on the bump.  Some rhythm to the delivery, working level and on-line, landing closed with the front foot.  Long arm swing fights some stiffness getting to an over-the-top slot.  Fastball at 67-71.  Around the breaking ball with 10/4 tilt, sitting 60-61.  Maintains some arm speed on the change-up at 64-65. 



Charlie Lytle 1B / RHP / Middle Creek, NC / 2023


Broad, sloping shoulders in a 6-foot-2, 220 pound frame.  Big body for a young player.  Right handed hitter works from a tall, balanced stance.  Small stride.  Small hand load back.  Arms key the swing, working for extension with some uphill leverage.  Strength over bat speed, lacking a lower half at times.  Exit velocity up to 72 mph off the barrel.  At 1B, nimble feet for his size.  Lacks some bend in the hips.  Accurate arm.  Centers balls with soft hands, exchanging at the midsection.  Long arm swing and over-the-top slot.  Positional velocity of 70 mph.  Ran a 9.05 sixty.
Some rhythm over the rubber on the mound.  Level, the line is closed at balance, landing across is line with a square foot at foot-strike.  Long arm swing with a plunge out of the glove.  Over-the-top slot.   Some effort through the release.  Fastball at 75-77.  Gradual 11/5 tilt to the breaking ball at 64.  Threw strikes with both pitches.



Landon Jones 3B / 2B / Western Harnett, NC / 2022


5 foot 9, 155-pound frame with room for growth.  Balanced, slightly open setup from the right side of the plate.  Quiet load with a short stride.  Some quickness to the hands getting through the zone. Flat stroke with a gap to gap approach.  Average bat speed and barrel awareness.  Exit velocity recorded at 78 mph.  Active feet on the infield looking to work around the ball.  Average hands, funneling to the belt after catch.  Clean transfers with an accurate arm across the diamond that topped at 63 mph.  Recorded an 8.21 in the 60.






Reed Cunningham C / 1B / Davie County, NC / 2021


6 foot, 165-pound lanky frame with room to add strength. Left hand hitter with a balanced setup. Simple load with his hands working back with a short stride.  Loose, quick hands with a level bat path.  Gets extension through the zone with a gap to gap approach.  Average bat speed and barrel awareness with his exit velocity recorded at 73 mph.  Transfers around his chin with a short arm action, throwing from an over the top slot.  Some feel for the second base bag with his arm topping at 72 mph.  Pop times ranged from 2.30-2.46.  Recorded a 7.90 in the 60.



Jaxon Cogdill C / RHP / East Gaston, NC / 2022


Strong build at 5 foot 11, 180-pounds.  Tall setup from the right side with an upright barrel.  Short stride during his load with little hand movement.  Some lift in the swing, working middle to his pull side.  Swing can get long at times.  Average bat speed and barrel feel with his exit velocity recorded at 86 mph.  Feet work through his throws to second base with a short arm action, throwing from an over the top slot.  Arm topped at 75 mph from a crouch position.  Some feel for the bag with pop times ranging from 2.13-2.46.  Recorded a 7.70 in the 60.



Regan Bernard C / 1B / Middle Creek, NC / 2022


Average frame, still developing at 6-foot-1, 160 pounds.  Right handed hitter.  Balanced and athletic in his setup.  Slight leg lift to a short stride.  Small hand load with the bat working off the shoulder.  Some quickness and barrel feel.  Pull emphasis throughout BP.  Level in the zone.  Direct path to the ball.   Good balance throughout.  Exit velocity of 79 mph off the barrel.  Behind the dish, the hips lack some bend.  Average hands, with the ball riding through the hands at times.  Works to gain ground with the feet.  Exchanges across the chest with a medium arm swing to a high-3/4 slot.  Pop times ranged 2.17 – 2.35 with a positional velocity of 69 mph out of the hand from the crouch.  Ran a 8.33 sixty.



Chris Katz C / 3B / Heritage, NC / 2021


Wake Forest commit.  Strong build at 6 foot, 214-pounds.  Relaxed setup from the right side of the plate.  Smooth load with his hands cocking, creating some bat angle above his head.  Loose hands with barrel whip through the zone.  Drives the ball to the gaps with better than average barrel awareness.  Exit velocity recorded at 89 mph.  Has arm strength from behind the plate with his throws to second base topping at 80 mph.  Quick feet with quick transfers, throwing from an over the top slot.  Accurate arm with carry.  Pop times ranged from 1.92-2.00.  Recorded a 7.64 in the 60.