Prep Baseball Report

Player Evals: NC/SC Border Battle - NC Pitchers

Brandon Hall
Executive Director of Scouting, PBR NC

For the second year, the NC/SC Border Battle was one of the most anticipated events of the summer.  This year saw the event moved to BB&T Point Stadium in High Point, NC, home of the High Point Rockers Independent Professional club.  Hosted at Winthrop in 2019, the 2020 event was suppose to be at UNC Charlotte, but moved to High Point with the ongoing NCAA Dead Period on recruiting. 

With the move, the event saw more of a North Carolina flavor as most players and families are still working to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 issues.  Due to the NCAA Dead Period, the event was live streamed utilizing multiple camera angles to allow college coaches to view from their offices. 

Position players were taken through a full pro-style workout, with a laser timed 60, full offensive workout, and a full defensive workout.  The pro-style workout was followed by a controlled scrimmage with pitchers throwing to live hitters.  PBR Scouts were on hand to evaluate and report on the players in attendance.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and statistics from the 2020 NC/SC Border Battle


By the Numbers:

  • 73 players were a part of the NC/SC Border Battle
  • 61  players went through the pro-style workout
  • 28 pitchers threw in the controlled scrimmages
  • 92 mph was the top fastball thrown on the day
  • 8 arms worked at 87 mph or higher
  • 84 mph was the median fastball for the event
  • 4 players ran sub-7.00 on the laser timer
  • 23 players ran sub-7.20 sixties
  • 14 position players posted a positional velocity of 85 mph or higher in their workout
  • 90 mph was the top infield velocity
  • 91 mph was the top outfield velocity
  • 86 mph was the top catcher velocity, working out of the crouch
  • 2 hitters posted an exit velocity of 100+ mph off the tee
  • 22 hitters worked at 90 mph or higher off the tee with their exit velocity
  • 8 hitters posted exit velocities of 88 mph or higher in live BP


Pitcher onlys




Thomas Welton LHP / 1B / Leesville Road, NC / 2021


Body: 5/10, 155 pounds. Average frame
Delivery: Stretch only, working from a closed position at balance. Sinks into his backside. Front side can be rotational. Lands on-line and square. Average extension with occasional fall to 3B side.
Arm Action: L. Long arm swing, works easy with solid quickness. High-3/4 release.
FB: T75, 73-75 mph. 1689 rpm. Elevated throughout with misses to the arm side. Run out of the hand, hard at times.
CB: 64-66 mph. 1705 rpm. Gradual 1/7 and 2/8 tilt. Early lacking depth. Flashed feel as the outing progressed.
CH: 67-68 mph. 1217 rpm. Solid arm speed.



Eli Crump LHP / OF / High Point Christian, NC / 2021

Body: 6/1, 165 pounds. Lanky build.
Delivery: Small rocker and easy turn. Stable over the rubber. Closed at balance. Aggressive stride, working on-line and square.
Arm Action: L. 3/4 slot with average arm speed. Repeats the slot.
FB: T78, 75-78 mph. 1810 rpm. Arm side run to the arm side, out of the hand. Has feel. Down zone more as the outing progressed.
CB: 61-68 mph. 1660 rpm. Sweeping action out of the hand. Length at times, especially against LHH. Early, staying arm side at times vs. RHH.
CH: 65-68 mph. 1254 rpm.



Brennan Hord OF / RHP / Oak Grove, NC / 2022


Body: 6/1, 150 pounds. Athletic with room to add strength.
Delivery: Small rocker with a hand pump and turn. Easy to balance, stable over the rubber, lifting to the low-chest. Lands across his line with a closed foot-strike. Backside has to work to be active with good direction.
Arm Action: R. Medium arm swing to a high-3/4 slot. Average to above arm speed.
FB: T80, 77-80 mph. 1955 rpm. Arm side run to the arm side. Strike thrower. Some comfort to the arm side
CB: 66-69 mph. 2342 rpm. Mature 11/5 tilt. Sharp at times. Depth present to LHH.
CH: 71-74 mph. 1474 rpm. Solid arm speed.



Alexander Woody LHP / OF / Ashbrook, NC / 2022


San Diego commit
Body: 6/1, 180 pounds. Athletic and projectable frame
Delivery: Compact, building pace over the rubber. Repeats. Small rocker and turn. Leg kick to the mid-chest, loading the front hip. Works on-line, landing in-line and square. Small fall to the 3B side as the backside and hips work through each pitch. Athletic throughout.
Arm Action: L. Long arm swing with quickness works to a high-3/4 slot. Good extension. Strike thrower
FB: T81, 78-81 mph. 1880 rpm. Plays better than the gun reading, working to both sides with an ability to elevate at times.
CB: 65-70 mph. 1812 rpm. Tight, late 1/7 tilt. Showed ability to land the pitch early and expand for chase later in the count.
CH: 70-71 mph. 1556 rpm. Good arm speed, creating deception. Fade can create swing and miss too.



Hampton Gilchrist RHP / OF / Hough, NC / 2021

Body: 6/3, 220 pounds. Physical with broad shoulders and a muscular lower half.
Delivery: Side step and turn, rotating the lift leg to the mid-chest, closing the front knee and hip late with a swing. Some pelvic tilt upward. Lands on-line and square. Average extension.
Arm Action: R. Long arm swing works to build pace. High-3/4 slot. Average arm speed. Arm strength over arm speed right now.
FB: T83, 81-83 mph. 2172 rpm. Misses were up and to the arm side. Occasional early run out of the hand.
CB: 68-71 mph. 2093 rpm. Small, late tilt. Threw for a strike. Average arm speed.
CH: 71-73 mph. 1503 rpm. Average arm speed. Misses up and to the arm side. When down, presents with fade.



Evan Suarez LHP / Oak Grove, NC / 2021

Body: 6/4, 180 pounds. Long, athletic frame, still maturing and will handle strength gains.
Delivery: Slight side step and turn, closing the line at balance. Lifts the knee toward the back shoulder, closing the hips. Works back to an on-line landing with a closed foot-strike. Repeats. Average rhythm, working level. Average extension. Good athleticism at the finish.
Arm Action: L. Reaches out of the glove, wrapping behind the body line. Some effort working back to a high-3/4 slot. Average to above arm speed.
FB: T83, 80-83 mph. 1898 rpm. Strike thrower. Good feel for arm side. Some late run to the arm side.
CB: 65-69 mph. 1468 rpm. Lacks maturity with inconsistent spin and tilt. Does throw with some intent and arm speed.



Lucas Glover RHP / OF / Ledford, NC / 2022


Body: 6/5, 170 pounds. Long and lean with a high waist.
Delivery: Side step and easy turn. Lift to the high chest, loading the back side and closing the line. Aggressive stride, working back to an on-line and square foot-strike.
Arm Action: R. Long, loose arm swing, building arm speed throughout. High-3/4 slot. Whippy release
FB: T85, 83-85 mph. 1874 rpm. Arm side misses at times. Late run when on time and working to the arm side. Showed an ability to elevate.
CB: 69-74 mph. 1762 rpm. Raw. Throwing with intent. Flashed the makings of at least average moving to next level.
CH: 74-76 mph. 1368 rpm. Cut at times, lacking feel for his release and hand position. Throws with conviction.



Brady Turner LHP / Oak Grove , NC / 2022

Body: 5/8, 165 pounds. Compact, athletic build.
Delivery: Builds rhythm throughout, working to be a max speed on release. Lift to the mid-chest, loading and closing the front hip. Level, works on-line, landing in-line and square. Occasional fall to 3B as he finishes each pitch with the hips firing all the way through the pitch.
Arm Action: L. Long arm swing with the elbow climbing to the shoulder level. Quick arm through a high-3/4 release. Works with intent.
FB: T85, 82-85 mph. 1934 rpm. Elevated. Flat run out of the hand at times.
CB: 70-74 mph. 2020 rpm. Hard, mature downer action. Created swing and miss in the zone and chase out of the zone. Flashed an ability to land the pitch early in counts. Paired with elevated fastball, the fastball plays harder than gun reading.



Paddy McGonigal RHP / OF / Grimsley, NC / 2021

Western Carolina commit
Body: 6/1, 178 pounds. Average build.
Delivery: Builds the rhythm after hitting balance. Side saddle with a small rocker. Lift to the low chest. Some movement in the head. Uphill leverage through the shoulders. Lands on-line and square. Works for good extension.
Arm Action: R. Long arm swing with some effort. Exaggerated over-the-top slot. Works with intent on fastball and breaking ball.
FB: T87, 85-87 mph. 1980 rpm. Erratic early, settled into the zone the more he threw. Worked elevated. Created some chase.
CB: 71-73 mph. 1959 rpm. Hard, sharp, 12/6 tilt. Has depth. Created chase out of the zone and freeze in the zone.



Will Saxenmeyer RHP / 3B / Holly Springs, NC / 2022

Body: 6/4, 175 pounds. Length present with a thin frame that will handle strength gains.
Delivery: Simple rocker and turn, lifting to the low chest. Lacks some stability over the back side as he reaches down the mound with his stride. Works level and on-line, landing in-line and square. Average extension.
Arm Action: R. Long arm swing fought for rhythm early, finding more and more as the outing progressed. With rhythm, the arm is more free, working with more quickness to an over-the-top slot.
FB: T88, 82-88 mph. 1838 rpm. Elevated with some arm side misses. Ball does jump out of the hand as the feel and rhythm increased. Down zone had decent angle.
CB: 66-70 mph. 1570 rpm. Gradual 11/5 tilt, rolling with a slight hump out of the hand. Potential high ceiling as he adds strength to the frame.



Cole Schiff LHP / 1B / Heritage, NC / 2021


UNC Asheville commit
Body: 6/4, 195 pounds. Physical with length. Mature.
Delivery: Side saddle working with ease to balance, kicking the knee toward the back shoulder. High kick with the head and shoulders creating some uphill leverage. Long legs work down the hill on-line, landing square. Backside creates an ease to the finish and leverage through the ball.
Arm Action: L. Long arm swing, reaches out of the glove, working to a high-3/4 slot. Strength over arm speed. Above average arm speed. Has intent.
FB: T88, 82-88 mph. 1849 rpm. Strike thrower. Good feel for the arm side.
CB: 65-69 mph. 1814 rpm. Sweeping action with length out of the hand. Early at times.
CH: 76-77 mph. 2044 rpm. Solid arm speed. Some fade.