Quick Hitters: Precision Showcase Baseball Position Players

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Executive Director

PBR was at South Central High School in Winterville, NC on Saturday March 27th to run a scout day for Precision Showcase Baseball (PSB).  PSB has teams throughout the high school age groups and operates out of the Greenville, NC area.  With over 40 players in attendance, from the organization, the scout day included a 60 yard dash, offensive evaluations, defensive evaluations and controlled bullpens.  TrackMan was used throughout the day to track ball flight off the bat and out of the hand during bullpens.


By The Numbers:

  • 44 players from the 2022 - 2026 grad years participated
  • 5 players ran sub-7.25 in the 60
  • 11 arms posted a positional velocity of 75 mph or higher
  • 4 catchers worked out with two below 2.20 on their pop times
  • 5 hitters with an exit velocity of 90 mph or higher
  • 347' was the top distance off the barrel during BP
  • 81 mph was the top fastball on the day
  • 2217 rpm was the top spin rate on a fastball
  • 2462 rpm was the top spin rate on a breaking ball


CLICK HERE to see the full list of stats collected, and the roster, at the PBR Scout Day


Quick Hitters - Position Players


Nehemiah Drew (OF, Southeast Raleigh HS, 2023) – Left handed hitter works from a tall base with a simple approach.  Flat through the zone.  Solid barrel awareness.  Ran one of the better 60s on the day, on a soft surface, turning in a 7.12.  Simple exchange with an easy arm action and average carry from the outfield.  Good athlete that will add strength to the 5-foot-11 frame.

Savoi Edwards (OF, Dudley HS, 2024) – Good rhythm from the left side.  Hands can cast away from the body a bit, creating some length, but there is solid hand strength and a flat path, with good barrel feel.  Runs better than the 7.60 sixty and will see that time drop as he gains strength and carries his top end speed for a longer distance.

Shannon Edwards Jr (OF, Dudley HS, 2023) – Athletic from the left side with confidence in the box.  Loose with waggle through the pre-pitch.  Simple stride and load.  Works direct and level, staying gap to gap.  Good barrel feel.  Ran a 7.19 sixty, on a slow surface.

Drake Adee (OF, South Central HS, 2022) – Right handed hitter has length to his frame.  Waggle and knee rotation create the pre-pitch rhythm and then load.  Direct path, working flat through the zone.  Solid barrel feel.  Top 60 of the day at 7.10 on a slow pitch.

Teray Cherry (3B, JH Rose HS, 2022) – Thin frame at 6-foot-1.  Right handed hitter has some quickness, lacking hand strength that could develop.  Flat through the zone, working to get extension.   Solid actions on the infield with a high level of trust in the hands and feet.  Athletic arm with carry and accuracy.  Long arm swing, high-3/4 slot.

Conner Ferebee (SS, Bertie Early College, 2024) – Big leg kick and load back from the right side.  Aggressive, working for extension with some uphill leverage.  Above average bat speed for his age with average to above barrel feel.

Christoffer Hairston Jr. (2B, Riverside HS, 2023) – Still maturing at 5-foot-7, 125 pounds.  Athletic presence.  Ran a 7.25 but will run better as he is able to carry his top end speed longer, adding strength to his frame.  Right handed hitter.  Simple base and load.  Some length in the swing but showed average to above bat speed and barrel feel.  Good actions at SS with his hands and feet.  Arm strength will be key to his development moving forward.

Carter Hale (2B, South Central HS, 2024) – Still maturing frame.  Right handed hitter is wide with a vertical bat.  Simple tap to create some rhythm.  Works for extension, staying flat through the zone.  Good rhythm between the hands and feet on defense.  Hips can be high.  Funnels through the exchange.  Short arm action.  Accurate across the diamond.

John Hamill (2B, Washington HS, 2022) – Right handed hitter in a wide, balanced base.  Simple load.  Flat through the zone with average to above barrel feel.  Active feet on defense.  Good bend in the hips.  Athletic arm showed accuracy across the diamond.

Zamar Lewis (1B, East Bladen HS, 2023) – Lanky, raw athlete.  Stands 6-foot-2, 190 pounds.  Ran a  solid 7.22 sixty on a slow surface.  Tall, narrow base with the bat working off the shoulder.   Simple stride and load, fighting for rhythm.  Good barrel feel with solid bat speed.  Works flat through the zone.  Good hand strength.  Raw but with a high ceiling potentially.  Exit velocity peaked at 95 mph off the barrel in BP.

Matthew Lovitt (OF, Jacksonville HS, 2022) – Narrow base and tall from the right side.  Some waggle through the load.  Short stride.  Works to be direct with a flat path.  Average barrel feel with solid bat speed.  Worked gap to gap.

Austin Odom (1B, Croatian HS, 2022) – Physical 6-foot-1, 218 pounds.  Strength present.  Tall base from the right side.  Leg kick and drops the hands through the load, setting uphill leverage through contact.  Big strength when on the barrel.  Average bat speed. 

Daniel Paciullo (C, South Central HS, 2022) – Lean 6-foot-2 frame.  Simple setup and load from the right side.  Some uphill leverage, working for extension.  Average to above bat speed.  Solid barrel awareness.  Behind the dish, transfers across his chest with a short arm action and high-3/4 release.  Average to above carry with a top pop time of 2.13.