Quick Hitters: Triangle Prospect ID Pitchers

Brandon Hall
Executive Director of Scouting, PBR NC

PBR was in Raleigh, NC on Wednesday October 28th at North Raleigh Christian Academy to run the Triangle Prospect ID with Advanced Analytics, in conjunction with the PBR Scout Day with the Rawlings Prospects.  The event saw 15 prospects in attendance, 14 from NC and 1 from IL.  Most of the North Carolina participants were from the Triangle Area of the state.

Position players kicked the day off with a full pro-style workout, including a laser timed 60 yard dash.  The offensive evaluation included full ball flight data during live BP, with an exit velocity.  Defensively, players worked out from their primary position, allowing coaches and scouts to get a full view of athleticism, arm strength, hands, feet, and accuracy on throws.

After the position players, pitchers in attendance went through a controlled bullpen.  The bullpen included TrackMan gathering ball flight information from the release, including velocity, spin rates, and movement metrics.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and complete statistical output from each player.  There are multiple tabs, with the TrackMan data included.


By the Numbers:

  • 13 Position Players participated in the offensive and defensive workout
  • 7.45 was the median sixty time
  • 7.05 was the top posted sixty time
  • 2 catchers posted pop times under 2.05
  • 86 mph off the barrel was the median exit velocity
  • 92 mph was the top exit velocity during BP
  • 85 mph was the top fastball on the night
  • 9 total pitchers threw bullpens


Quick Hitters - Pitchers


Ethan Goldstein (RHP, Durham Academy, 2022) – Average frame at 5-foot-8.  Athletic with rhythm in the delivery.   Better than average arm speed, loading the scapular in a medium arm swing, working to a high-3/4 slot.  Fastball up to 80, spinning at 2224rpm.  Solid secondary stuff that is positioned to grow as the fastball climbs.

Ryder Jeske (RHP, East Chapel Hill HS, 2022) – Average build at 6-foot, 175 pounds.  Coiled at balance with a high leg kick.  Loose hips.  Long arm swing, with the elbow climbing above the shoulder line.  Quick arm with downhill angle out of the hand.  Fastball up to 85, spinning up to 2306rpm.  Hard, sharp breaking ball, ranged 71-72.  Thrown with intent and a max spin rate of 2592rpm.  16 inches of horizontal break on the breaking ball that should translate to more depth with better hand placement.

Nathan Galloway (LHP, North Raleigh Christian, 2023) – Short arm slot and over-the-top slot from a 6-foot, 180 pound frame.  Firm fastball with 19.7 inches of induced vertical break, peaking at 79 with a 2119rpm spin rate.  Breaking ball spun up to 2322rpm at 64-65.

Henry Rausch (RHP, Riverside-Brookfield (IL), 2021) – Strike thrower with a high waist and length in the limbs at 6-foot-1, 155 pounds.  Short arm action, fighting for rhythm.  Over-the-top release.  Fastball ranged 77-79.  Consistent spin and arc on the breaking ball at 64-65, spinning at 2294rpm.

Austin Brown (RHP, East Wake HS, 2022) – Lean 6-foot-3, 170 pounds.  Long, loose arm swing to an over-the-top slot.  Better than average arm speed.  Coils the lower half but works back to an on-line foot-strike.  Fastball peaked at 80, spinning up to 2121 rpm.  Consistent breaking ball with big arc and -10.6 inches of induced vertical break.

Jacob Scott (RHP, Lumberton HS, 2021) – Physical 6-foot-2, 205 pounds.  Average to above arm speed.  Downhill and firm.  Fastball up to 81.  Breaking ball had a slight hump out of the hand, using big arc to get to a 12/6 type tilt.

Sterling Bass (LHP, Millbrook HS, 2024) – Big body, standing 6-foot-3, 220 pounds.  Average arm speed.  Attacked the strike zone.  Showed feel as he fought for consistent rhythm.  Fastball up to 74, spinning at 2047rpm.  Sweepy breaking ball with early action out of the hand, ranging 60-61, 2083 rpm.