Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Underclass Games Pitchers

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Scouting Director

On Saturday November 5th PBR of North Carolina hosted its Underclass Games at War Memorial Stadium in Greensboro, NC. The invite only event featured some of the top players from across North Carolina in the 2024-2026 grad classes. 

The day began with position players running a laser timed 10yd and 60 yd sprint. After running position players took batting practice on the field with Trackman collecting ball flight data and Blast collecting swing information. Following batting practice position players went through a defensive evaluation. After the pro-style workout position players were split into two teams and played two controlled scrimmage games facing live arms. During the games Trackman was used to gather data on each pitcher. 

Below we begin our breakdown of the talented roster in attendance. Look for more information to follow in the coming days.

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Quick Hitters


Braden Matala, RHP, Wake Forest HS, 2024
Heavy arm side run with sink from a high-¾ slot.  2:15 spin tilt out of the hand. Works to create soft contact with his movement and should, especially if he maintains the movement with increased velocity.  Fastball peaked at 80mph, 2078rpm.  Slider has late, tight action with 10/4 tilt.  Solid change-up with movement metrics that mirror the fastball.

Dalen Boykin, RHP, Rolesville HS, 2024
Fastball ranged 82-85, with some arm side run, especially when working to the arm side.  Solid arm speed for the age.  Around the zone, lacking pure feel for any one spot.  Horizontal action on the breaking ball at 69-71, averaging 2412rpm.  Over 15 inches of horizontal break out of the hand.  Flashed a hard breaking ball with late, explosive action.  More chase that attack with the breaking ball.

Jacob Orloski, RHP, Marvin Ridge HS, 2024
Short arm action working to load the scapular as he works to an over-the-top slot.  Creates some angle out of the slot.  Fastball up to 81, 2188rpm with solid ride through the zone.  Worked elevated with the fastball getting occasional chase. Good arm speed and deception on the change-up at 72-74, 1259rpm.  Change played true out of the hand with late sink creating some swing and miss in the zone.

Luke Hemric, LHP, Apex Friendship HS, 2025
A big winner on the day, flooding the zone with a two-pitch mix and showing excellent feel for his arm side and the down zone.  Flashed an ability to elevate at times with the fastball.  Fastball ranged 81-84, with short, late run.  Slider worked from a similar window. 2/8 tilt with depth at times.  Slider tunneled with fastball creating some awkward takes and misses in the zone.  Slight cross-fire in the delivery with a ¾ slot.

Parker Jones, RHP, Leesville Rd HS, 2024
Good feel for his fastball, showing an ability to attack to both arm side and glove side. Fastball peaked at 88, 2313rpm with slight sink metrics.  1:15 spin tilt at release.  Breaking ball is still developing, early horizontal action, lacking some of the arm speed and confidence of the fastball, sitting 71-74, 2405rpm.  Coils the lower half with loose, explosive hips, working with solid direction through the foot-strike.  Medium arm swing to a high-¾ slot.  Athletic, quick, whippy arm.

Matthew Lefevers, RHP, Hickory HS, 2024
Physical presence with broad shoulders and strong lower half. Good feel for three pitches, showing an ability to pitch with a mix.  Fastball has heavy run at times, working out of the hand, sitting 83-85, 2126rpm.  Hard, late slider with horizontal tilt on the slider.  Slider ranged 77-80, 1936rpm.  Two pitch mix created issues for hitters in recognizing each pitch.

Toby Wilson, RHP, Asheville HS, 2024
6-foot-6, 205 frame this under control and works with solid direction.  Long arm swing and over-the-top slot that pairs to create some angle on the fastball.  The breaking ball has a chance to be a difference maker.  Showed good feel for landing the top to bottom breaking ball.  Good depth and arm speed.  Allowed the fastball to play up.  Fastball was probably down a little, or ready to make a jump as we expected to see 13mph difference between the two but only saw an 8mph separation.  Fastball peaked at 82, 2499rpm.  Curveball sat 71-74, averaging 2487rpm and peaking at 2657rpm.

Tim Hudson, RHP, Kerr-Vance Academy, 2024
Strike thrower that created a ton of soft contact very quickly vs. hitters.  Moved the fastball in and out, showing an ability to elevate at times. Fastball peaked at 78, 1947rpm.  Good ride out of the hand with a 12:30 spin tilt at release. Breaking ball rolled a bit out of the hand with 10/4 tilt.  Landed it consistently and showed an ability to expand down with the pitch at 66-69, 1700rpm.

Jentz Steiner, RHP, Apex Friendship HS, 2024
Good rhythm in an athletic delivery with a hand pump working to a level and on-line delivery.   Fastball at 77-80, 1930rpm.  Some ride and run showing an ability to attack the strike zone. Top to bottom breaking ball is fighting for consistent depth as it rolls through the zone at 65-66, 2022rpm.

Clay Rosser, RHP, Grimsley HS, 2025
Thin and projectable with an athletic arm.  Works down hill, creating a steep angle through the contact zone from his over-the-top release. Solid arm speed.  Fastball at 76-80, 2157rpm, playing true through the zone. 

Jake Hunter, RHP, Uwharrie Charter Academy, 2026
Lean, athletic frame that is easy to project for in the coming years.  Will definitely handle strength and weight with some ease. Tall with a long arm swing to an over-the-top slot.  Some uphill leverage out of balance through the shoulders. Fastball peaked at 80, 2129rpm with some ride and run.  Better feel for the glove side.

Cameron Brown, RHP, North Raleigh Christian HS, 2024
Attacked with a solid 3 pitch mix, moving the fastball throughout the bottom of the zone. Fastball ranged 82-85, 2267rpm with good ride out of the hand.  Change-up worked out of similar window, tunneling at 68-71, 1588rpm.  More run than sink on the change-up. Loose arm with an easy, athletic scapular load and over-the-top slot.  Athletic delivery.

Michael Woodard, LHP, New Bern HS, 2026
Long and lanky, still working to be consistent with his rhythm and direction, but worked to attack the zone, and once he found the zone, he began to flood the zone. Fastball at 73, 1774rpm.

Ayden Broughton, RHP, Pamlico County HS, 2026
Strike thrower filled up the zone from his first pitch on. Two pitch mix, landing the fastball with some ease to his glove side and working the down zone with his breaking ball.  Fastball up to 72, 2048rpm.  Breaking ball has arcing 10/4 tilt.