PBR Scout Day: Southern Piedmont Open - Analysis

By Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

On August 13th, Prep Baseball Report ran an open Scout Day in conjunction with a team scout day at Burns High School.  Several players ranging from 2018 - 2020 graduates participated.  Each player ran through a full pro-style workout gaining verified statistics from PBR's staff and adding video to their PBR profile. 

The Southern Piedmont Open was run in conjuction with the Punisher Prospect team Scout Day.  Complete analysis and video will be available on both rosters.  In the analysis below, click on any player's name to see their full profile, including stats and video.

Scout Day Quick Hitters

+ 18 total players participated in the workout
+ 4 players ran a sixty of 7.30 or better
+ 2 catchers had pop times of 2.30 or better
+ 17 position players participated
+ 9 pitchers participated with a max fastball of 79

CLICK HERE for a full roster of the Punisher Prospects

CLICK HERE for a full roster of players attending Southern Piedmont Open Scout day


Southern Piedmont Open - Player Analysis

Bryce Johnston RHP / OF / Mooresville, NC / 2020

Some length in the limbs at 6-foot-2, 150 pounds.  Young build with room to add strength.  Occasional run on the fastball at 73-76, bumping to 77-78 for the final section of the bullpen.  Change-up ranged 65-69, occasionally slowing the arm and losing some deception.  Arm side run at times on the change, showing a feel for the strike zone.  Breaking ball lacked consistent action at 66-67.  High-3/4 slot from a long arm action with looseness.  Works to be tall at balance and level throughout.  Lands on-line, using is length for extension.
Right handed hitter works from a tall base, open in his stance.  Short stride, remains open, sets to pull.  Shows a feel for the barrel on balls on inner half.  Average bat speed.  Lacked some plate coverage.  Exit velocity touched 74 off the barrel.  From the outfield, arm worked with some accuracy at 73 out of the hand.  Ran a 7.69 sixty.

Jack Millen 3B / SS / Crest, NC / 2020

Average frame at 5-8, 140 pounds.  Active feet and clean, low exchanges work to a long arm swing and over-the-top slot.  Average carry at 74 across the diamond, showing some accuracy, but erratic at times.  Right handed hitter starts with a tall base using a short stride as the bat waggles into the launch position.  Uphill leverage in the swing, working to stay in the middle of the field.  Has rhythm.   Cuts across the ball at times.  Exit velocity at 81 off the barrel.  Ran a 7.30 sixty.
On the mound, works with a slight coil at balance, allowing the lower half to swing to the foot strike.  Works level, staying tall, with some effort.  Long arm swing produces an over-the-top slot.  Fastball ranged 73-77 with occasional run.  Gradual 12/6 arc on a 65-67 breaking ball.  Gets inside his change-up at 68-69.  Threw a knuckle ball that has rotation at 66 mph.  Misses to the arm side with the knuckle ball.

Trey Romel 3B / 1B / Northwood, NC / 2018

Length in a 6-foot-3, 168 pound frame.  Has strength and strength can continue to be added.  Exit velocity peaked at 89 from the left side of the plate.  Balanced and athletic in a tall stance.  Loads back with his weight, using a waggle to settle into a vertical position with the bat head.  Good leverage and bat speed.  Wants extension, working with some uphill emphasis.  Fluid and loose, there is a feel for the barrel.  On defense, uses rhythm in his feet to get into solid athletic positions.  Hips can set high at times.  Average hands transition the ball to the mid-section, with quickness to a short arm action that can vary the slot based on the play.  Looseness in the arm shows accuracy and average carry at 75 mph across the diamond.  Ran a 7.41.

William Stewart 2B / SS / Hickory , NC / 2019

Some quickness in the footwork from the 5-foot-9, 150 pounder, on the infield.  Hands can get stiff at times working with a low exchange as the ball is caught off the right hip.  Short arm action and over-the-top slot show some carry and accuracy at 77 mph across the diamond.  Ran a 7.42 sixty.  Right handed hitter is tall and balanced with a vertical bat.  Works to stay inside the ball.  Average barrel awareness, staying in the middle of the field.  Good rhythm throughout.  Exit velocity peaked at 79 off the barrel.

Stirling Thomas LHP / 1B / Tuscola, NC / 2019

Battled through the day with what turned out to be the flu.  Numbers are expected to jump when he works out healthy.  Fastball ranged 70-72 from a high-3/4 slot, with run.  Erratic early, command settled as the bullpen finished.  Change-up sat 63-67, again with run to the arm side.  Hand speed allowed for deception.  Showed feel for location and aggression with the pitch.  Breaking ball works with 1/7 shape and gradual action at 57-60, missing arm side and up.  Choppy delivery works to close the front side at balance while the shoulders stay level.  Long arm swing.  Lands on front side, closed, spinning to the 3B side.  Tough angle vs. left handed hitters.
Left handed hitter works from an open stance, using a leg kick to shift weight and then diving on stride back toward the plate.  Bat head loads to a vertical position.  Aggressive demeanor.  Some barrel awareness as extension can be cut off.  Line drive approach with a pull emphasis.  Exit velocity peaked at 77 off the barrel.  Defensively is clean with the baseball.  Catches the ball with ease.  Long arm swing, with a slight stab at the bottom of the arm arc.  Topped at 68 across the diamond, showing some accuracy.  Ran an 8.83 sixty.