Quick Hitters: ProCase Arms

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Executive Director

Prep Baseball Report of North Carolina has become the most trusted independent scouting source in North Carolina, and across the country. Prep Baseball Report is used by all 30 Major League Baseball Organizations. Each year PBR or North Carolina host some of the top draft prospects in North Carolina. On Sunday February 13th held its ProCase at Diamond Xtreme in Kernersville, NC with top talent in the 2022 and 2023 Class working out in front of pro scouts. 

Pitchers and catchers were up first. Catchers were able to go through a full defensive workout, throwing through to 2B at the spacious indoor facility.  Pitchers threw controlled bullpens, one at a time, with Trackman gathering advanced analytics.  Following the pitchers, hitters took live BP in the open atmosphere of Diamond Xtreme with Trackman gathering ball flight data. The event ended with the infielders and outfielders going through a defensive workout. 

Located in Kernersville, Diamond Xtreme features a 90'x90' cage that allows for ground balls and throws across the infield.  Catchers are able to make full length throws to 2B.  During BP, scouts and coaches are able to watch and track the ball off the bat to get a better gauge of each hitter in attendance.

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Quick Hitters: Pitchers


Everette Harris, RHP, Charlotte Christian, 2022 – NC State commit.  Electric arm speed.  Fastball peaked at 89mph with sink metrics and 12.4in of horizontal break.  Featured a sinker with 15.9in or horizontal break, sitting 86-88.  Hard downer breaking ball ranged 79-81 with -9.8in of vertical movement.

Jackson Roberts, RHP, Northern Guilford HS, 2022 – Campbell commit.  Strong arm from an over-the-top slot that can really spin the baseball.  Fastball spun at 2441rpm with an average of 20.2in of induced vertical break, suggesting the 89-90 could live up in the zone, complimenting his breaking stuff.  Curveball spin peaked at 2750rpm with hard downer bite, creating -13.6in of vertical break.  Slider spin at 2640rpm.  Slider had hard, late, darting action away from right handed hitters.

Mason Smith, RHP, Lincoln Charter HS, 2022 – East Carolina commit.  Strike pumping righty has continued to make gains and was a big winner on the day.  Flooded the zone with a solid 3 pitch mix.  Fastball peaked at 92 with average ride and run out of the hand.  Curveball worked ith 10/4 tilt, spinning at 2026rpm.  Good feel for the change-up at 79-81 with excellent hand speed.

Matthew Driver, RHP, Pro5 Academy, 2022 – Heavy sink metrics on a fastball that peaked at 90.  Only 5.3in of induced vertical break with 9in of run out of the hand.  2:00 spin tilt at release on the fastball.  Sharp 10/4 tilt on the slider, spinning up to 2242rpm.  Sinker – Slider combo could induce a lot of soft contact as he continues to mature his stuff.

Jaxon Lucas, RHP, Garner Magnet, 2023 – NC State commit.   Right hander has been known for his ability to spin the baseball, but his overall growth in stuff over the past year is very impressive.  Fastball works from an over-the-top slot with arm speed and arm strength.  Peaked at 91mph.  Some run with a 1:30 spin tilt out of the hand.  Spin tilt could become more vertical with the slot increasing his ride through the zone.  Curveball is a difference maker, ranging 74-76 and spinning on average at 2613rpm.  Hard, late 10/4 action on the breaking ball.

Zac Martin, RHP, Foard HS, 2022 – Catawba Valley CC commit.  Frame looks to have added some strength.  Still a very clean delivery that lends itself to filling the strike zone with some ease.  Fastball peaked at 90 with run out of the hand.  Breaking ball has late 11/5 tilt.

Brodie McFadden, RHP, Wake Christian, 2022 – Coastal Carolina commit.  A name that everyone in attendance was eager to see let it fly and he did not disappoint.  Mechanically set to create leverage as the arm loads the scapular with a short action.  Effort through the delivery, working with max intent on each pitch thrown.  Fastball ranged 91-94 spinning at 2453rpm with average ride through the zone and 1:15 spin tilt out of the hand.  Sprayed at times, he was around the zone.  Hard, late 11/5 tilt on the breaking ball.  Again, max intent on every curveball thrown, peaking with 2496rpm.  Lacked consistent feel but did land some in the zone.

Cooper Clark, RHP, Home School, 2023 – Campbell commit.  Broad shoulder and long limbs.  Worked with some ease, consistently around the zone.  Fastball peaked at 89, with heavy run, over 14.5in out of the hand.  Good feel for his change-up, attacking the zone with solid hand speed the heavy run, similar to the fastball.

Jacob Kirby, RHP, Ardrey Kell HS, 2023 – North Carolina commit.  Rangy frame that is beginning to fill out.  Average arm speed but an advanced ability to spin the baseball.  Fastball peaked at 86, spinning up to 2533rpm with average ride through the zone.  Curveball has 11/5 tilt with late, sharp tilt, spinning at 2815rpm.  Over -16in of induced vertical break on the breaking ball.  Slider is somewhat new to the arsenal but did differentiate from the curveball with more sweeping action and close to 13in of horizontal break.  Slider spun at 2830rpm.

Braxton Stewart, LHP, East Forsyth HS, 2023 – Louisville commit.  Lanky, thin, and still maturing.  Still early in the preseason as Braxton is playing basketball at the time of this bullpen.  Fastball peaked at 85 with solid ride and 12in of horizontal run out of the hand.  Solid feel for the change-up with fade and similar to the fastball.  Change seemed to tunnel with the fastball out of the hand.

Harrison Lewis, RHP, West Forsyth HS, 2023 – North Carolina commit.  Physically imposing on the bump.  Stretch only.   Short arm action.  Works with max intent.  Good arm speed and a very strong arm.  Fastball ran up to 92 with solid ride out of the hand.  Split-finger seemed to tunnel with the fastball, more run than tumble.

Chance Mako, RHP, East Rowan HS, 2023 – NC State commit.  Rangy frame has continued to add strength but it is easy to dream about where it will be as it continues to mature.  Good athleticism over the rubber and with the arm action.  Fastball ranged 90-92 with some sink and run metrics.  Pounded the bottom of the zone with the fastball.  Great arm speed on both his change-up and breaking ball.  Curveball averaged 2440rpm, spinning up to 2601rpm, showcasing late, hard 10/4 tilt that exploded away from right handed hitters.  Good feel for the change-up with slight, late fade out of the fastball tunnel.