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Preseason All-State East: Roster & Schedule Preview

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Scouting Director

The 2023 winter showcase season is upon us with the Preseason All-State West taking off this Sunday in Maiden, NC at Athlete's Lab.  The Preseason All-State West will feature approximately 35 players from the state, going through a full workout with PBR Scouts.  Each player will update their stats, analytics, and video, showcasing their gains from the off-season, as they continue to get ready for the spring.

As we enter the 5th year of the Preseason All-State event in North Carolina it is obvious this event has become a must-see for college coaches and pro scouts.  While most schools are not allowed on the road yet, per NCAA rules, they are able to follow each event, seeing trusted stats and video as the events conclude. From the past 4 years, PBR of North Carolina has seen 189 player commit to play college baseball.  With the rosters being built for the 4 Preseason All-State events in 2023, that number is only going to continue to climb.

2023 Preseason All-State Events

PAS South  |  Roster, Stats, and Stories

PAS West  |  Roster, Stats, and Stories

PAS East  |  Next Level Training  |  Greenville, NC  |  FEB 4th

PAS Central  |  Diamond Xtreme  |  Kernersville, NC  |  FEB 11th


Preseason All-State East Roster

In the coming days we will begin to highlight some of the talent that is scheduled to be at the Preseason All-State South.  As of the Wednesday prior to the event here are some of the numbers on the roster breakdown.

  • 35 Players from the 2023 and 2024 Classes
  • 39 Players from the 2025 and 2026 Classes
  • 16 Primary Catchers
  • 5 Primary LHP
  • 21 Primary RHP
  • 14 Primary OF
  • 22 Primary INF

CLICK HERE for the full roster


Preseason All-State East Schedule

This schedule will be tightened based on late sign-ups throughout the rest of the week.  Times are subject to change. Players should check their emails on Thursday night and Friday morning for any late adjustments.

Pitchers will throw a controlled bullpen, featuring 12-20 pitches, quickly showcasing each player's arsenal for PBR Scouts and TrackMan.  Catchers will be evaluated receiving bullpens, as well in a workout setting, throwing pop times to 2B. Infielders and outfielders will go through defensive workouts as well.  All position players will take live BP, in expanded cages that will allow PBR Scouts to see the ball fly.  Throughout the workout, player video will be taken and stats will be gathered.  TrackMan will be used for all ball flight data.  Blast will be used for pre-contact swing metrics.

All players will be able to run a laser timed 30 yard, with a 10 yard split. The Swift Jump mat will be used to measure player's vertical jump and RSI.  Position players will also be able to take the Vizual Edge test as well, getting a measurement on how their eyes can detect objects in space.

3:30pm     P/C/Dual Check In
4:00pm     Stretch / intro / Throw
4:20pm     Catcher Pop Times
4:45pm     Bullpens
5:45pm     INF / OF Check In
6:05pm     Intro / Stretch / Run 30s
6:45pm     Offensive Rotations
8:05pm     Infielder workout
8:35pm     Outfielder workout
9:00pm     End of Day


Continue to look for updates throughout this week.  After each Preseason All-State event, PBR Scouts will release information from each event, and eventually build a leader board from the North Carolina events.