Quick Hitters: Preseason All-State I Pitchers

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Executive Director

On Sunday March 14th PBR NC hosted its first of two Preseason All State events at Noel Williams Park in Monroe, NC.  The Preseason All State Showcase is the top winter event in the state. With the public high school season being pushed back due to Covid the event was able to move outdoors with it being held later in the year than normal. 60 of the top players from across the state participated in the event. 

Pitchers started the day throwing a controlled bullpen of 15-20 pitches with cameras rolling and Trackman gathering ball flight data. After bullpens position players ran a laser timed 60, followed by a defensive evaluation and offensive evaluation.  During live BP, TrackMan was able to gather ball flight information off the bat.  

Throughout the workout, PBR scouts were taking metrics on players while evaluating their complete skill set.  Today we take a look at each category as well as the leaders in those categories.  As we continue to dive into all of the information gathered, players will receive a full evaluation and the PBR staff will put together top prospect lists from the event.


Quick Hitters - Pitchers


Connor Barozzino (RHP, Hickory Grove Christian, 2024) – Young and still maturing.  Shows good feel for multiple pitches in the zone.  Fastball peaked at 85.  Good arm strength with solid arm speed.  Breaking ball and change-up graded out as above average for a high school arm.  Slightly wrapped, reaching out of the glove, the arm action could clean a little to increase arm speed as he continues to mature.

Casey Gouge (LHP, West Rowan HS, 2022) – Continues to impress each and every time he is on the big stage.  Good command of three pitches with solid arm speed.  Stuff ticks up each season with the fastball peaking at 83.  Breaking ball metrics are very intriguing as it spins at 2745 rpm on average.  Movement should miss bats at the high school level with harder, later tilt conceivable in the very near future.

Cade Miller (RHP, Alexander Central HS, 2022) – East Carolina commit.  Average frame with a short arm action loading the scapular.  Excellent arm speed and intent with the fastball ranging 88-89 throughout the bullpen.  Good intent on the slider, spinning up to 2377 rpm.  Lacked consistent bite, but there will be more length in the pitch as he continues to progress.

Cameron Seagraves (RHP, Richmond Sr, 2024) – Thin frame that will continue to add strength with some ease.  Fastball peaked at 86 from an over-the-top slot.  Some effort in the arm, but as he adds strength the arm action should clean.  Paired the fastball with a tight downer breaking ball.  Lacked some feel for the spin pitch, but was consistently on-line and missing down. 

Kyle Dobos (RHP, Marvin Ridge HS, 2023) – Athletic player that may profile more as a SS eventually, but does show promise on the bump.  Late run on the fastball from an easy arm stroke and high-3/4 slot.  Located the fastball, ranging 84-85.  Secondary stuff is still developing, showing feel for his change-up with early run.

Carson Edmiston (RHP, West Wilkes HS, 2023) – Lanky 6-foot-3 frame that will continue to add strength.  Coils during the delivery creating some directional issues, but as he remains on line the fastball flashed angle down through the zone at 83-85.  Threw the breaking ball and change-up for strikes consistently.  Both are positioned to grow with him as he continues to develop.

Mason Murdock (RHP, Northwest Cabarrus HS, 2022) – UNC Wilmington commit.  Large frame, standing 6-foot-4, with broad shoulders.  Athleticism is present.  Fastball has angle with above average arm speed, peaking at 89.  Flashed a curveball and slider that should both play at the next level as he continues to mature.  Curveball is hard with top to bottom action through the zone, thrown for a strike consistently.  Slider worked across the zone with sweeping action, elevated at times.  Change-up gives him 4 solid pitches moving forward to attack hitters with.

Caleb Williams (RHP, Alexander Central HS, 2023) – Lanky and think at 6-foot-2.   Works with intent and excellent arm speed.  Hands were late separating at times on the fastball creating some up and arm side misses, but when on time, the arm works with some ease to a high-3/4 slot.  Fastball peaked at 88.  Tight breaking ball with good feel for the zone.  Advanced change-up with good arm speed and deception that shows fade as it enters the decision zone for hitters.

Cameron Bagwell (RHP, South Mecklenburg HS, 2024) – Large frame with broad shoulders and strength in the lower half.  Works downhill from an over-the-top slot with above average arm speed.  Fastball sat 81-85 with an average spin of 2094 rpm.  Flashed a couple of tight, downer breaking balls, with feel for the zone.  Solid arm speed and run on a change-up that should give him three solid pitches to attack hitters with as he continues to mature.

Harrison Lewis (RHP, West Forsyth HS, 2023) – Large, powerful frame with broad shoulders, standing 6-foot-5, 235.  May profile higher in the box, but the stuff may allow him to pursue a dual role at the next level.   Fastball touched 90 with a peak spin rate of 2158 rpm.  Long arm stroke worked to an over-the-top slot.  Has intent.  Above average arm speed.  Arm strength over arm speed at this time.  Second pitch is probably a change-up with solid arm speed and feel for now.   Slider is still developing, working with short, late action when it takes off.

Mason Smith (RHP, Lincoln Charter, 2022) - Athletic 6-foot-175.  Coils the lower half.  Long, loose arm swing to a high-3/4 slot.  Strike thrower.  Quick arm.  Fastball has arm side run, sitting 89-91.  Good slider with late 10/4 tilt, thrown for a strike consistently.  Good arm speed on the spin pitch.  Flashed a solid change as a 3rd option to attack with.  Good arm speed and run on the change as well. 

Hampton Gilchrist (RHP, Hough HS, 2021) -- Large, athletic frame with strength present at 6-foot-3, 200 pounds.  Medium arm swing works through some stiffness to an over-the-top slot.   Strong arm.  Strength over quickness at release.  Fastball peaked at 87.  Breaking ball is still developing, rolling through the zone, with occasional tight, downer action.  Solid arm speed and some feel for his change-up.

Bryan Webb (RHP, Northwest Guilford HS, 2022) -- Average size with athleticism present at 5-foot-11, 165 pounds.  Fastball ranged 80-82 from an over-the-top slot, with downhill angle out of the hand.  Long and loose through release.  Change-up is the second pitch with good arm speed and run out of the hand.

Ethan Goldstein (RHP, Durham Academy, 2022) -- Athletic over the rubber.  Stands 5-foot-8.  Builds rhythm and temp through the release.  Long arm swing to a high-3/4 slot.  Above average arm speed.  Fastball peaked at 85.   Solid secondary offerings with a short, late slider and advanced feel for his change-up.