Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Preseason All-State West Pitchers

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Scouting Director

On Sunday January 29th PBR of North Carolina hosted its second of four Preseason All State Events at the Athletes Lab Performance Center in Maiden, NC. The Preseason All State Events have become the premier winter event in NC featuring some of the top talent from across the state. The events feature players from the 2023-2026 grad classes. 

The day started with pitchers throwing a controlled bullpen with Trackman collecting advanced analytics. After the bullpens, players went outside to the 100 yard turf field to have their running and jumping metrics tested. Then catchers, infielders, and outfielders went through a defensive evaluation. The day concluded with hitters taking batting practice in the open cage with Trackman collecting ball flight data. 

Below we begin our breakdown of the players in attendance. Look for more information to follow in the coming days. 

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Quick Hitters


Jimmy Newman, RHP, Bradford Prep, 2025
Tall, thin frame at 6-foot, 150 pounds. Raw on the mound but with loads of easy projection ahead.  Long arm swing, reaching back out of the glove, working to an over-the-top slot. Average to above arm speed and around the zone throughout the pen.  Fastball at 76-78, 2088rpm. Average ride, working true out of the hand. Curveball over slider at this time. Sharp 11/5 tilt with the curveball sitting 64-66, 1900rpm.

Davis Cabbage, RHP, Hickory Grove Christian, 2025
Strength present in the lower half, standing 5-foot-10, 160 pounds. Athletic mover down the mound with loose hips. Simple delivery. Excellent rhythm building through release. Slight plunge out of the glove working back to an over-the-top slot.  Above average arm speed. Fastball at 84-87, 2008rpm with excellent ride through the zone.  12:45 spin on the baseball at release. Breaking ball and change-up give Cabbage an advanced arsenal to attack with. Curveball up to 70, 2101rpm. Tight top to bottom tilt. Change-up has arm side run with 2:30 spin tilt through release.  Good arm speed provides deception.

Peter Boatwright, RHP, Asheville HS, 2024
Right hander has the ability to spin the baseball with a frame that continue to add strength. Stands 6-foot, 165 pounds. Medium arm action works through some stiffness in an over-the-top slot. Good arm speed.  Fastball has average ride with 1:00 spin tilt at release. Fastball up to 85, 2336rpm. Paired with a slider with tight, late 10/4 tilt. Depth and length at times. Slider ranged 75-77, 2508rpm.

Tate Jensen, LHP, Draughn HS, 2025
Some length in a straight line build with a strong lower half at 6-foot-1, 165 pounds. Reach out of the glove with length in the arm action to a high-¾ slot. Works with intent, showing better than average arm speed. Athletic mover down the hill. Fastball up to 84, 2060rpm with average ride and some arm side run. 11:15 spin tilt at release. Slider has early action, but works with length in its sweeping action. Showed solid feel. Slider at 67-70, 1657rpm.

CJ Wallace, RHP, TC Roberson HS, 2025
Long, lanky frame that is still developing at 6-foot-5, 175 pounds. Solid mover for his size and could see jumps as he continues to wrangle his length into his line. Long arm swing, turning the ball slightly early through an over-the-top slot. Fastball peaked at 82, 2096rpm with heavy arm side run at times. Intriguing follow as he continues to fill out the frame.

Caden Nolan, RHP, Richmond Sr HS, 2026
Average frame. Young. Stands 6-foot-1, 185. Arm strength present with average arm speed. Medium arm swing to an over-the-top slot. Works downhill. Sink metrics with slight run on the fastball at 78-80, 2020rpm. Top to bottom breaking ball shows promise. Change-up could be a weapon at 74-76, 1355rpm.  Solid arm speed.

Caleb Williams, RHP, Alexander Central HS, 2023
Rice commit. Physical frame with strength present across his broad shoulders. Lower half has power. Stands 6-foot-2, 190 pounds. Over-the-top slot with the fastball occasionally cutting, showing sink metrics at 87-88, 1990rpm. 12:45 spin tilt at release. Paired the fastball with a hard, sharp slider, showing late 10/4 tilt at 75-77, 2080rpm.  Setup for several possibilities as a sink slider guy, potentially coming from a lower slot, or as a power cutter guy from the over-the-top slot.

Travis Rhoads, LHP, Ledford HS, 2023
Powerful lefty works with intent and a quick arm. Control and command seems to be developing. Showed an ability to locate elevated when asked on several occasions in the bullpen.  Fastball at 88-90, 2283rpm.  Sink and heavy run metrics with 9:45 spin tilt out of the hand from the high-¾ slot.  Slider has early action, but makes up for it with length across the zone and average to above feel at 73-77, 2525rpm. Long arm swing with a slight body wrap and wrist hook at the bottom. Works with some easy through a scapular retraction and the high-¾ slot.  Solid rhythm. As he repeats, the stuff should continue to tick up.  One of the top uncommitted 2023s in NC at the time of this bullpen.

Drake Tucker, RHP, Bandys HS, 2025
Physical with broad shoulders and strength present at 6-foot-2, 225 pounds. Average rhythm through a long arm swing and over-the-top slot.  Average to above arm speed with big arm strength present. Pounded the down zone at 86-89, 2086rpm. Average ride with arm side run. 1:15 spin tilt at release. Short, late, side to side, darting slider sat 75-77, 1780rpm.  Potential two-way follow as a prospect.