Prep Baseball Report

SBA Summer Kickoff Camp: Player Evaluations

Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

In late May, SBA held its SBA Summer Kickoff Camp with some of the top players from the Charlotte region, as well as stretching to the west and dipping down into Florida for talent.  College coaches were on hand to watch as well as players went through a pro-style workout and played controlled scrimmages.

Split into four teams, ranging by age, the players were able to take live BP, workout from a defensive position, and then play in the scrimmage.  Each team played in two modified games.  PBR was on hand collecting data and video on the players involved. 

Today we take a look at select players from the SBA Summer Kickoff Camp with full player evaluations.  Several of these players have videos in their PBR Profile that can be found by clicking on the players' names

CLICK HERE for the complete list of statistics gathered, in a sort-able table.


SBA Summer Kickoff Camp: Player Evaluations



Davis Al-Hussaini RHP / Lincoln Charter, NC / 2021

6-foot-190 pounds.  Slight side step and kick to the belt, with hand rhythm to the chin before separating into a long arm swing.  Early to the top, works from an over-the-top slot.  Around the zone, misses tended to be on-line with up/down issues.  Fastball ranged 79-83.  Breaking ball rolled out of the hand with slight tilt at 68.  Hand position tended to be weak on the breaking ball and could be cleaned to create a stronger bite, as he works with solid arm speed through the pitch.
Right handed hitter.  Tall and balanced.  Short stride with minimal movement.  Hands load back and slightly in.  Works to stay flat with a pull gap tendency.  Squared up several balls in the live scrimmage.  Ran a 4.88 home to 1st.  At first base, solid bend in the hips and loose hands.  Footwork can take him off line at times but there is enough athleticism to still have accuracy to his throws.  Arm measured at 70 across the infield.



Nick Al-Hussaini OF / Lincoln Charter School, NC / 2021

Athletic 5-foot-8, 160 pounds.  Still maturing.  Right handed hitter.  Balanced with a short stride.  Good pre-pitch rhythm.  Settles into his load as the hands shift back and the bat works from a flat position.  Good barrel awareness with better than average bat speed.  Stayed gap-to-gap.  Several good at-bats in live game situations, showing a feel for the strike zone and the ability to recognize spin.  Defensively, catches the ball with ease in the outfield, working to position himself behind the ball.  Long arm swing has looseness and quickness through an over-the-top slot.  Accurate with average carry, the positional velocity measured at 80 mph out of the hand.



Andrei Beal RHP / Parkwood, NC / 2020

Strength is present in a 5-foot-9, 178 pound frame.  Side step and slide across the rubber to a kick to the mid-chest.  Swings the leg to balance, landing open and square.  Long arm swing works through a little stiffness before getting to an exaggerated over-the-top slot.  Good arm speed.  Fastball ranged 83-86.  Slider tunnels with the fastball creating issues for hitters at 72-75 with late break.  The curveball has a slight hump out of the hand, fighting for downer type action at 71.  Attacks the zone and floods the zone with all 3 pitches.  Fastball can run and cut at times.  Right handed hitter is set wide with a vertical bat.  Short stride as the hands just settle into their load.  High barrel awareness with average bat speed.  Stays gap to gap, creating some extension through contact. 



Jacob Bowman SS / 2B / Sun Valley, NC / 2021

Athletic 6-foot-1, 160 pound frame, still maturing but with some quickness and strength present.  Right handed hitter is open, using a small leg kick to stride back to even.  Waggle through the bat head, settling through the load as the hands create a small “C” type load.  Has feel for the barrel, working to get extension.  Average to above bat speed.  Swing translated in games, producing multiple hits vs. live arms.  Active feet and good bend on the infield.  Works to catch the ball off the inside left hip, funneling to the midsection with some softness.  Medium arm swing to a loose, high-3/4 slot with average carry and accuracy.  Arm strength measured at 81 mph from shortstop. 



Hayden Brandon SS / 2B / Charlotte Christian , NC / 2021

Athletic frame with some strength present at 5-foot, 10, 155 pounds.  Still maturing the frame will handle weight and strength in the coming years.  Right handed hitter.  Slightly open with a short stride back to even.  Consistent load back with stability in the hands and bat head.  Vertical bat position.  Hands work direct, wanting extension.  Some feel for the barrel.  Better than average bat speed through the zone.  Swing showed strength in game, doubling off the wall.  Created some havoc on the bases with his foot speed as well.  Active feet with exceptional bend.  Works to catch the ball off the inside left hip.  Soft hands cradle the ball to the midsection.  Short arm action loads the scapular.  Good arm speed through a high-3/4 slot.   Average accuracy and carry with a positional velocity of 78 mph across the diamond.  Made every routine play in the game session, showing at least average, if not better range to his left.



Chad Harvey OF / Mooresville, NC / 2022

Still maturing frame, stands 5-foot-8, 130 pounds.  Right handed hitter.  Balanced setup.  Rocks back to load with a small stride.  Solid base.  Needs hand strength to create more bat speed and leverage through the baseball.  Works to stay gap-to-gap.  Tends to fight for balance after contact.  In the outfield, works to stay behind the ball.  Two handed catches.  Long arm swing, with looseness to an over-the-top slot.  Flashed accuracy with a positional velocity of 73 mph out of the hand.
On the mound, uses a small side step, with a kick to the belt.  Stable head through balance.  Long arm swing and over-the-top slot, with the head clearing the line to create room for the slot.  Slight fall to the 1B side.  Lands on-line and square.  Fastball ranged 70-73, attacking hitters with the one pitch.



Donovan Henkel RHP / Charlotte Catholic, NC / 2021

5-foot-10, 153 pounds.  Simple side step to an average leg kick.  Stable head.  Long arm swing to a high-3/4 slot.  Works slightly across his line, landing square.  Has looseness through the hips, creating some extension and balance through his finish.  Fastball tended to play higher than gun reading, sitting 76-81.  Sink to the fastball when on the arm side.  Breaking ball ranged 60-67, rolling out of the hand at lower velocities.  At 67 mph it showed depth and tilt, tunneling with the fastball for longer periods.  Created swing and miss with the breaking ball.  Flashed feel for the change-up at 66, with solid hand speed.  Frame can handle more strength.  Arm speed suggests stuff should continue to tick up in the coming years.



Connor Higgins OF / LHP / Cuthbertson , NC / 2021

Some length present at 5-foot-10, 160 pounds.  Right handed hitter.  Tall, uses a toe tap and small stride to load the weight back.  Hands work off the shoulder, loading back.  Flat bat head at launch.  Works to stay flat through the zone with average bat speed and some barrel awareness.  Worked gap-to-gap.  In game showed a feel for the strike zone.  Ran a 4.77 home to first.  Fought to get behind balls in the outfield.  Left handed arm uses a short arm stroke, loading the scapular, working to a high-3/4 slot.  Solid carry with some accuracy out of the hand.  Positional velocity measured at 82 mph. 



Trevor Lawrimore 3B / 2B / Hopewell, NC / 2020

Thin and lanky at 5-foot-11, 150 pounds.  Right handed hitter.  Tall with a open, narrow base in his setup.  Uses a small leg kick, gliding to an aggressive stride, landing back in line with the back foot.  Loose hips work to help create bat speed.  As hand strength is developed, his power potential should continue to grow.  Average bat speed and barrel awareness that should both improve with added strength to the frame.  Loose, athletic, and balanced throughout, the swing works for extension with some leverage present through contact.  Wants extension, working heavy to the pull side gap.  Found the barrel multiple times in game action, staying more middle of the field.  At 3B, average bend through the hips, catching the ball in the middle of the frame, deep at times.  Works to exchange in the mid-section.  Long arm action works with some effort to a high-3/4 slot.  75 mph across the diamond with average accuracy.



Jackson Melton SS / 2B / Cuthsbertson, NC / 2020

Athletic 5-foot-11, 170 pounder.  Right handed hitter.  Balanced setup with a slight crouch.  Rocks back with a short stride to get to his launch.  Flat bat at the launch.  Works to be direct, staying in the middle of the field with average bat speed and barrel awareness.  Multiple barrels in game play, spraying the ball across the field.  Defensively, very confident with active feet and smooth rhythm.  Catches the ball in the middle to right side of his frame, funneling to the mid-section.  Quick transfer to a high-3/4 slot with some carry and good accuracy.  Positional velocity measured at 81 mph across the field. 


Nik Mezzanotte OF / 3B / Trinity Byrnes Collegiate, SC / 2021

Big body with strength present at 6-foot-1, 186 pounds.  Switch hitter.  From the left side works tall and balanced, sinking into his backside as the hands load back slightly.  Small stride.  Shoulders are set up-hill with the bat working through the zone.  Tends to use a rotational finish, leaning on the backside as the top hand releases.  Lacked some barrel awareness but showed at least average bat speed.  Strength plays more than batspeed.  On the right side, uses a very similar setup, getting to the uphill leverage position again.  Little better feel for the barrel and better bat speed on the right side.  Defensively, in the outfield, works through each catch, one-handed, and at times allowing the ball to cross his face before the catch.  Long arm action and over-the-top slot.  Some accuracy to throws measured at 73 mph out of the hand. 

Cole Pletcher OF / Northwest Cabarrus High School, NC / 2020

Thin and lanky, stands 5-foot-11, 145 pounds.  Frame will handle strength increases in the coming years.  Right handed hitter.  Open in a narrow base with a slight crouch from his shoulders in his setup.  Early leg lift and glide to an aggressive stride, landing even with the back foot.  Hands work off the back shoulder with just a small move back in his load.  Average barrel awareness.  Barrel ability and bat speed should improve greatly as strength is added and the hands become stronger.  Worked with some uphill leverage on balls he could get extension on.  Wants extension and a big hip turn.  Setup to be in positive positions moving forward.  Stayed on top of the ball in game situations.  Ran a 4.63 home to first.  In the outfield, made catches with ease, transitioning to a long arm swing and over-the-top slot.  Showed accuracy and carry with good arm speed.  Positional velocity peaked at 86 mph throwing to bases.



Chad Sikes 2B / OF / Piedmont, NC / 2020

Small frame, standing 5-foot-10, 140 pounds.  Quickness and twitch are present.  Loose, athletic setup from the right side, slightly open.  Average stride, working back to even with good rhythm in the feet and hands.  Balanced throughout.  Advanced barrel awareness.  Average bat speed that can improve with an increase in strength.  Flat through the zone, producing back spin.  Pull side gap tendency in BP.  Active feet and good bend in the hips on the infield.  Catches the ball in the middle to right side of his frame working to transition the ball near the middle of his body.  Quick shuffles and exchange to a high-3/4 slot with average carry and good accuracy.  Measured at 80 mph across the diamond.   Athleticism translates to the outfield.  Easy and confident tracking and catching the ball.  Quick transition to a short arm action and high-3/4 slot.  Average carry with accuracy at 81 mph out of the hand. 



Robert Stone LHP / OF / Covenant Day, NC / 2020

Athletic frame at 6-foot-1, 165 pounds.  Room for strength to be added.  Worked to find the zone in his first 15 pitches, but once in the zone, pounded it with a 2-pitch mix.  Fastball ranged 79-80, playing up at times.  Flashed an ability to pitch in and elevate when he wanted to.  Breaking ball comes with good hand speed and a similar release point of the fastball, creating 1/7 tilt at 64-67.  Small rocker to the side.  Kick to the mid chest.  Long arm action, reaching back toward 2B.  Over-the-top slot.  Lands across his line, with a square foot, falling slightly to 3B through his finish.  Loose hips create some speed. 



Camden King C / 1B / Weddington , NC / 2021

Large frame, standing 6-foot, 200 pounds.  Right handed hitter.  Tall and balanced with some waggle in his hands in his setup.  Small stride and very stable to his launch.  Hands load the bat from a flat to vertical position.  Direct bat path.  Strength is present.  Average bat speed and some barrel ability.  Flat through contact, working to back spin line drives, staying in the middle of the field.  Behind the dish, high setup with some effort in his hip mobility and flexibility.  Exchanges across the chest to a short transition and arm action and over-the-top release.  Front side closes down toward the SS position, allowing the ball to tail some toward 2B.  Pop times ranged 2.18 – 2.35 with a positional velocity of 70 mph out of the crouch. 



CJ Faulkenberry C / 3B / Weddington, NC / 2021

Athletic with a chance to be very physical at 5-foot-10, 150 pounds.  Frame will handle plenty of strength additions in the coming year.  Right handed hitter.  Quick with looseness and solid rhythm.  Tall and balanced in his setup.  Average stride, sinking into the backside.  Bat waggle settles into a load down with the hands and the bat working from a vertical position.  Wants extension.  Average barrel awareness.  Better than average bat speed.  Working for lift in the swing with a pull emphasis.  Swing translated into some swing and miss, but also big damage in game situations, include a HR to center.  Average hip bend behind the plate.  Hands work.  Low exchanges and a short arm swing to an over-the-top slot.  Good carry with a positional velocity of 81 mph from the crouch.  Average accuracy with pop times ranging 1.99 – 2.22.  At 3B, average bend fighting for rhythm between the feet and hands.  Catches the ball in the middle of his frame, transitioning to a tall base and short arm action.  Advanced carry and some accuracy at 87 mph across the diamond.