Prep Baseball Report

Podcast: Recruiting Essentials Reboot Plus Player Comps from NC

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
Prep Baseball Report

Brandon and Matt are back and looking forward to sitting down weekly throughout the year to talk all things baseball in North Carolina and more.  The guys will discuss players, events, games, and anything else they may have seen while around the field recently.

This week the guys talk about some of the following:

 + College Baseball in the Area
 + Uniform Watch - The Powder Purple at ECU
 + Early Season Ideas for College Programs - State vs. State Challenge
 + Recruiting Essentials is Back
 + Thoughts and Tips on Emails, Texts, and Phone Calls with college coaches
 + Catcher vs. Catcher: Who do you have between Stevenson & Winslow
 + Comparing big arms in NC: Physical vs. lean // Arm whip vs. Arm strength
 + Recent Scout Blogs from NC Coverage

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