Quick Hitters: Cougars & Bulldog Position Players

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Executive Director

PBR was at South Iredell HS on Saturday November 6th to run a PBR Scout Day for two organizations.  The Cougars 2023 club combined with the Bulldogs organization to feature close to 30 players running through the pro-style workout.  The day started with pitchers and catchers going through their defensive work, with pitchers throwing a controlled bullpen for PBR Scouts and TrackMan.  Following the bullpens, all offensive players took multiple rounds of BP followed by Infield and Outfield defensive work.

Below are dive into the numbers produced during the Scout Day.  The roster featured players from the 2022, 2023, 20224, and 2025 classes.


CLICK HERE for the full scout day roster and stats




Easton Walker, C, Crossroads Early College, 2023 – Stands 6-foot-4, 230 pounds.  Solid arm strength behind the dish, carrying 78 out of the crouch with a 2.15 pop time.  Right handed hitter has some power with a top exit velocity of 93mph.  Tall setup, lacking a load in the upper half, gaining ground with a medium stride.  Works for extension with petter power to the pull side.

Landon Reece 3B, Alexander Central HS, 2022 – Broad shoulders at 6-foot, 205 pounds.  Simple setup working to rotate on the backside, creating some natural loft through contact.  Exit velocity peaked at 92mph.  Solid bat speed with average feel for the barrel.

Easton King, OF, South Caldwell HS, 2023 – Physical presence at 6-foot-1, 185 pounds.  Ran a 6.79 on a grass surface, on the laser timer.  Left handed hitter.  Top end exit velocity above 88mph.  Small wrap in the load, getting the foot down with ease to a short stride length.  Simple transfer and launch.  Strength present.  Works gap-to-gap.  Average bat speed and barrel awareness.

Tyler Hughesman, SS, South Iredell HS, 2024 – Athletic switch hitter with good actions and some quickness present.  Stands 5-foot-6, 150 pounds.  7.21 sixty should improve as he continues to mature, seeing the top end speed translate for a longer period on the 60 yard course.  Similar swings from the left and right side.  Better barrel feel from the right side, but showed some pop to the pull side from each side of the plate.

Thomas Day, C, Davidson Day, 2023 – Strength present in an average frame at 5-foot-7, 140 pounds.  Quick transfer with solid carry and accuracy out of the crouch with pop times ranging 2.01 – 2.19.  Right handed hitter works from a wide base with a small load.  Gap-to-gap approach.  Good barrel feel.  Can cut off the swing at contact.

Nick Powell, 3B, Lake Norman HS, 2023 – Strength present.  Stands 5-foot-9, 200 pounds.  Works for extension with strength to the pull side.  Exit velocity peaked at 91mph.  Works through some stiffness, but there is whip through contact when on time.

Breyson Eichacker, SS, Mooresville HS, 2023 – Thin 5-foot-9, 130 pounds.  Balanced and tall with a smooth transition back.  Average bat speed.  Looseness through the zone.  Glides to the front side.  Works for extension.  Solid barrel awareness.  Positioned with a high ceiling as he adds strength.

Brice Warren, OF, South Iredell HS, 2023 – Broad shoulders and strength present at 6-foot, 200 pounds.  Flat through the zone working gap to gap with solid barrel feel.  Late and rushed through his load at times, may create more damage as he in consistently on time in his load.

Bryton Lawson, OF, Lake Norman HS, 2022 – Average frame at 6-foot-1, 180 pounds.  Hand strength present from the left side, working to stay short and inside the ball.  Can tie himself up at times.  Better exit velocity with extension, working the pull side gap.

Mason Millsaps, 1B, Alexander Central HS, 2023 – Big body with broad shoulders, standing 6-foot-3, 200 pounds.  Strength present from the left side with some uphill in the swing.  Loads in, creating some early rotation in the swing.  Average bat speed.

Jake Crowley, 2B, South Iredell HS, 2025 – Intriguing young player with some strength present.  Simple setup and load working to a flat swing through the zone with solid bat speed.  Gap to gap approach.  Good barrel awareness.  Setup for success as more strength and quickness is added with maturity.

Ryan Coughlin, South Iredell HS, 2025 – Lanky 5-foot-7, 117 pounds.  Long arms should be able to shorten the swing as he adds maturity and strength to the frame.  Stable and balanced.  Worked in the middle of the field with some natural loft through contact.

Pierce Conklin, INF, Lake Norman Charter, 2025 – Thin frame, still young and maturing, standing 5-foot-9, 145 pounds.  Right handed hitter has some length in the swing with average bat speed and barrel feel.  Worked inside the ball with most of his power in the oppo gap.

Cameron Chapman, C, Alexander Central HS, 2023 – Average build at 5-foot-8, 150 pounds.  Good barrel feel with solid bat speed from the right side.  Peppered the pull side gap throughout BP, grouping his exit velocity throughout the evaluation. 

Christian Moore, C, South Iredell HS, 2025 – Long limbs and thin frame, standing 5-foot-10, 130 pounds.  Lots of maturation still ahead of him.  Natural uphill loft through contact.  Works through some length in the swing that should shorten with added strength in the coming years.

Dontae Olson, OF, South Iredell HS, 2025 – Some strength present at 5-foot-8, 139 pounds.  Works out to the front side early, from the right side, pushing the ball to the right side.  Solid quickness for the age.

Dyson Lewis, SS, Alexander Central HS, 2023 – Solid athleticism present at 5-foot-8, 135 pounds.  Stable, wide base with a simple, rhythmic load and short stride.  Flat through the zone with good barrel feel, staying in the middle of the field.

Jake Garwood, C, South Iredell HS, 2025 – Lanky and still maturing 5-foot-11, 145 pounds.  Some length in the swing from the right side but there is whip through contact.  Swing should shorten with increased strength in the hands.  Average bat speed but showed good feel for the barrel.

TJ Pinkham, OF, South Iredell HS, 2025 – Thin, 5-foot-6, 120 pound frame.  Right handed hitter works inside the ball with most of his power to the opposite field.  Inside-out approach, gliding to the front side.

Carlos DeMorrow, SS, Statesville HS, 2024 – Compact frame at 5-foot-8, 150 pounds.  Average to above bat speed from the right side, working the middle of the field with his better power to the oppo gap.  Uphill leverage through contact.

Thomas Shumaker, C, North Iredell HS, 2025 – Intriguing frame, stands 6-foot, 185 pounds.  Solid strength through contact in a swing that is still working to build consistent high end bat speed.  Good feel for the barrel.  Showed an ability to use the entire field with strength to the pull side gap.  Tall and balanced through his setup.  Uses a small load and medium stride.  Works flat through the zone.

Tyler Ribbeck, INF, West Iredell HS, 2024 – Stocky frame with some strength present at 5-foot-4, 113 pounds.  Glides to the front side, from the right side.  Average bat speed with good feel for the barrel.