PBR Scout Day: Shelby American Legion - Infielders

By Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

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On Friday June 23rd, Prep Baseball Report worked out area American Legion Players at Shelby High School, home of the American Legion World Series.  A gorgeous day saw several players perform well.

Players in attendance received a full evaluation from PBR, including updated and verified statistics.  Several players upgraded their Scout Day by adding video to their player profile as well.  Today we take a look at the infielders from the event.

PBR Scout Day - Shelby American Legion

CLICK HERE for a complete roster of players

CLICK HERE for the complete stats from the day




Bradley Browner 1B / 2B / Shelby, NC / 2019

5-foot-9, 160 pound right handed hitter.  Balanced in the box with a short stride.  Works level through the ball producing line drives with average bat speed.  Works off the back leg, rotational through his base, showing some feel for the barrel.  Exit velocity topped at 82 mph.  Defensively, at first base showed some arm strength with a ¾ slot and some accuracy.  Positional velocity peaked at 72.  Cautious with his feet, working off his heels through the catch.  Clean exchanges.  Ran a 7.56 sixty.





Riley Cash SS / 2B / Crest, NC / 2020

Right handed hitter works from an athletic stance, loading back, using a leg kick to get to a short stride.  The 5-foot-7, 145 pounder is aggressive, showing some feel for the barrel with a linear approach.  Exit velocity topped at 79 mph with better than average bat speed.  Level path, wants extension.  Fluid rhythm produced line drives.  Ran a 7.23 sixty.  Caught the ball on the infield with rhythm in his feet.  Low exchanges were clean working to a long arm action and high-¾ slot.  Showed accuracy with average carry, topping at 75 across the diamond.





Kathin Eskridge C / PCA, NC / 2020

5-foot-7, 145 pounder turned in a 7.93 sixty.  On the infield, showed accuracy with a short arm swing to a high-¾ slot.  Maxed at 66 mph across the diamond.  Average hands, caught the ball, worked cautiously into his exchange with some effort.  Behind the plate pop times ranged 2.50-2.69 with a positional velocity of 62 mph.  Right handed hitter uses a weight shift back to load the swing.  Short strider.  Stays gap-to-gap.  Exit velocity topped at 75 mph.





Jesse Hollifield 3B / 1B / Crest, NC / 2016

Some length in the 6-foot-3, 175 pounder.  Soft hands and fluid feet work to clean exchanges.  Funneled with ease to the midsection.  Feet can quicken.  Long arm swing, some stiffness, into a high-¾ slot.  Average carry, touching 74 mph, with good accuracy on throws.  Balanced in the box with a short stride, and a minimal load.  Uphill leverage in the swing working to get extension.  Exit velocity off the barrel touched 82 mph.  Ran a 7.56 sixty.





Ethan Hull 1B / OF / Burns, NC / 2021

Young player with a lot of growth ahead of him.  Switch-hitter.  From the right side works balanced with early rhythm.  Vertical bat head sweeps through the zone.  On the left side, balanced with an inside-out swing, lacking a true timing device.  Exit velocity topped at 65 mph.  At first base, aggressively charged the ball, working from his heels through the catch.  Clean with most transfers, taking his time to get to the high-¾ slot.  Some accuracy as the arm speed measured at 52 mph.  Ran a 8.90.





Brandon Irvin SS / C / Shelby, NC / 2019

5-foot-11, 165 pound right handed hitter.  Balanced and athletic to start.  Loads back, using a leg kick occasionally to start a short stride.  Level path, wants extension, with a pull emphasis.  Showed a feel for the barrel. Exit velocity topped at 79 mph.  Ran a 7.04 sixty.  Behind the plate, pop times ranged 2.16-2.33, with the velocity touching 71 from the crouch.  Long arm stroke works to an over-the-top slot.  Average accuracy.  On the infield, hands stopped and exchanged low, working with some effort to a long arm arc.  Average accuracy and carry on throws measuring 72 mph out of the hand.  





Ben Ledbetter 3B / 1B / Crest, NC / 2017

Average feet and hands at first base.  Funneled the ball to the midsection.  Clean exchanges work to a long arm swing with some stiffness.  High-¾ release produced 69 mph throws across the infield showing some accuracy.  Direct path, finding the barrel in the box.  Works from an athletic base, slightly crouched.  Short stride and fluid rhythm.  Works for extension, staying gap-to-gap.  Exit velocity maxed at 80 off the barrel.  





Joshua Mast 3B / C / Shelby, NC / 2019

6-foot-1, 180 pounder.  Worked direct lines to the ball on the infield, playing through his heels and re-starting his feet.  Clean exchanges to a long arm swing and high-¾ slot.  Flashed accuracy with arm speed measuring 69 mph across the diamond.  Right handed hitter works from a tall base, using a short stride.  Late rhythm and rushed through his toe tap.  Vertical bat position can get long when rushed.  Exit velocity off the barrel maxed at 72.  Ran a 7.47 sixty.

On the bump, fastball ranged 71-74 from a high-¾ slot.  Short arm swing and easy effort working level and on-line.  Change up showed arm side run at times at 68-71.  Slotting changes, pushing the change at times with a slower arm speed.  Curveball has early, gradual arc, sitting 55-58.





Fred Meeks 1B / 3B / Shelby, NC / 2020

Big bodied at 6-foot-4, 220 pounds.  In the box, starts tall and slightly closed.  Short stride tends to be inconsistent with foot strike.   Works the opposite field .  Exit velocity topped at 72 mph.   Lacks some bend in the hips defensively.  Caught balls deep, clean transfers with a long arm stroke to a ¾ slot.  Positional velocity measured at 59 mph.  Ran a 9.40 sixty.





Caleb Plummer 2B / 3B / Crest, NC / 2018

Balanced, using a leg kick to get to a high-¾ slot.  Pull emphasis in a swing dominated by the top hand.  Exit velocity topped at 85 mph.  Soft hands and good feet work to catch the ball consistently.  Lacks some bend in the hips at the point of the catch, but funnels and gathers with good pace and a feel for the speed of the game.  Long arm action works with looseness to a high-¾ slot.  74 across the diamond with average carry and decent accuracy.  Ran a 7.75 sixty.

Fastball showed hard, late run from a ¾ slot at 78-80.  Sweepy breaking ball with gradual action sat at 68.  Change up ranged 69-70, straight but with deception in the hand speed.  Feel for the zone in all three pitches.





Carson Shoup 2B / OF / Burns, NC / 2021

Fundamentally sound young player with a lot of growth ahead of him.  5-foot-3, 96 pounds.  Good actions catching the ball, working to play through it to load his feet and arm for the throw.  Long arm action to an over-the-top slot, showing some accuracy.  52 mph across the infield.  Offensively starts tall, loading back with a short stride.  Level path, working the opposite field.  Exit velocity topped at 61 off the barrel.  Ran a 8.76 sixty.  Improvements coming as strength and growth come to the frame.





Cameron Wallace SS / RHP / Home Schooled, NC / 2017

Lanky, 6-foot-2, 175 pound frame.  Ran a 7.48 sixty.  Right handed hitter is balanced, working from a slight crouch with a short stride.  Level path, produces line drives with good head discipline.  Sprays the ball all over the field, pushing the barrel through the zone.  Exit velocity touched 76.  Soft hands and rhythm in the feet.  Clean exchanges come with some effort in the transition.  Long arm action, some stiffness, works to a high-¾ slot with accuracy.  Topped at 75 mph across the infield.





Nicholas Weaver 2B / SS / Shelby, NC / 2018

Plays through the ball with average hands and fluid footwork.  Long arm arc, loose, working to a ¾ slot flashing some accuracy.  Arm speed measured at 64 mph from shortstop.  Young frame at 5-foot-4, 135 pounds.  Balanced in the box, loading back with a short stride.  Hands cast at the launch position working with uphill leverage, staying gap-to-gap.   Some barrel awareness.  Ran a 8.07 sixty.