Podcast: Recapping the MLB Draft & the Carolina Rockies Scout Day

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
Executive Director and Director of Scouting, PBR of NC

The PBR of NC Podcast features Brandon Hall, NC Executive Director of Scouting, and Matt Payne, NC Director of Scouting.  Each has played high school and college baseball in North Carolina.  Each has coached and scouted in North Carolina.  With over 30 years of experience of watching high school baseball in North Carolina there is not a better source for unbiased and verified information.

This week the guys discuss:

  • The 2020 MLB Draft
  • NC Players selected
  • College vs. Pro Decision
  • Life in the Minors
  • HS Players from NC Selected
  • Where did PBR of NC scouts miss...
  • The Carolina Rockies Scout Day
  • Players that stood out for the Rockies
  • Upcoming Scout Days
  • Upcoming Future Games Trials
  • The PBR Future Games
  • Team Carolina
PBR of North Carolina Podcast · Recapping the MLB Draft & PBR Scout Days