Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: UP Scout Day / Queen City Open Scout Day

Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

The final open event of the winter schedule for PBR North Carolina was held at Ultimate Performance in Matthews, NC on Monday February 4th.  A dual event, PBR was able to run 50 players through a pro-style workout with players attending the open event as well as players from Ultimate Performance club teams going through their scout day. 

The Ultimate Performance facility is spacious and open, allowing the players to go through a full workout.  There is room for a full 30 yard dash.  Catchers were able to record pop times.  Outfielders were able to work through the baseball and stretch their arms out 100+ feet.  Infielders were able to simulate a full length ground ball and throws across the diamond.  Offensively hitters worked through a variety of stations prior to BP in the open tunnel allowing evaluators to see the ball fly off the bat.  Finally pitchers were able to throw controlled bullpens in a spacious environment.

Below are some quick notes as we work to go through all of the data collected.  A great group of players put up some exciting numbers throughout the night.

By the Numbers:

  • 42 players ran the 30 yard dash on the laser timer
  • 4.16 was the median time in the 30
  • 9 players ran a sub-4.00
  • 25 infielders worked out defensively
  • Positional velocity for the infielders topped at 89 with a median of 77 mph across the infield
  • 16 outfielders worked out defensively
  • 94 mph was the top positional velocity with a median of 82 mph
  • 4 catchers threw pop times and recorded a positional velocity
  • All 4 catchers recorded at least one pop time under 2.06
  • Median exit velocity of 85 mph from the 42 hitters
  • 13 hitters broke the 90 mph threshold on exit velocity with 7 at 95 mph or higher
  • 24 pitchers threw bullpens on the night with a median max fastball of 80 mph
  • 6 arms worked at 84 mph or higher


Quick Hitters

+ Konni Durschlag (RHP/SS, Mallard Creek HS, 2020) filled out the stat sheet on Monday night.  He was at the top, or near the top, in infielder’s velocity, exit velocity, and max fastball.  There is strength and quickness in the 5-foot-9, 175 pound frame.

+ Brendan Bagwell (C/OF/RHP, South Mecklenburg HS, 2020) continues to get better.  His arm really works from the outfield where he carried a positional velocity of 94 mph.  Behind the plate the arm reached 79 mph from the crouch with a top pop time of 1.97.  On the bump, the righty touched 86.

+ Matthew Chisum (RHP, Fuquay-Varina HS, 2020) was a name to watch out of the Performance Academy Scout Day in June.  At 6-foot-1, 155 pounds, Chisum needs to add strength but the arm is clean and efficient, throwing out of his sleeve with sink and a feel for the breaking ball.

+ The last arm of the night may have made the most noise.  Michael Forret (RHP, Metrolina Christian Academy, 2022) is listed at 6-foot-2, 160 pounds.  The righty’s arm is electric, reaching 84 in the workout with boring movement late.  Still raw, and maturing, it is easy to project more growth coming.

+ Rudd Ulrich (OF/LHP, Lake Norman HS, 2020) is an intriguing athlete.  91 from the outfield with ease, looseness, and extension.  Exit velocity of 90 in the box.  Also ran sub-4.00 in the thirty

+ Dane Stewart (OF, Cardinal Gibbons HS, 2019) is an uncommitted senior.  At 6-foot-3, 170 pounds, Stewart caught the eye throughout the night with his size and length.  Exit velocity of 97 mph off the barrel and ran a sub-4.00 thirty

+ Sam Yelton (OF/LHP, Central Cabarrus HS, 2021) is a twitchy athlete with quickness and strength.  Sub-4.00 runner in the thirty and an exit velocity of 95 mph off the barrel.  Seemed to have everyone’s eye when it was his turn to perform.

+ Strength and aggression was present in the box throughout the night.  BP was loud and the players were competing with each other to improve some of their own numbers.  This event blew away any other Open Scout Day we have run in terms of top end exit velocity off the bat and median exit velo.

+ Another 2022 that had a standout night was William Price III (RHP/1B, Walkertown HS, 2022).  The body should continue to add quickness but there is power available.  The exit velocity was up to 90 mph.  Off the bump he is controlled over the rubber working 78-81.

+ Jaxon Cogdill (C, East Gaston HS, 2022) handled himself well behind the dish, never seeming overmatched with older players throwing to him.  Pop times ranged 2.03 – 2.21.  Strength is present in a 5-foot-11, 180 pound frame.