Prep Baseball Report

Podcast: Rankings, Dirtbags, & Championships... Oh my!!!

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
Prep Baseball Report

Brandon and Matt are back and looking forward to sitting down weekly throughout the year to talk all things baseball in North Carolina and more.  The guys will discuss players, events, games, and anything else they may have seen while around the field recently.

This week the guys talk about some of the following:

 + 2025 Rankings Update
 + Uncommitted 2025's To Watch This Summer
 + PBR Scout Days - What are they
 + PBR Scout Days - How do they work
 + Metrics, Stats, and Analysis that are gathered at Scout Days
 + PBR Scout Day with the Dirtbags
 + Big Bats From the Dirtbag Workout
 + Several Arms that Popped at the Dirtbag Workout
 + Round 2 & 3 Review - State Playoffs
 + 4A - A look at the Brackets
 + 3A - What will be the best 4th Rd Games
 + 2A & 1A -- Higher Seeds are holding form... What to expect next.
 + State Championship Weekend set for NCISAA
 + Preview of all 4 State Championship Series


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