Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Summer Kickoff ID Position Players

Matt Payne
Director of Scouting, PBR of NC

Baseball was back in North Carolina on Sunday May 31st.  With over 60 players in attendance, and the event being run in waves of approximately 10 players to promote social distancing, PBR Scouts were very impressed with some of the performances.  The Summer Kickoff ID featured North Carolina's first full Tech event with TrackMan and Blast running throughout the event gathering advanced analytics and basic numbers on pitchers and hitters.

The entire event took place at Ultimate Performance in Matthews, NC.  PBR has run several events out of this massive facility.  The layout allows for catchers to make a full length throw to 2B, for outfielders to show off their arm strength with a 60 yard throw, and for infielders to work across a full length diamond.  Offensively, the hitters are able to workout in a 60'x60' cage, seeing the ball fly off the barrel.

The day consisted of a pro-style workout.  Pitchers were up first, throwing controlled bullpens with TrackMan gathering velocity, spin rate, release metrics and movement metrics.  As the position players began their day, they ran a laser timed 30, took reps at their defensive position, and rolled through multiple offensive stations.  For the position players, a radar gun was used to measure arm strength from their positions.  The catchers were able to make full length throws to 2B so scouts could get pop times.  As the hitters progressed to their offensive stations, they were able to collect a static exit velocity off of a tee and then during the live BP portion, Blast gathered pre-contact metrics like batspeed and rotational acceleration.  Ball flight metrics like exit velocity, launch angle, distance, and hang time were collected by TrackMan.

Next up in the breakdown of the Summer Kickoff ID is a quick look at some of the position players that made a quick impression.  While the PBR Scouting staff is still diving into all of the numbers from the event, these hitters created some buzz in the building with just eyes on them.  The list of players that were impressive will grow as the analytics are published as well.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and stats from the 2020 Summer Kickoff ID

Summer Kickoff ID - By the Numbers

  • 63 Total Players in Attendance
  • 2021 - 2024 graduating years represented
  • 15 players ran a sub 4.05 laser timed 30 yard dash
  • 10 position players showed arm strength above 85 mph from their position
  • 4 catchers posted pop times of 2.11 or better
  • 13 hitters showcased a static exit velocity off of a tee of 88mph or higher
  • 13 pitchers touched 85 or higher in their bullpens
  • 2 arms bumped 90 mph
  • 13 hitters posted a live BP exit velocity of 85 or higher
  • 4 hitters posted a live BP exit velocity of 90 or higher
  • 3 hitters posted a live BP hard hit percentage of 70% or higher
  • 355' marked the furthest ball hit on the day in BP
  • 93.8mph marked the hardest hit ball on the day in BP
  • 90.8mph was the top fastball thrown
  • 2851 rpm was the top spin rate on a Curveball
  • 2615 rpm was the top spin rate on a slider
  • -2.87 (LHP) to 2.75 (RHP) - Range of release from the middle of the rubber, in feet of all pitchers at the event


Quick Hitters: Position Players at the Summer Kickoff ID


Sylas Boris, SS/RHP, 2023 - Loose swing with his barrel working level through the zone. Has above average bat speed making hard contact to both gaps.

William Brooks, C/IF, 2023 - Good rhythm in the box with a loose, flat stroke.  Showed barrel feel with a middle of the field approach. Fluid actions on the infield showing comfort with relaxed hands.

Chace Chaplin, 3B/1B, 2023 - Lots of loud contact during his batting practice rounds driving the ball through the middle of the field. Strength and barrel awareness are present. Arm is accurate with carry on the infield.

Josh Foulks, 1B/OF, 2022 - Athletic, lanky frame generates plenty of bat speed. Made lots of hard contact with leverage in his swing. Loose arm with carry from the outfield.

Ryan Hench, 3B/RHP, 2023 - Strength and bat speed are present. Found his barrel often driving balls through the middle of the field. Fluid actions defensively with arm strength and carry.

Jack McGowan, 1B/OF, 2022 - Physical presence with strength in his swing. Barrel works short to the ball with better than average bat speed. Made plenty of hard contact working through the middle of the field.

Jeremiah McLemore, 3B/1B, 2022 - Looks to launch balls with every swing. Barrel is quick with strength and lift present. Worked gap to gap with a lot of loud contact.

Anthony Mitta, SS/OF, 2021 - Balanced approach from the left side. Relaxed swing with bat control working gap to gap. Solid actions defensively with carry to his throws.

Alex Naylor, SS/OF, 2023 - Balanced and athletic at the plate with a direct barrel path. Stayed through the middle finding his barrel often with better than average bat speed.  Loose, quick arm defensively.

Camp O’Connell, 1B/OF, 2022 - Made hard contact throughout his batting practice rounds. Gap to gap approach with strength present. Flashed carry and arm strength defensively.

Lazaro Santos, C/1B, 2023 - Loose, flat swing with a middle of the field approach. Showed feel for his barrel. Relaxed receiver behind the plate.

Trey Spees, 3B/SS, 2024 - Left hand hitter with a flat barrel path. Balanced approach with better than average barrel awareness staying through the middle of the field.

Will Walker, 1B/3B, 2021 - Strength and bat speed are present with feel for his barrel working gap to gap during his batting practice rounds.

Riley Whittenberg, 3B/C, 2022 - Aggressive swings driving the ball during batting practice. Showed feel for his barrel with strength driving the ball to the left center gap.

Ben Buchman, C/OF, 2021 - Athleticism and quickness give him value at multiple spots defensively. Line drive approach from the left side with a fluid stroke and better than average bat speed.

Gus Shelton, 1B/3B, 2022 - Strength at the plate continues to show. Loose swing with lift to his barrel path with above average bat speed. Made lots of loud contact throughout his rounds.

Cole Fuqua, OF/1B, 2021 - Has strength off the barrel and gets good extension out front. Stayed through the middle of the field with lots of hard contact.

Levi Brown, SS/RHP, 2024 - Lanky, athletic build with a direct barrel path. Works to stay through the middle of the field with feel for his barrel. Relaxed defensively on the infield.

Jackson Niedel, RHP/OF, 2022 - Loose stroke with his barrel getting extension through the middle of the field. Has feel for his barrel with better than average bat speed.

Garrett Clapsaddle, C/OF, 2021 - Direct barrel path with strength to his hands. Uses the whole field with better than average feel for his barrel. Has accuracy and carry to his throws defensively.

Jaret Hoppes, SS/OF, 2024 - Fluid swing working to stay gap to gap. Has feel for his barrel with a short barrel path to the ball and quickness to his hands.