Quick Hitters: Fayetteville Prospect ID - Pitchers

Brandon Hall
Executive Director of Scouting, PBR NC

PBR was in Fayetteville on Wednesday October 21st at the beautiful JP Riddle Stadium, home of Fayetteville Tech Community College.  Over thirty players from North Carolina were in attendance to take part in the full workout, gathering stats, advanced analytics, and video on each player.

Position players kicked the day off with a full pro-style workout, including a laser timed 60 yard dash.  The offensive evaluation included exit velocities off of a tee in the cage area, plus full ball flight data during live BP, with Blast Motion analytics on the swing path.  Defensively, players worked out from their primary position, allowing coaches and scouts to get a full view of athleticism, arm strength, hands, feet, and accuracy on throws.

After the position players, pitchers in attendance went through a controlled bullpen.  The bullpen included TrackMan gathering ball flight information from the release, including velocity, spin rates, and movement metrics.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and complete statistical output from each player.  There are multiple tabs, with the TrackMan and Blast Motion data included.


By the Numbers:

  • 28 position players went through the workout
  • 6.91 was the top 60 yard dash time
  • 3 players ran under 7.00
  • 12 players ran 7.25 or better
  • 96mph was the top exit velocity off of the tee
  • 8 players posted an exit velocity off the tee of 90mph or higher
  • 16 hitters had exit velocities off the tee of 85mph or better
  • 14 hitters posted an exit velocity of 90mph or higher in live BP
  • 96.86 was the top exit velocity posted in live BP
  • 376 feet was the furthest ball hit on the night
  • 87mph was the top fastball thrown in bullpens
  • 2479rpm was the top spin rate on a fastball
  • 2416rpm was the top spin rate on a breaking ball


Quick Hitters - Pitchers


Samari Robinson (RHP, Green Level HS, 2023) – Athletic righty has continued to take steps forward, polishing his delivery and arm action.  Stands 5-foot-10, 155 pounds.  Quick, loose arm.  Delivery is still a little choppy working with a long arm swing to an over-the-top slot.  Front side can be early at times.  Fastball up to 84 with arm side run.  Hard, late breaking ball, that was explosive at times, ranging 71-72 with a spin rate up to 2417rpm.  3rd pitch is a cutter that plays with a 3rd movement pattern.  Late and side to side break with a spin rate of 2279rpm.

Jackson Griggs (RHP, Harnett Central HS, 2022) – Some strength present in a 5-foot-10, 170 pounds.  Plunges out of the glove with some uphill leverage through the shoulders.  Over-the-top with some quickness in the arm.  Fastball peaked at 83.  Works with intent.  Small hump out of the hand on the breaking ball with 11/5 tilt at 72mph. 

William Sword (RHP, Thales Academy, 2022) – Average frame at 6-foot, 187 pounds.  Strong arm.  Stable delivery.  Easily repeats.  Long arm swing and over-the-top release.  Elbow climbs above the shoulder line, slightly.  Firm fastball peaked at 87 with an average spin rate of 2227rpm.  Curveball and change-up for strikes.  Curveball is firm with top to bottom tilt, spinning up to 2308rpm. 

Luke Cannon (RHP, North Lenoir HS, 2023) – Lanky, athletic frame with plenty of room for projection, standing 6-foot-3, 172 pounds.  Three distinct pitches with similar tunnels and separate movement patterns.  Fastball peaked at 84 with an average spin rate of 2338rpm.  Hard, short breaking ball up to 73.  Change-up has solid arm speed and deception.  All three pitches for strikes with feel for locating.  Short, scapular loading arm action out of the glove, working out of his sleeve with a high-3/4 release.

Nathan Teague (RHP, Southern Alamance HS, 2023) – Athletic and physical at 6-foot-6, 205 pounds.  Looks the part with room to add strength.  Has looseness and athleticism in the hips.  Plunge out of the glove working back to a position of strength and over-the-top slot.  Quick arm.  Created sink, hard at times to the arm side.  Fastball peaked at 84.  Slider was erratic, flashing late action on a couple, with solid arm speed and intent.  Exaggerates extension on the change-up, occasionally cutting it.

Chance Purvis (RHP, Union Pines HS, 2022) – Thick frame with strength in the lower half, standing 6-foot-1, 210 pounds.  Small hook out of the glove working to an over-the-top slot.  Better than average arm speed.   Late at times, falling to the 1B side and loosing some extension.  Fastball up to 83 with 16.2 inches of horizontal break.  Slider is late and tight with 10/4 tilt.  Peaked at 72, thrown with intent, creating 16.6 inches of horizontal movement. 

Donovan Whitfield (RHP, Jack Britt HS, 2022) – Athletic.  Lanky.  Lots of projection left.  Stands 6-foot-5, 185 pounds.  Quick arm.  Fastball ranged 83-85, with a 12:15 spin tilt out of the hand and 23.4 inches of induced vertical break.  Good ride out of the hand.  Breaking ball is firm, with a slight hump out of the hand and top to bottom type action.  Erratic feel with the breaking ball elevated at times.