Quick Hitters: CVCC Arms

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Scouting Director

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PBR of North Carolina was on hand for a scout day with Catawba Valley Community College Pitchers threw a controlled bullpen with Trackman collecting ball flight data. Position players ran 60, went through a defensive evaluation and took batting practice on the field with Trackman gathering data on each swing. Below we begin our breakdown of the players who took part in the workout. Look for more information to follow in the coming days.


Quick Hitters - Pitchers


Ian Anderson, RHP, rFR
Strength present in the frame. Sink metrics with limited run on the fastball at 87-88, 1924rpm.  Good feel for the change-up at 80-81.  Early run, heavy at times with the change.  Long arm swing bottoming out and then working to a ¾ slot.

Trace Baker, RHP, FR
Broad shoulders and athletic frame.  Strength present.  Long arm swing as he works level with solid direction.  Good arm speed through a high-¾ slot. Fastball peaked at 91, 2404rpm.  1:00 spin tilt at release producing 9in of run out of the hand.  Side to side slider with late, hard action at 80-82, 2116rpm.

Kobie Cushing, RHP, SO
Physical presence.  Strength in the build. Athletic arm with a long arm swing.  Arm strength over arm speed.  High-¾ slot.  Fastball at 85-91, 2184rpm.  Some run when on the arm side. Late, sharp tilt to the breaking ball.  11/5 tilt at 73-76.  Solid feel for the breaking ball.  Around the zone consistently, lacking pure command of any one spot.

Tim Flanagan, RHP, FR
Tall with some physicality at 6-foot-7, 215 pounds. Good direction.  Long, clean arm swing.  Average to above arm speed.  Over-the-top slot.  Some feel for location.  Intriguing with the frame and direction, lacking pure explosion through the release at this time.  Fastball at 85-86, 2234rpm, playing true out of the hand.  Slider and curveball both should complement the fastball but may not miss a ton of barrels in the zone just yet.

Ethan Levy, RHP, FR
Strong at 6-foot-2, 210 pounds. Up tempo delivery. Long arm starts by reaching out of the glove.  Average arm speed. Over-the-top slot. Fastball at 83-85, 2098rpm.  Solid ride with some run out of the hand.  Change-up has deception with the arm speed and run at 76-78, 1809rpm.


JD Lewis, RHP, rSO
Strength present at 6-foot, 170 pounds.  Long arm swing, bottoming out as it works to an over-the-top slot.  Average to above arm speed.  Arm strength over arm speed.  Fastball up to 85, 2136rpm. Good action and depth to the top to bottom breaking ball at 70-71, 2514rpm.

Zac Martin, RHP, FR
Lean frame at 6-foot-4, 180 pounds.  Good rhythm and direction.  Long athletic arm swing to a high-¾ slot.  Positioned to add velocity as he continues to fill out his frame. Good arm speed.  Fastball at 87-90, 2054rpm with an average of 13.9in of run from release.  Heavy, hard, darting run at times.  Feel for four distinct pitches.  Slider over the curveball at this time with short, late, 10/4 action.

Aiken Minton, RHP, SO
Lean 6-foot frame.  Clean and on-line.  Easily repeats the delivery.  Over-the-top release with a whippy arm. Fastball peaked at 88, 2431rpm.  Average ride with heavy run, late at times.  Sweeping slider compliments the run on the fastball.  Slider at 77-78, 2355rpm.  Change-up mimics the fastball with release, arm speed, and run at 79-80, 1624rpm.

Clint Turner, RHP, FR
Athletic and lean frame at 6-foot-2, 160 pounds.  Strong arm.  Long arm swing.  Over-the-top.  Fastball at 85-87, 2065rpm.  12:30 spin tilt with minimal sink metrics, playing true through the zone.  Curveball has depth with top to bottom action out of the hand at 68-69, 2378rpm.

Reid Withers, RHP, SO
Average build.  Hand pump over the head with good rhythm and timing in the delivery.  Long arm swing to an over-the-top slot.  Better than average arm speed through the release.  Fastball up to 86, 2407rpm.  Excellent ride through the zone with some run and a 1:00 spin tilt at release. Short, late, top to bottom breaking ball at 75, 2611rpm.