Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Preseason All-State South Pitchers

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Scouting Director

On Sunday January 22nd PBR of North Carolina hosted its first of four Preseason All State Events at The Athletic Barn in Waxhaw, NC. The Preseason All State Events have become the premier winter event in North Carolina featuring some of the best talent from across the state. The events feature players from the 2023-2026 grad classes. 

Catchers got the day started going through a defensive evaluation. Pitchers followed by throwing a controlled bullpen of 15-20 pitches. After the pitchers the infielders went through their defensive evaluation. The day concluded with hitters taking BP in the open box cage with Trackman collecting ball flight data. 

Below we begin our breakdown of the players in attendance looking at the top performers in different categories.  Look for more statistics and information to follow in the coming days. 

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Quick Hitters - Pitchers


Brian O’Connell III, RHP, Eastern Guilford, 2023
Broad shoulders and strength present at 5-foot-10, 190 pounds. Tall through the delivery, swinging the leg to the foot-strike, online and square. Solid arm speed through a high-¾ slot. Fastball at 84-85, 2030rpm. Landed the change-up for a strike consistently at 71-72, 1600rpm.

Trey Handy, LHP, East Wilkes HS, 2024
Average frame at 6-foot-1, 170 pounds. Medium arm swing, allowing the elbow to load the scapular. High-¾ slot.  Average arm speed.  Fastball at 73-74, 1500rpm.  Arm side run is early and heavy at times. Sharp breaking ball has early action at 63-64, 2000rpm.

Jacob Orloski, RHP, Marvin Ridge HS, 2024
Strength present at 5-foot-11, 175 pounds. Strike thrower with three in the zone. Long arm swing, working level throughout, with a solid directional line. Over-the-top slot.  Average arm speed.  Fastball at 78-81, 2030rpm.  Some ride through the zone. Breaking ball has depth with late 11/5 tilt at 63-64, 1830rpm.

Garrett Long, LHP, Porter Ridge HS, 2025
Lank with long limbs, standing 6-foot, 145 pounds. Tall through the delivery with a medium arm swing and natural scapular load.  High-¾ release.  Better than average arm speed.  Positioned to see stuff tick up as he adds mass to his frame.  Fastball at 80-82, 2015rpm. Firm, working down hill with ride through the zone. Both change-up and slider are usable weapons, both around the zone. Slider at 72-74, 2120rpm. Early sweeping action.  Change has fade at 72-73, 1800rpm

Drew Fletcher, RHP, Marvin Ridge HS, 2025
5-foot-9, 175 pounds with some size through the shoulders and chest. Athletic delivery using a hand pump through balance. Slightly uphill out of balance, with a good line through the target. Medium arm swing to an over-the-top slot.  Good arm speed.  Good rhythm throughout.  Fastball in the zone at 79-80, 2100rpm. Breaking ball has some depth and some sweep with its 10/4 tilt. Sharp at times at 66-68, 2350rpm.

Ryan Munoz, LHP, Marvin Ridge HS, 2025
Strength present at 5-foot-11, 162 pounds. Long arm swing with the elbow climbing above the shoulder line.  High-¾ release. Average arm speed.  Around the zone. Fastball at 74-76, 1800rpm.  Some arm side run present. Slows the change a bit but shows feel and fade at 68, 1442rpm.

Jack Cackovic, RHP, Holly Springs HS, 2025
Intriguing RHP with a long frame that is just beginning to mature.  Still in basketball season, but showed excellent feel for 3 pitches.  Stands 6-foot-6, 185 pounds.  Fastball at 82-83, up to 1930rpm.  Dominated the down zone, showing arm side run when on the arm side. Breaking ball works with short, late 10/4 tilt at 75-76, 2120rpm.  Good feel for a change-up that stays true out of the hand at 78-80, 1560rpm.  Solid rhythm, especially for the big frame.  Long arm action works to an over-the-top slot.  Athletic release.  Good arm speed and direction. Clean delivery and arm.

JT Cook, RHP, Watauga HS, 2025
Strong frame with broad shoulders at 6-foot-2, 220 pounds.  Mature lower half. Arm strength present with solid arm speed. Long arm, reaching out of the glove, and working to a high-¾ slot. Fastball is firm, working down hill at 82-83, 2150rpm. Slider is late, with tight 10/4 tilt that should give hitters fits.  Sits 74-75, 2060rpm.

Brayden Bartholomew, RHP, South Mecklenburg HS, 2026
Youthful frame at 5-foot-11, 135 pounds. Clea, athletic arm with average arm speed through  n over-the-top slot. Works down hill and down zone.  Fastball at 72-75, 1900rpm.

Owen Green, LHP, Ardrey Kell HS, 2026
Average frame with athleticism present over the rubber. Stands 5-foot-11, 155 pounds. Simple delivery with a stable head and medium, athletic arm action reaching a high-¾ slot. Level through balance with better than average arm speed through release. Fastball at 79-81, 1650rpm.  Arm side run out of the hand. Slider is sharp at times at 68-70, 1600rpm.

Morgan Jones, RHP, Weddington HS, 2026

Average 5-foot-11, 155 pound frame. Some effort in the arm as he forces the scapular retraction, working to an over-the-top slot.  Some uphill leverage out of balance, landing on-line with an open toe at foot-strike. Fastball at 73-75, 1950. 12/6 breaking ball is sharp at times, with a hump out of the hand at 65-66, 2100rpm.

Preston Smith, RHP, Hoggard HS, 2026
Lanky, projectable frame at 6-foot-2, 165 pounds. Long arm swing to a high-¾ slot. Direct line. Fights for rhythm at times. Strike thrower. Fastball at 79-80, 2020rpm. Slider and change have a chance to create issues for hitters.  Slider at 68-69, 1950rpm can be early but has length to its sweeping action. Change-up has solid arm speed and shows heavy run at times.