PBR Scout Day: South Charlotte Panthers - Outfield and Corner Infield Analysis

By Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

On Monday September 4th, Prep Baseball Report ran a PBR Scout Day with the South Charlotte Panthers organization.  The day included players from the South Charlotte Panthers and the South Charlotte Cougar programs.  Players from the programs ran through a complete pro style workout at Providence High School.

Corey Avant and Quin Ferguson both showed well in the outfield for the Panthers.  Avant, a 2020 from Sun Valley HS, has a ton of projection left in a 6-foot-3 frame.  There is strength in the swing already with an exit velocity peaking at 87 mph.  Ferguson turned in a quick 6.80 sixty and showed hand strength in a swing from the left side.  While in a 5-foot-9, 160 pound frame, there is still projection left as the quickness levels allows him to play a different type of game than most players.

Corner infielders Reed Hedberg (South Mecklenburg, 2018) and Vasili Kaloudis (Ardrey Kell, 2019) both have up side as well.  Hedberg is in a lanky body with strength and whip in the swing from the right side.  Kalouids shows an ability to play a couple of different positions but it is the bat that is a separator.  From the left side there is advanced barrel ability.

South Charlotte Panther Scout Day Quick Hitters
+ 34 total players took place in the scout day
+ 14 players from the 2018 class. 13 players from the 2019 class. 5 from the 2020 class and 1 from the 2021 class
+ 8 players ran a sub 7.10 sixty with another 4 under 7.30
+ 5 catchers went through the workout with 4 producing a 2.00, or better, pop time
+ 7 infielders were better than 80 mph across the diamond
+ 6 outfielders were better than 85 mph from right field
+ 11 hitters topped the 85 mph mark in their exit velocity testing
+ 5 pitchers worked 85 mph or better in their bullpen

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South Charlotte Panthers - Outfield and Corner Infield Analysis

Corey Avant OF / RHP / Sun Valley, NC / 2020

Lanky build with plenty of projection left as strength is added to the 6-foot-3, 175 pound frame.  Ran a 7.57 sixty but shows a better burst off the line.  Right handed hitter recorded an exit velocity of 87 mph off the barrel working from a tall, open stance.  Uses a leg kick to shift the weight back and getting to a short stride.  Vertical bat head with better than average bat speed.  Loose and flat through the zone, there is hand strength present.  Works for extension, with good rhythm, working gap-to-gap.  Fluid in the outfield, works to play through balls with a clean transition.  Loose, over-the-top slot shows some accuracy at 78 mph from the position.
High leg kick and a front side glove that points through the line from the right side on the mound.  Fastball ranged 74-76, touching 77.  Good arm side command with late run on the ball.  Lacks some consistency on a breaking ball sitting 66-67.  Gradual arc along a 11/5 or 10/4 path.  Shows a feel for his line and is around the zone.  The change-up comes out of a slower arm at 63-65.  Again, around the zone, lacking command.  Long arm action works to a high-3/4 slot with some effort.  Works level and on-line with some rhythm to the delivery.

Quin Ferguson OF / SS / Mooresville, NC / 2019

Quickness and strength in an average 5-foot-9, 160 pound frame.  Ran a 6.80 sixty and the quickness translates across his tools.  Exit velocity of 87 mph off the barrel from the left side.  Strong hands work to get a vertical bat through the zone with advanced quickness.  Good barrel awareness as he works level through the zone, peppering the pull side gap.  Strong hands control the bat, even with some waggle through the load back.  Good hands in the outfield with fluid exchanges.  Loose arm swing works to an over-the-top slot.  Good carry on throws peaking at 85 mph out of the hand.

Reed Hedberg 3B / 1B / South Mecklenburg, NC / 2018

Lanky with some quickness and plenty of room for projection at 6-foot-3, 190 pounds.  Right handed hitter works from an open stance.  Bat head has waggle through the load, ultimately setting in a lagged position to create whip.  Strong hands, the ball jumps when on the barrel.  Exit velocity up to 90 mph.  Level through the zone, works in the middle of the field.  Lacked some timing as the waggle and launch position got set.  On the infield, showed active feet with rhythm, catching the ball cleanly with loose hands.  Worked to play through balls.  Hips works a little high.  He is throwing, as recovery from an issue is progressing well.  Not able to cut it loose just yet.  Ran a 7.44 sixty with long strides.

Vasili Kaloudis 3B / OF / Ardrey Kell, NC / 2019

6-foot, 170 pound versatile player.  Advanced on the left side of the plate.  Slightly crouched and open, uses a leg kick to load the weight with an aggressive stride.  Bat head works from a lagged position with looseness.  High barrel awareness with better than average bat speed.  Flat through the zone, with rhythm, producing back spin, working gap-to-gap.  Defensively, works with soft, active feet, creating rhythm in the body.  Hands are average working off the right hip on the catch with slight bend through the hips.  Quick, clean, athletic exchanges.  Shows an ability to float the arm slot based on the play.  High-3/4 slot comes from a short arm swing with good leverage on the ball.  Good carry at 79 mph across the diamond.  Advanced feel for accuracy on multiple types of throws.  Also worked from the outfield with ease.  Has accuracy with throws topping at 80 mph from the position.